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Get your kids cooking – Let them be a part of the meal planning, shopping and cooking.
Great tips – roasting is a biggie (works on adults too!) as well as getting them in the kitchen.
I’ve found a couple of tricks, the first being the pretty common one to get kiddo in the kitchen. I’ve always served veggies at meals, and always required my kids to try some of everything.
Through unprocessed, organic food I’ve overcome Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS and eczema. My dear friend (and my first college roommate!), Courtney, recently started Pebbles Paleo, a blog where she shares delicious Paleo-friendly recipes (be sure to check out her recipe for Primal Bacon Toffee – YUM!) and bits of her Paleo lifestyle. A weekly trip to the farmers market is not only a fun family outing, it is also an opportunity for children to discover new fruits and vegetables that they may not have seen before. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes are a great way to introduce kids to new fruits and vegetables. We get our CSA box from Farm Fresh to You, and they have many different types of boxes that can be delivered weekly, every other week or every 3 or 4 weeks (click here to see if FFTY delivers to your area). It’s absolutely true that kids are far more likely to eat their veggies if they’re homegrown. My children love to cook, and I previously shared some of my favorite tips and tricks for how to involve kids in cooking.
Kids don’t always take to new foods and flavors right away, and recent studies show that it may take up to twenty times before a child can truly distinguish whether or not he likes a food.
You may also want to check out my “I Tried Something New” printable healthy eating chart and coloring pages, too! Kids really do love cute food, and they’re much more likely to eat the vegetables from the plate above than they would be if it were just placed in neat piles on the plate.
If medications turn your kid off from food, serve his fave foods first -- he’ll be more likely to eat. Whether he’s a light eater or overeats out of boredom, a nutritionist or pediatrician can help you both make healthy choices. Lots of kids are picky eaters, whether they take medications that suppress their appetite or not.
Keith Ayoob, EdD, associate professor of pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. I made slow and steady changes to our diets, but I encountered some resistance from the girls – they weren’t used to so many vegetables and unprocessed foods. We took this approach with our kids, continuing night after night putting new foods on their plate. Broccoli and cauliflower take on a whole new flavor profile when roasted at high heat with a bit of healthy fat and Celtic sea salt.
Granted you’re going to get extra nutrients into your child’s diet, but you aren’t really doing them much long-term good because they aren’t learning the importance of eating a healthy diet. I found that if they help grow their food they are more willing to taste what their hard work and patience has produced. The other day she posted How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies, and I thought her list was so brilliantly on-the-mark that I wanted to share my own spin on it. Be sure to fill your own plate full of your favorite fruits and vegetables, and consistently show your enthusiasm for fresh produce.
My boys were introduced to purple bell peppers, rainbow carrots, rainbow chard and colorful cauliflower at our local farmers market, and they were surprised to learn that there are so many different varieties of produce that they had never seen in the supermarkets. Every week we have a box of farm fresh organic produce delivered straight to our doorstep, and the kids can’t wait to dig into it. We have a large garden, and my children help with everything from planting seeds and seedlings to watering, weeding, and harvesting.

Children seem naturally drawn to cooking, and they are quite capable if given the opportunity (and a bit of adult guidance, of course!)! The kids enjoy discovering all of the hard work that goes into producing crops, and we have fun harvesting our own fruit and vegetables.
For TONS of creative food ideas, check out Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons and spend a few minutes browsing on Pinterest. There are countless books including The Sneaky Chef and websites such as Weelicious that encourage parents to cook with vegetable purees. Sharing your love for fruits and vegetables will encourage your children to try new foods and make healthy choices. Any diet where you restrict a lot of foods can be hard to follow and may cause nutritional problems. Discouraged at first, I came across a study which found that a child may have to taste a food six to ten times before they accept it. We had a one-bite minimum rule and after many weeks and months of persistence, they started eating all sorts of new vegetables. While you shop and cook, talk to them about the nutrients in each food and why it’s important to eat a diet rich in vegetables. We do all of the above, and when you ask my 3 year old what we should have for dinner, she regularly asks for brussel sprouts! He may not like it this time, but he may like it next (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself, lol). The children love having juicy strawberries and fruit for breakfast on delivery day, and they constantly proclaim that produce from the farm really does taste the better than any other kind!
All of that hard work and patience makes the children eager to taste the fruits (and veggies – ha!) of their labor. Including vegetables into a meal prepared by the children is a fantastic way to encourage them to eat their veggies. It’s a great way to connect kids with nature and to show them where their food really comes from. The premise is simple, and generally quite effective – puree or mince mild tasting vegetables (think carrots, spinach, and cauliflower) to be mixed into traditional sauces, casseroles, baked goods and more.
At dinner a few nights ago, my husband and I were raving about the crisp freshness of the broccoli from our CSA box, and two of our children immediately asked if they could try some of it, too! I’ve been implementing some of these for a while, but I need to work on others- especially allowing them to cook with me Thanks for the inspiration! Instead of OJ in the morning, offer milk or other non-citrus drinks when it’s time for him to take his medicine. Make it easier for your child to eat when he's hungry, so everyone can be healthy and happy. Lake raised tilapia has become popular for its firm texture, mild taste and overall versatility. I took this information to heart and was determined my kids would eventually enjoy a rainbow of color on their plate. My oldest initially wouldn’t touch a salad with a ten-foot pole, but soon began eating a full bowl each night! These saturated fats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contribute to the health of the immune system, and nourish the brain.
Of course, I saute them to a lovely toasty brown and top them with parmesean cheese, with a healthy dose of Real Salt. They’ve been adventurous enough to try broccoli, butternut squash, kale and romanesco…as long as it comes from the farm box! Each year I introduce new vegetables into our garden, and I prepare them alongside old favorites to entice my children to take a taste. My boys still aren’t huge fans of most green vegetables, but they are always willing to give it a try if it was grown in our own garden. Just like gardening, putting time and effort into the preparation of the meal helps kids to connect with what is being served on their plate.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet some of our local farmers and tour their facilities to learn how all of the components of a hamburger (including the bun and lots of fresh toppings!) come from the farm. Kids may not be aware that their tastebuds are experiencing new flavors this way, but over time it may help adapt their palette so that they are less adverse to eating whole versions of the sneaky vegetables.
Your positive attitude will certainly effect your child in a positive manner, so keep it up!
If you insist your child finish a meal, or eat when he says he's not hungry, it will backfire. Plus, it’s high in protein, low in fat, and a good source of essential vitamins and minerals.
Also, a Swedish study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that eating fruits and vegetables didn’t lower the risk of coronary heart disease unless said fruits and vegetables were consumed with high-fat dairy products. Eventually they will come to love these foods and eat them without being asked (or tricked). We taught our kids how to use a small paring knife at six years old so they could cut and chop alongside us.
By growing our own food we learned that my oldest son likes lettuce and cucumbers, and my youngest son discovered that carrots are actually one of his favorite foods! Growing food with your own hands makes you feel much more connected with it (and there’s nothing more delicious than a juicy strawberry that’s freshly picked right out of the garden!).
The kids were able to grind their own wheat for bread, and they were anxious to top their hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes that they had picked from the rows. I like to sneak extra helpings of vegetables into our smoothies, and I add pureed or finely chopped spinach to practically everything we eat! Nuts -- also packed with protein and calories-- are good for snacks or to round out meals for light eaters. Leave non-perishable food on the counter, so kids can graze as their medication wears off and hunger returns.
Consider using tilapia in a meatless Monday dinner, or add a fish Friday recipe to your weekly repertoire for a healthier you.
Regal Springs produces fresh and frozen all-natural, lake grown tilapia in Mexico, Honduras and Java. For example, fish like the tilapia previously mentioned can be a more economical protein compared to beef or pork. So, if you can afford to do so, think about purchasing more cost-effective foods and setting aside what you’re saving each week. At the end of each month, make a donation to your local food bank or another charity of your choice.Or, consider where some of your favorite things come from and how you can support their communities, particularly those in developing countries.
Simple research can uncover how a business treats the communities that are relied upon for raw ingredients or labor. Most companies are proud of how they’re supporting their suppliers and share their efforts online. Companies operating in developing countries recognize the benefits of healthy communities and invest in ways to improve necessities like housing, health care, education and economic development.Respect for mother natureHealthy communities also depend upon the state of the environment, and consumers can make a difference with their dollars by supporting environmentally friendly companies. While looking into a brand’s social initiatives, take a look at their green initiatives.
Companies relying on aquatic systems, for instance, will want to maintain pristine conditions by monitoring water quality, treating wastewater, improving sanitation systems and contributing to reforestation. For instance, Regal Springs, a leading producer in Mexico, Honduras and Indonesia who provides approximately 70 percent of America’s fresh tilapia, is committed to raising a nutritious fish while being a good steward of the environment and the communities in which it operates. Whether in Mexico, Honduras or Indonesia, the company invests millions of dollars annually to improve the overall quality of life of their employees and their local communities while producing high quality, all natural tilapia that grocers like Costco, Kroger, HEB, Sprouts and Giant Eagle can feel proud to carry and you can feel good about eating.

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