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Okay, I have decided to try to put a tutorial in my vanity site, in hopes that iWeba€™s interface will make it quicker to bang this thing out.
If you dona€™t have a copy of iLife 08 (or of iMovie 6) read the above-linked Mac Rumors thread for more suggestions and ideas on how to get a copy on your Mac. Sometimes when I make clips for iMovie I leave out the audio (choose a€?No Sounda€?) since many fan videos mute the clipsa€™ audio anyway.
Select HDV 720p unless you are certain that the HD files you intend to edit are something else. Ia€™m going to assume that you have some familiarity with the workings of iMove 6, so I wona€™t explain all its features here. Click on the clock icon to go to timeline mode, and drag the timeline length (see pink arrow) to the far right so that you can more closely see the length of each clip you edit (as well as more clearly see the audio waveforms of your music). It may take a few tries through the music track to get your rhythm down right, but soon youa€™ll find a a€?beata€? in the music, and so tap, tap, tap as the music finishes playing in iMovie. If you mess up and want to remove a marker, place the playhead over the offending marker and hold down Option, Apple (aka Control) and the M key, and the marker will disappear. Sometimes, if you want to edit more precisely to the musica€™s timing, you can use the audio waveforms to help you figure out where a beat is in the music.
Scroll through a clip and find the a€?Ina€? and a€?Outa€? points you want to use for that clip. Youa€™ve got your In and Out points selected in a clip, and everything in between (symbolized by the yellow colored strip in the screenshot to the left here) will be copied and pasted into your timeline by either going to a€?Edit > Copya€? or using the Apple+C keyboard shortcut.
However, if you like to drag your clips to the timeline and that works better for you, that is good too!
In this screenshot, you see that the little yellow diamond (symbolizing a marker) is farther out than the ending of my clip. I keep on going back and fiddling with the speed controls (Apple+Z used to undo, when I dona€™t go far enough or go to far) until finally I think I have it close enough. Now, to edit your whole video to the beat, just match up each clip to the markers like this. In my little video, I had a few spots where I made a white a€?flasha€? transition match up with a snappy sound in the music. You have two clips, and you want a transition between them, and you want the transition to match up with the beat of the music.
For my a€?white flasha€? transition (I used a€?Wash Ina€?), I chose a shorter duration for the transition. Youa€™re finished with your video, youa€™ve added your credits and titles, and now ita€™s time to get the thing out of iMovie and onto the Web! After youa€™ve set up all the video and audio and size options, click the Save button and wait for iMovie 6 to export out your fan video. FOR EXPORTING REGULAR DEFINITION (NOT HD) video made in iMovie 6, choose a€?Full Qualitya€? and then open the resulting .dv file in MPEG Streamclip to make a high quality MP4 or MOV file. If you were editing in regular definition, you should have identified and chosen the correct project aspect ratio as you were setting up your iMovie 6 video. TUTORIAL KEYWORDS: Fan video, vidding, vidder, fanvids, fanvid, fan vid, editing an HD fan video in iMovie 6. It will take a little fiddling to get the transition timed just right and the clips placed just right, but soon youa€™ll get the hang of it!
We've singled out a handful of methods in particular to look at, and we'll take you through them step by step.
With your Android device plugged in you should be OK to just drag and drop music files between it and your computer. If you'd like a wireless upgrade to your drag-and-drop, you'll find one of the fastest ways to get there is AirDroid. Just select your files in AirDroid and wait for the app to tell you the file has finished uploading, then open AirDroid on your phone and tap each file to download on your phone. DoubleTwist has been around for many a year now and is arguably one of the finest ways to interface between iTunes and Android. Speaking of Playlists, you can use the DoubleTwist desktop app to import your existing iTunes playlists as well as setting up some new ones. The exact same functionality is available wirelessly through the purchase of the AirSync application. DoubleTwist is perfect for folks with smaller libraries and those who like to chop and change what they're storing on their devices frequently. If you're looking for the fastest way to get from iTunes to your Android device, without any real considerations toward user interface and extra features that may or may not be useful, the folks behind iSyncr have exactly what you want.
The iSyncr Android app comes in Lite and Pro versions, and the $4.99 upgrade gives you access to things like multiple iTunes account support and more feedback on your phone abut what is actually happening during the sync process. As with DoubleTwist, Google Play Music has a desktop companion application for Mac and Windows to help you along with the process.
Google Play Music is perfect for everyone since it requires no extra apps and no extra cost for full functionality.
Breaking further from its musical roots, Spotify is planning to venture into deeper into video with a slate of original shows. Lenovo has announced that the company will be holding its second annual tech world conference on June 9 in San Francisco, CA. T-Mobile has announced it has signed a interconnect and roaming deal with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba. So you've got your new ipod, installed itunes and let it hunt for the music already on your pc. It's found the odd tracks you've got, and synced them with your ipod - but now you want to go further and really get music onto your ipod. I'm going to be a bit controversial and say from the start that the itunes online store isn't the best way to get music onto your pod. So you've followed my advice and have got a stack of cds you need to transfer to your computer.
This might sound a little odd, but I use Windows Media Player to rip my cd's to my computers hard-drive.
Now we've got Media Player up and running lets change some settings to make it rip the way we want to. Make sure the format is mp3, then to make it all work quickly tick the tab about ripping automatically when a cd is put into your drive. Next up we want to make sure WMP will download the tag information for the albums we're going to rip. Marvel as you now can listen to whole albums in order instead of just a random bunch of seperate tracks.
Remember the days when you would spend hours making custom mix tapes, putting all your favourite tracks on a tape (or later a cd-r) for yourself or to share with friends?

Well, with itunes playlists you can easily do this in seconds with your newly ripped music library. On the left hand side of the screen you can now enter a name for your playlist - that's how you'll find it on your ipod too. Now just sync your ipod, find playlists in "Music" and marvel at your 21st Century mix tape! Go to the main menu, scroll down to settings, then go to main menu, and make sure podcasts is ticked.
I have an Ipod classic at the moment but I am wanting to buy a new Ipod Nano (4th generation) soon. I just got an ipod touch and everyone is saying sync the music in my library that I downloaded from my cds. Hi, I bought an ipod classic of ebay with loads of music etc on it and when i went to the computer a message came up saying it was synced with an apple computer and I don't have an apple. When your Ipod is plugged in and shows up on itunes, click it, and make sure that in the video tab it's set up to synv those items. Look, i have a ipod classic and have put a few albums of music on it, i recently got a new album and tried to sync it to the ipod through itunes and it says it has done it but my ipod doesnt have the album on it, i have restored my ipod and tried again and am running out of ideas need some help please , thanks, daniel. Rip the album using different software, say windows media player, (make sure its mp3 format when ripped) then point itunes at the folder (file, import) instead. Is it possible to delete a CD off the PC and then it not delete it from the ipod when its plugged in next?
You need to turn manage your ipod music manually - look for the link that appears when you sync your ipod.
I have an IPod Nano and I have tried to download Itunes onto my pc but am having one hell of a time trying to get it to download. Hi mate, i've recently got an Ipod Nano but everytime i Synchronise it it seems to crash and then i have to reset it. Unfortunately you can't "hide" songs from the main music list - any songs on the ipod will end up there, so you're right, the only way to do it is to create seperate playlists.
I borrow a friends Ipod touch with full of both albums from Itunes, he bought the ipod like that and does not know the pasword, accidntally I plug the ipod into the usb of my pc while itunes software was downloading all of the sadden my files got deleted how can i get those files back.
I don't think you can do that - the Ipod will play tracks immediatly after another, but you can't mix them, however this link may be of interest. Hi i have an ipod nano and i have songs on it but i forgot how to put songs on it i have brought some but i dont know how to put them on HELP!!! Hi im looking at getting an ipod touch but have read somewhere you can only put songs bought from itunes on them, is this true? We need to figure out if the ipod lead you've got is ok - when you plug it into your pc, does the ipod show its connected and start charging?
Also try your ipod and lead in a different computer if you can to see if that solves the problem.
When you start to setup you ipod what if you get your ipod charged before you get itunes installed does that affect if you can sync music onto you ipod?
The simplest way is to simply delete the album from your pc (and itunes) then rip it again and sync your ipod. Can you please help - I have just bought an Ipod Touch - I have a Creative Zen with lots of music on it - can you please tell me if I can tranfer this to my new Ipod - I only have very basic knowledge of computers and downloading. Sure, what you need to do is copy the music off your Zen to your computers hard-drive first. Hello, i have got an ipod classic and i've synced my iTunes with the ipod but when i switch it on it still thinks there is no music on it. To see the video, scroll down this page and do a search for a€?Magic and Ecstasy.a€? Or view it on YouTube.
But, this Mac Rumors forum thread gave me another idea on how to get iMovie 6 to work on my new Intel Mac Mini (running Snow Leopard!).
This version of iMovie will only work if it detects that iLife 08 is installed on your Mac. But I wanted to cover using markers to edit to the beat of your music, because not all vidders (people who make fan videos) know how to do this in iMovie. Since I want to make this clipa€™s edge match up with the markers, Ia€™m going to slow down the clip so it meets the marker.
I can of course trim back the clip so that its edge now matches up with that marker, but Ia€™d prefer to have it a little less slowed down. That little bit of extra can be trimmed away, so the edge of the clip matches up with the marker placement. For more details and information on editing fanvids in iMovie 6, sign up for the FoolishPassion Fan Video Forums.
If you're moving on to pastures new with an Android device in your hand you're going to want to be able to listen to your music. There are a ton of features contained within this Desktop app for managing your mobile device without actually picking it up, and one of those feature is wireless file transfer.
Once the files reach your phone, your music app of choice should be able to play them right away.
The basic Android app is free to download and comes with a free Mac or Windows companion app to help you move your music about.
The sidebar on the left lists the content – photos and videos included – on both your Android device and your computer. This hooks into DoubleTwist on your Android device and lets your computer see it over your WiFi network. The Android app is a superb music player and the desktop client gives you just enough options to make it easy to carry on using iTunes and not worry about keeping things in sync.
The setup is incredibly simple, supports USB sync or transfer over your local wireless network, and is the closest to a one-click solution out there. Just as the name suggests, it's for users who have a music setup that is a little more complicated than most and is absolutely worth the upgrade in those situations. The biggest downside to Google Play Music is that it relies on the cloud, but if you're OK with that then you can't go far wrong. Unlike DoubleTwist it only uploads music to the cloud and doesn't directly put it on your device. Once installed and logged in, you're able to point the app at your iTunes library and tell it to automatically upload any new tracks that get put in there. However, if you're not into streaming or don't want to keep having to download your music to listen to offline, you'd be better served looking at one of the other options up top.
If you've got any handy hints or tricks to pass on to those in need of help with this topic be sure to drop them into the comments below!
The company will be launching the first Project Tango-enabled phone with Google, as well as unveiling some new tech that was designed by Motorola.

It will allow T-Mobile customers to use their phones for calls, texts and data while they are in Cuba sometime later this summer. If so, you'll be able to enjoy classic titles from the old 3D console on your Google Cardboard setup thanks to a new unofficial Virtual Boy emulator.
It's relatively expensive, and there's plenty of music that you might want that you just can't get at the Apple online store. It's illegal, you don't know if you might be getting a virus or something different to the title. Amazon (or Woolworths) can be very cheap for even new releases, often its cheaper to buy a real cd than download the album from itunes.
You could use itunes, but on my old pc Windows Media Player rips and converts to mp3 much faster. We're now going to show you how to use what I think is the best bit of itunes and ipods - playlists!
This is where you can change the order, click dragging them up or down, or right-click for lots of other options. I have managed to download bbc podcasts but dont have a menu on the i-pod for podcasts how do i find them? Will the music that is on Itunes at the moment transfer to the new Ipod when I sync it using a USb 2.0 cable?
Is there anyway you could sync it to my computer without deleting all the stuff i have on it?
Still on itunes, fully charged, ipod nowhere near full, how do I get them back on the ipod and why have they gone?
If you plug an ipod into your pc, and itunes doesn't recognise it, make sure you don't let it delete all the songs!
If they're already on your pc, just tell itunes (the  free software that you download when you've got an ipod) where they are, or itunes can "rip" your audio cd collection for you, then transfer it to your ipod. Another way is to right click the song in itunes, get info, click the info tab, then change the track number, (eg 4 of 17) if there already is a track 4, then make sure you change that too.
I had installed iLife 08 on an external hard drive attached to my Mini, and then installed iMovie 6. Many movies and TV shows are in widescreen so odds are youa€™ll be using that, but check the aspect ratio of your source clips to make sure.) This tutorial may help you understand aspect ratio. Ita€™ll take a while as iMovie imports and converts all the H.264 MOV files youa€™ve made into HDV, the video format iMovie uses for editing.
Then, switch iMovie to a€?timelinea€? mode and expand the timeline as l-o-n-g as it will go. As you edit and place clips in the timeline, you will notice that the edges of your clips will a€?snapa€? to the markers.
While there is no iTunes for Android, there are actually a few different ways for you to get your groove on.
All you need is the microUSB cable for your device, and if you're using a Mac you'll need to have the Android File Transfer app installed. AirDroid lets you select your music files for upload and then pull them back down using the app on your phone.
With a physical connection your device needs to be able to support USB Mass Storage mode, MTP isn't going to cut it with DoubleTwist. If you want to keep them in sync, tick the check box and every time you make a new playlist in iTunes you'll find it in DoubleTwist. Better still, if you've an Apple TV or set of AirPlay enabled speakers, DoubleTwist can hook into that and broadcast your music from your Android device. All you need to do is install the Android app, grab the desktop companion, and either connect the USB cable or enter your IP address. It comes pre-loaded on all new Android devices and is a seamless way to keep your iTunes library synced.
The bonus is you get access to your music on all enabled devices – including any iPhones you might keep lying around now – with the drawback that you have to then download it from the cloud for offline access.
Just leave the app open and it'll take care of business in the background without you ever knowing.
It's ok for the odd track here or there, music videos or tv shows, but it will end up costing you a stack of cash, and it's quite addictive to build up your collection that way. You could also try the lead in a different USB socket on your pc - don't go through a hub, go straight into the PC. As the music plays, start to tap, tap, tap on the M key (remember, you already are holding down Shift and Apple aka Command keys) to the beat of the music. You'll need to locate the directory on your Mac or Windows PC that houses the actual physical files. While this method can get a little unwieldy if you have a large music library, it's plenty fast enough for those who are only moving a few albums. Once the Android app and the desktop companion communicate, a scan of your iTunes library begins automatically. Everyone gets a locker for free big enough for 20,000 songs, and you're able to use it on up to ten different devices at any one time.
There are also options to control what you want uploading, and even to send specific playlists to the cloud. Get down your local car-boot sales, second hand shops, ebay, and hunt out those albums you want, and easily rip them to itunes. Once it's finished you can download itunes (if you haven't already) and it will look for and include that music on your ipod. Additionally, if you're transferring large music files from entire album rips or large podcasts you may reach the individual file size limit for the free version of AirDroid.
You're prompted with a list of things to transfer once the scan is complete, and the transfer begins immediately after.
If you tap too frequently (more than once a second) iMovie will give you an error message about how you cana€™t do that.
It's a little on the messy side because of the clumsy user interface, but there's no arguing with the results. You can't really hear the difference, but by using CD's you're keeping the high quality source, and a nice backup too. By ripping your cd's to your hard-drive all the tracks will (mostly) be tagged correctly, so making it a breeze on itunes and on your ipod. When you rip an album, itunes and your ipod know the songs all go together, so you can listen to tracks on an album together without having to create custom playlists as you would have to with lots of seperate tracks.

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