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Whether it was a once off or you know it will happen again, here are some ways to deal with a cheating lover without risking your integrity. Even if you do decide to give it another go, you need at least two weeks of space before any big decisions are made.
Some women go for married guys because they didn’t know the guys were married when they first met them. If your cheating husband is frequenting any dating sites, create a fake profile on-line of..
In this song, two dudes each hook up with a hot chick, but when the guys compare notes, the two women wind up having too much in common for it to be a coincidence.

Have you ever found out that your lover had another on the side and wanted to taunt that someone? This classic song is about a man who's creeping around with a chick who already has a man. Who knows, he might even pick it back up with her and you need to ensure that’s not the case before you go back. The women are usually lied to or somehow tricked by these men into thinking that they’re single.
Whatever the case, if you're looking for some theme music to express your feelings about cheating or being cheated on, then a dozen song suggestions - featuring drama-soaked tracks by R.

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