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The human skull can also be divided into two categorical parts: the neurocranium and the viscerocranium.
Nose:  the two bones that sit side by side and form the bridge of the nose are called the nasal bones. Temple: the slightly concave temple area at the side of our eyes has the temporal and sphenoid bones sitting underneath it. Occipital bone: the bone that creates the curve at the back of the head just before the nape. Striated muscles are attached to the bones and allow us the freedom of voluntarily movement i.e. Non-striated muscles (also known as smooth muscles) are generally involuntary and work automatically. It is also the muscles, along with the skin, that contribute to our looking older by sagging and creating lines and wrinkles – this is important to understand this when creating an ageing makeup.
Proportions, angles and contours of the face vary with age, sex and race – giving rise to the myriad of faces out there.
You can draw a line right down the middle of our face – going down the middle of the forehead, nose, lips and chin, and the features on either side roughly match each other. For example, look at the picture of Uma and George, showing how faces are not perfectly symmetrical (but, in their case, still looking pretty good!).

There is a whole science behind facial proportions, but we’re not going to get that deep and, for those interested, there are lots of books on the subject.
Natural and beauty makeup is about balancing features through contouring – the highlighting and shading. Therefore, you can change the perceived distance between features, or how prominent something looks.
Likewise, we use highlighter on cheeks to push someone’s face out wider to balance a long face, or use shading to shorten a long chin. Your useful information has helped me with a college project so thanks for making facial anatomy clear!
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. A makeup artist should understand facial anatomy and proportions to be able to enhance a person’s features, to create the makeup and character look required, or to make an actor or stunt double look like someone else. The cranium is a series of joined bones, which allow for very little movement, and the mandible is the moving lower jaw.
The neurocranium is the protective structure surrounding the brain and the viscerocranium is formed by the bones supporting the face. We can make this look wider or narrower with contouring, create a broken nose or correct a wonky nose.

Highlighting on the top make cheeks look wider, and shading underneath creates shape and depth.
They allow us to move our faces to make expressions and to communicate, and the muscles around the mouth are important for speech. No individual component of the face exists in isolation, and changing any one part of the face has an affect on the face as a whole. All we need to know is how features relate to each other generally, and how we use makeup to change the perceived size and shape of our features. Look at how the muscles lie, how they move and how they contribute to expression and ageing. For hairdressing, knowing the bones of the cranium is important for sectioning and cutting lines, as well as understanding facial proportions for styling. I want you to know how I feel but I cant bring myself to tell you that I think everything you do is perfect. On a side note, have you ever seen a forensic facial reconstruction of someone using just their skull as a starting point?

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