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Pennsylvania's Liquor Control BoardThis ad was pulled after various complaints to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.
It might be the 21st century, but there's still a tendency toA blame the victim,A be it for drinking or wearing a short skirt. We have collected eight recent ads that imply if a woman drinks or fails to cover up, then she is somehow asking for it. The most headline-inducing recent example was when the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a series of posters showing a woman's legs sprawled on a bathroom floor, underwear at her ankles, with the text, "See what happens when your friends drink too much?" They were later pulled. We've also found a few anti-rape PSAs that get the message right, so there's hope for progress. 18) If you both have a favorite TV show, talking about that in your texts — even while the show is on. Thanks for every thing i was so confused to send what to my boyfriend now i know to send what…. When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person.
But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance.
Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects.

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When two high school football players were convicted of raping an intoxicated girl in Steubenville, Ohio, a€” after sending pictures of the act to friends and posting about it on social media a€” a significant portion of the backlash was aimed at the victimA rather than her attackers.
The meme of targeting the violated as opposed to the violator has even made it into modern PSAs that are supposed to be anti-domestic violence. This might be a hard pill to swallow, especially when you put off sleep or studying for a midterm to stay up into the wee hours of the morning T(s)exting or being all flirty like. I know she or he is like totally hot and you can’t believe they are talking to you right now.
Now if you’ve sent the last twenty seven messages, you might want to seek psychological help. I know these are trying times the world is in right now, and you will feel the need to express your philosophical meanderings on Benghazi or Rihanna VS Ke$ha or what funny thing your friend said today, but don’t send multiple long-ass messages.
This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! For me, it is fiercely, blindingly, real.Damien Stark’s need is palpable—his need for pleasure, his need for control, his need for me. Let them believe you have so many texts from other fabulous and super hot and A list people that you just haven’t had the time to get back to their message yet.

Beautiful and brilliant yet tortured at his core, he is in every way my match.I have agreed to be his alone, and now I want him to be fully mine.
My dog has just died.'She added a picture that she claimed showed her crying as she cradled a dead dog. In tag you are chasing somebody down trying to tackle them or tickle them or do other stuff to them against their will. But just know that you don’t know where those things will end up, especially if your textationship goes dowwnnn hillll. I want us to possess each other beyond the sweetest edge of our ecstasy, into the deepest desires of our souls. Volleyball requires teamwork — everybody has to do their part to keep the ball in the air. To let the fire that burns between us consume us both.But there are dark places within Damien that not even our wildest passion can touch.
I yearn to know his secrets, yearn for him to surrender to me as I have surrendered to him.

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