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Sony’s announced that it’s bringing back its popular cash back scheme, rewarding you with $10 credit for every $50 you spend on the PlayStation Store through 1st April. In order to help you splash your cash, the platform holder has compiled a list of upcoming releases that you might be interested in. The offer's limited to North America at the moment, but we're sure that Europe will jump on board eventually. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. At some point, though maybe not yet, that will become a factor for some people when considering a digital purchase. Whether it’s a few dollars in your coat pocket or change in an old piggy bank, everyone loves finding forgotten money.
Under Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Law (Massachusetts General Law 200A), businesses and other entities must annually report unclaimed property and send a due diligence notice to the last known address of owners with property valued at $100 or more.
The date the property will be reported to the Unclaimed Property Division if the owner does not respond. If there is no response from the owner, the funds are then reported and handed over to the Unclaimed Property Division. The Unclaimed Property Division is the only legitimate way of claiming your money in Massachusetts, with the exception of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). Only an executor or administrator of an estate can solicit the property of a deceased person. Once you’ve confirmed you have unclaimed property, you will see a list of your assets and be instructed to enter your personal information. Level One – The first step of the approval process determines if you have submitted all necessary documents. Level Two – Claims reach level two once the additional documents have been received and officials verify that the correct individual is making the claim.
Level Three – At this point, the claim is approved for payment if all documents have been verified and are in good order. For assistance with searching your name, initiating the claim process, or any questions you may have, contact the Unclaimed Property Division. Hold on to your handlebars this May as Massachusetts celebrates National Bike Month and Bay State Bike Week from May 14–22. Whether you have struggled to have a child or always planned to adopt, choosing to adopt is an incredible gift for your family and a child in need. May 3 was National Teacher Appreciation Day, in honor of teachers across the country who work so hard to educate and inspire our children. Real estate developer Douglas Durst says his troubled brother lied to a filmmaker in a new HBO documentary, distorting the events surrounding their mother’s death so he would sound more sympathetic.

Robert Durst is a man who’s confessed to killing and dismembering his neighbor in Texas—in self-defense, a jury agreed—and is suspected by many in the disappearance of his first wife and the death of a companion. Some enchanting poems have been passed down from generation to generation, no one knowing exactly where they first originated. Be sure to visit my other Bridal Shower pages for ideas on themes, gifts, party games and more.Subscribe to my RSS feed and get updates when I add new pages, photos or products to my store. There’s no limit to the offer – you’ll get $40 if you spend $200, for example – making this year’s promotion more attractive than ever before. And considering all the sales disc based games get in stores (just bought Darksiders 2 for $15 - yes I know THQ just went under) this promotion, or something similar, should probably be permanent. The Commonwealth is currently holding more than $2.4 billion in unclaimed property, and according to the Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Division, under the Office of the State Treasurer, approximately one out of every 10 people has unclaimed financial assets. Unclaimed property is not taxable but does accrue interest in the Massachusetts General Fund, where it stays until the owner claims it. The process can be started by calling the staff of the Unclaimed Property Division at (888) 344-MASS, which will connect you to a customer service representative who can walk you through the process and conduct additional searches. Whether you’re biking to get in shape, get to work, or have some fun, the Commonwealth has something to offer.
Douglas, chairman of the Durst Organization, says his brother, Robert Durst—an admitted killer—manipulated director Andrew Jarecki, turning the filmmaker into an “enabler.” “Your docudrama relies on Robert’s self-serving, revisionist, and fictitious account of the past,” Douglas Durst wrote in a letter that was being sent by messenger to Jarecki’s office this afternoon.
It’s also worth noting that an annual PlayStation Plus subscription will set you back $49.99 – sending you well on the way to your first credit token. If you think you may be one of these people, the Unclaimed Property Division can help you get your cash back. The division attempts to find owners through its outreach programs and by releasing the names of individuals with more than $100 in assets every six months. In the case of stock and mutual fund claims, the appropriate number of shares will be re-registered in the claimant’s name. The Sunday primetime show by Jarecki—the creator of a feature-length film about the same subject—is based in large part on hours of interviews with the notoriously-secretive figure. And while it's true disc games won't work on the PS4 either, you can always trade those in or sell them on eBay or give them to the kid next door.
According to Christina Giblin, manager of publication and marketing for the Unclaimed Property Division, there is no limit or minimum on the amount of unclaimed money you can collect. You should also note that if more than $10 in interest has accrued on your unclaimed property, an Interest Income Form (1099-INT) will be issued for the interest portion of the asset. In one interview, Robert Durst recounts his version of what happened the night in 1950 that his mother, Bernice Durst, fell from the roof of their building and died. When filing your taxes, you will need to report the interest you’ve earned on the property.

It never went through my mind, ‘What is she doing out on the roof in her nighty?” Then, he says, he headed back to bed before hearing the maid yell, “She’s off the roof.” “It was a long, long fall,” he says, the re-enactment depicting him watching her tumble. The show later shows a boy standing on the street and watching as she is placed in an ambulance.
The sight of her standing on the roof and then falling is featured prominently in the opening credits, too. It never left me.” But Douglas Durst, who took over the family business after his brother showed little interest, says in the letter that the whole scenario was fabricated. The four of us were together the entire time and none of us witnessed the death of our mother.” The incident was said by the authorities at the time to be an accident. Newspapers said the 32-year-old woman had overdosed on asthma medication, but The New York Times has reported family members privately acknowledged her death was a suicide. Members of the Durst family—with the exception of one relative, a nephew—have refused to cooperate with the documentary, which has been in the works for a decade.
Jarecki told reporters who attended a screening Thursday at HBO’s offices in Midtown that he felt the family was “antagonistic” toward him for years. You’ve got to ask yourself why that family is so anxious about this story being out there. In his letter, Douglas Durst suggests Jarecki has found a personal connection to his brother’s troubled relationship with their father, noting the filmmaker’s public statements about his own father. Robert admits to Jarecki that he lied to the NYPD when he reported her missing, fabricating an alibi so detectives would “leave me alone.” Robert has long been suspected in her disappearance.
He says in the show that she had returned home from a dinner party at a friend’s house and said she wanted to go to their apartment in the city. Days later, Robert walked into the 20th Precinct on the Upper West Side and reported Kathleen missing. Relaying the narrative of that evening, he told a detective that he had driven back his house after dropping her at the station. He hoped they would accept his story and treat wife’s disappearance as a missing-person case. The next morning, Kathleen, a fourth-year medical student, called the dean of her school to say she was sick and would not make it in. Jarecki suggested on Thursday that much more would be revealed in the four other episodes, saying there were additional surprises.

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