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A love letter, a romantic text message, or a love card is incomplete without some romantic messages. As true love is a hidden treasure that not all stumble upon, make it beautiful while you can. Emojis, the smileysA in Japanese electronic messages and web pages, earned their way into digital culture royalty just a few years back, when various developers created apps for mobile users to download that allowed them the option to add little picture messages into text conversations. In 2009, a man named Fred Benenson began a Kickstarter to help him raise money so that he could compile an emoji-only translation of Herman Melville's literary classic Moby Dick. As we typed back and forth about emojis, I thought about a scene in the HBO show GIRLS, where two of the characters argue about the state of their relationship at a party. New York Magazine's Vulture created an entire fan fiction-esque text sequence between characters Ray and Shoshanna back in January following the show's season 2 premiere.A We have all of these easy ways to communicate, and yet, the way we choose to utilize them can sometimes leave us scratching our heads. When it comes to communicating with her friends, Hope says she just uses emojis to try to make the conversation a little more aesthetically interesting.

It wasn't until we had finished talking that I realized we had conducted 90% of our conversation over Facebook chat or text.
Use love quotes to add more magic to that in which you two live.Quotes on Love for HimTemporary insanity takes over your mind when in love. Katy Perry recently released a video for her hit song "Roar" which consists solely of the lyrics to the song as conveyed through emojis. Emojis are fun, and some of the more obvious ones are a quick fix (although, one could argue that we're simply demoting the way we communicate rather than moving forward by sending tiny pictures instead of texting words, which we do instead of talking on the phone or face-to-face). She doesn't know when it started to be an everyday thing, but now she says it's weird when people don't use emojis.
As texting became a more normalized way of communicating over the last few years, it's often been said that sending the one letter "K" (as in "okay") is considered the worst thing you can ever text (according to Buzzfeed). Again, she reminds me that they're right there in the keyboard, easy to get to and easy to use.

This had nothing to do with whether either of us were in a place where we could talk out loud. As they say, it takes two to tango, when the other person is also taken over by this insanity, one gets tangled in the roots of love. Many important people throughout the world's history have spoken about this enchanting feeling."We came together underneath the stars above.

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