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First let’s start speeding up your hair growth by feeding your scalp and conditioning your hair. Next, Section your hair in half, starting at the ends – apply the oil mixture to your ends and squeeze in the oil with your hands.
As you get to your scalp, be generous with the oil and be sure to cover your whole scalp by working it in with your finger tips.
To get the silkiest smooth, straight hair naturally, I use my Conair Ceramic Wooden Boar Cushion Brush. If you have bleached damaged hair, read how I repair and fix it here: Repair Bleached Damaged Hair FAST! Hey jen, I would like to say thank you for creating this blog but I have a quick question about the olive oil part. Gently place your hair into a shower cap and let the oil penetrate into your scalp and hair for an hour. This brush is amazing and the best boar bristle brush I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot! Eat protein – One of the best tips how to grow log hair fast because protein is the building blocks to make hair. Let your hair dry naturally – This keeps your hair strong and the scalp retains the moisture, one of the best ways how to grow long hair fast!
Use a boar bristle brush to condition and smooth your hair – This transfers natural oils down from the scalp and is another way how to grow long hair fast and keep it long! Always use conditioner and leave it in at least 3 minutes before you rinse- this nourishes your hair and moistens your scalp, a great way how to grow long hair fast!
Never attempt brush your hair when it’s dried out or in a bad condition, tie it back those days before you wash it.
Keep your hair out of the cold and windy and extreme sun exposure – if you’re in the beach, apply oil to your hair otherwise wear a hat! Make sure you eat olive oil regularly – how to grow long hair fast from the inside out!

Should I leave the oils in my hair overnight and wash them out in the morning or should I just leave the oils in for a certain amount of time and then wash my hair before I go to bed?
I was looking around the web to find some good advise on how to grow my hair faster and I am so glad I saw your blog, I wrote down all your tips and I can’t wait to see my hair grow strong and healthy faster! Are these products available at any store or do you buy them especially on an online site and if so can you recommend where i can buy from.
I know this isn’t related to this post in any way but I figured since you know lots about hair growth I would ask.
Slowly work your way up by applying more oil to a section above the ends and gently work it down each time. I love how my scalp feels well conditioned and my hair feels silky I can’t help but feel it!
This is what has been working for me so I believe 100% this will help your hair grow faster! Just asking if you have any natural hair mask for strong and healthy hair that can also grow hair faster.. I wanted to prove my method of fast long hair growth by not dying my hair and letting my natural roots document the truth. Once your reach the top of your head, do some long gentle strokes from your scalp to the ends. I have tried many combs for my long hair and these are the only ones that I find  comfortable in my hand and does not scratch my scalp. There’s even a padded cushion to ensure your hair will be gently brushed and stress free!
This brings a lot of blood flow to the area and feeds your hair follicles making your hair grow. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to grow long hair fast with my my long hair secret routine!
This gets your natural hair oils distributed to the ends and will add incredible shine and smooth your hair to silk perfection.

Your hair will be in a better condition overall and look luscious after shampooing and conditioning.
I noticed that my hair has always grown faster than most people’s hair and it stays long and strong. Never tug hard on it, slowly if you encounter a snarl, pick up that section of hair stuck in your comb and try to untangle it with your fingers and pick it apart. You can also bend over like you’re about to touch you toes, this would give you lots of areas to massage your scalp and increase blood flow there for fast hair growth. Most people that cannot grow out their hair have dry hair ends and that hair easily breaks or gains tons of split ends. Make sure you wash your hair with a formula that does NOT have Sodium laureth sulfate in it!
When their hair is constantly breaking off at the ends it looks like their hair is not growing.
The ends of their hair can possibly break off in longer lengths than the length the hair is actually growing at the roots! If your scalp isn’t healthy and it itches,  use this Natural Itchy Scalp Remedy – 1 Minute Cure!
This boar bristle brush helps make your hair strong, protected, and helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp.
Speaking of blood flow to your scalp, don’t forget to massage your scalp as mentioned below.

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