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I was hanging out with the relatives after a nice family dinner, and I realized my shorts zipper had jammed. Since the old brass slider was shot, I removed it with a pair of pliers (technically I could have left it on if I wanted to test the FixnZip® first). Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands.
I just loosened the thumbscrew on the FixnZip® replacement slider, slipped it over the teeth at the beginning of the zipper track, and tightened the thumbscrew back down.

Here’s an adorable blog review of the FixnZip® size “small” being used to repair a broken zipper on a pair of children’s pajamas (Click here for Blog Review). So you can imagine my frustration when the zipper on my semi-new golf shorts broke (kind of like that time I had a broken golf bag zipper). And starting at the end of March, you’ll be able to buy the FixnZip® at JoAnn Fabric Stores nationwide.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me using the “Contact Us” page or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. After having success with the FixnZip® on my golf bag, I decided to try the new size “small” for my zipper repair for pants.

I tried several times to pull the zipper slider (the thing that connects the teeth) back down to the beginning to get it started again, but even after applying pressure with pliers (a tip I picked up from youtube) I couldn’t get the teeth to connect. For those of you have haven’t read my other post, FixnZip® is a replacement zipper slider that can be installed with no tools and no sewing.

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