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They’re waiting until the printed copy of the regulations in the Federal Register reaches the red planet. Just in time for the 2012 release of the theatrical remake, fans can experience the original sci-fi masterpiece like never before when Lionsgate releases Total Recall: Mind-Bending Edition on Blu-ray Disc and Digital Download this July.
Action star extraordinaire Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly cast as Quaid, a construction worker haunted by dreams of Mars in the year 2084.
How about being an action hero set loose on the Mars colony bent on overthrowing the evil corporation and setting the people free?Or all of the above! Falling into the underground Mars resistance movement, there are many pleasures to be found. It seems that the corporation has been hiding the fact that they could in fact create a breathable atmosphere on Mars, but would rather bleed the residents dry instead of giving them free air. Truly one of the best science fiction films of the last thirty years, and in the top 5 of Arnold's filmography.

That goal is still on the books, despite recent upheaval in the space program, according to two of the agency's top scientists. As much as I’d like to see us get to mars, establishing a permanent base on the moon should be first. Comprised of an all-new Director approved, high-definition transfer from the original film negative and including exclusive bonus materials, there’s no better time to revisit this cult classic starring action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator).
The new HD version of the film will also be available on Digital Download July 17th featuring the new interview with director Paul Verhoeven. Like Terminator and Predator before it, Total Recall is one Arnold film that can genuinely be called a true classic.
There is a tracking device in his skull, and there is only one way to get it out and lose his pursuers. Was the entire film an elaborately created fantasy that played out in Quaid's mind, or was it reality?

Winner of a Special Achievement Academy Award® for its groundbreaking visual effects, the blockbuster action film was also nominated for two Oscars®*.
However, Quaid soon learns he is actually an amnesiac secret agent from Mars – or is he? Louis' monthly horror & exploitation theatrical midnight program, Late Nite Grindhouse. And now there is a group of bad guys chasing him down, somehow able to track his every move.
He misses VHS and his personal Saturday night 6 tape movie marathons from his youth.Like this article?

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