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The best art takes us to a place of deeper understanding a€” of ourselves, the passage of time and of life itself. While the history of each musician has its differences, there is one common denominator: Each family has a prominent female figure.
He studied undergrad cello performance at the University of Arizona and received a mastera€™s degree at the University of Cincinnati.
The path to a musical career for Aaron Nathans, by contrast, was labyrinthian and anything but direct. We think Aarona€™s journalistic storytelling skills, paired with Michaela€™s unique instrumental (and songwriting) chops, will continue to spin gold for as long as they choose to work together a€” a lengthy time, we hope! I found myself in such a place as I listened to a€?Cars Dona€™t Keep,a€? a song by Aaron Nathans, recorded with Michael G. Post-college, Michael became a much sought-after studio musician who has appeared on more than 100 albums in the last dozen years. For Aaron, it was his mother who was a choral singer (and still is a€”with the Columbus Symphony Chorus). His family moved around a bit and settled in Bexley, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, when he was 11.
Aarona€™s expressive baritone, paired with Michaela€™s clear-voiced harmony, gave the song a sense of poignancy. He appears regularly with Ronstadt Generations (with his father and brother, Petie) and in a number of side projects, the most prominent at the moment with Aaron.

Michaela€™s cello added gravitas to the otherwise silly notion of a young man falling in love with a motor vehicle. There was a pioneer pharmacy and a wagon-making business that led to the Ronstadt hardware store. While there was no rock music in the house a€” strictly classical a€” his father liked listening to Prairie Home Companion while driving and Aaron got acquainted with roots musicians like Greg Brown. Michael decided to study cello in the third grade and studied guitar in a mariachi program in sixth grade.
Finally: I send you off you for one last ride a€¦ I think I left my youth inside a€¦ Michael and Aaron share tracks on the album.
Aarona€™s early heroes were newspaper journalists, such as Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene, who was a Bexley native. Finally: I send you off you for one last ride a€¦ I think I left my youth inside a€¦ A  Michael and Aaron share tracks on the album. Michaela€™s compositions are brilliantly complex melodies, as would befit a classically trained musician. Aaron visited the Soviet Union in his senior year of high school in 1990 just as Iraq invaded Kuwait.
Auspiciously, a fellow exchange student played guitar and sang a€?Masters of War.a€? When Aaron got home, he delved into Bob Dylana€™s discography. In high school, he was in youth orchestra and had a rock band with his brother and some friends.

After graduation in 1995, during a stint with The Associated Press in Vermont, he wrote poetry during a€?down time.a€? The cadence of the poetic work led him to buy a guitar and take lessons. He pursued creative writing at a weekly writera€™s group where he met his wife, Debra, a playwright (a€?Shea€™s the best writer in the house,a€? he said).
Throughout high school and college, he played guitar and cello in both classical and non-classical settings (the classical cello gigs brought in the money). A cancelled open mic where he played a set of his songs in front of an audience became his first gig.
A cancelled open mic where he played a set of his songs in front of an audience becameA  his first gig.
In 2002, he started attending the Madison Songwritera€™s Group to further develop his craft. Another friend, Dale Kidd, widely known in Madison, put new music to one of Aarona€™s songs and they became friends and songwriting partners. Aaron still misses Dale, even today, despite already having moved back East in 2006, where he continued as a business reporter. This led to a showing at Kerrville Folk Festival where, in 2011, he was a finalist in the New Folk competition.

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