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After years of ups and downs, in the seventh grade, I enrolled Amy in an online high school. Exactly two weeks ago today, to the minute, I sat at my husband's desk and stared at his laptop.
My experience of being in a sexless marriage and some of the reasons that led to five years of hallway sex. How bad mouthing my ex-husband to blow off steam has come back to haunt me by almost destroying my daughter. After all, he had hurt me with his affair, the violence and the threat to kill me and our five year old daughter, Amy, which lead to a protective order being filed.

It's my fault Amy has such low self esteem, along with not liking herself enough to get involved with meth. So when Amy got her first job it was awkward for her and she didn't get along with her co-workers. By the time she got her second job she came out of her shell and did well for a couple of years, which helped her feel better about herself.

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