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During your break up, you'll spend a lot of time agonizing over whether or not your ex still loves you. It's during these introspective time periods that your ex is most vulnerable to positive contact. From the moment he asked you out to the moment your boyfriend broke up with you, your relationship was built on an ever-increasing closeness that bonded you together. Even if you felt distant or your relationship was falling apart lately, chances are good that these emotional ties are still strong. While your ex still feels emotional bonds to you, he'll do certain things to keep you emotionally attached to him, as well.

There are other signs of course, and some of these can be determined by the way your ex treats you.
To facilitate being single, it's always easier for your ex boyfriend to NOT think about his past relationship. Yet by adapting an opposite approach - NOT chasing your ex - you'll actually start getting a lot more attention. In short, the longer you allow your ex to ignore his true feelings for you, the greater the chance he moves on to date someone else.
The time to act is while your ex is still on the fence, still has respect for you, and is still trying to decide whether breaking up was a good idea.

If you're still having trouble getting your ex's attention, you haven't taken away his safety net.
Also find out which five adjustments you can make right now that will help get your ex to want you back.

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