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While every break up is different, you'll never win back an ex girlfriend until one tremendously important thing happens: she needs you again. Believe it or not, your girlfriend began missing your relationship even before she broke up with you. For this reason, you need to take full advantage of that small window of opportunity before it closes.
Once again, the better approach - the one that will make her want you again - is also the exact opposite approach to take: Walking away while your ex still misses you. There's one simple thing your girlfriend takes for granted by breaking up with you: the fact that you still love her. Any time you pursue your girlfriend, it allows her to experience something very important to her overall breakup agenda: gradual detachment. If you really want to win your ex back, your first move is to take a tremendous step backwards.
By NOT calling, texting, or emailing your ex girlfriend, you're going to quickly make her very curious. Through total silence, your ex will actually feel rejection - very much the same type of rejection you felt when she dumped you. But staying away from your ex girlfriend and avoiding all contact has another important benefit: your ex will start to miss you.

And by making sure it happened instanteously and not gradually over a longer period of time? Your goal should be to make your girlfriend CRAZY with not knowing where you are, what you're doing, or why you haven't even tried to save the relationship. Removing yourself totally and completely from your ex's life is a fantastic technique for making your girlfriend miss you.
While the no contact approach is a necessary part of turning your ex girlfriend around, there are other methods you can use to accelerate the process of making her miss and want you in her life again. The emotional bonds your ex for you while you were dating don't just go away the moment she breaks things off, and if you know just the right way to approach things, you can actually play upon her past feelings and need to have you around.
By learning exactly what's going through your ex's mind immediately after she breaks up with you, you can start creating a void in her life where you used to be.
Join the thousands of couples who've already gotten back together using this amazing AUDIO guide! Learn quick ways to turn your ex girlfriend's thoughts back to you, even if she's moved on, even if she's already dating someone else. Don’t bother looking up the internet for romantic quotes to explain to her the sad state of your heart. Think of the cutest memories you share with her and weave it all into a short rhyme that makes her want to come and give you a hug.

Whether you’re missing her because she has moved to another city, gone overseas or for no reason at all – read these poems to connect with your inner charmer. Write it down on greeting card, post in on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, text it, tweet it, Instagram it or scribble it down on cute note.
Instead you need to man up, suit up and get out there dude!Create DistanceA lot of guys have a really bad habit of trying to be everywhere his ex might be – bars, clubs, restaurants etc. Do whatever it takes to make her realize how her boyfriend is craving for her hugs and kisses. This is usually done to create situations where you can accidentally bump into her and strike up a conversation.
How do you think your ex would react if she caught you with your “new” girlfriend?

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