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In our foundation text this week of Proverbs 3:5-6, we have some very powerful insights on how to get the Lord involved in straightening out our path. As the Lord straightens out our path, one of the benefits is that He helps to keep us from being led astray into that which is evil. One powerful thing about God helping straighten out our path is that He truly is the one who will help empower us to keep our foot from evil. So the first key in having God direct your steps begins with the first part of verse 5 in Proverbs 3. This leads us to the second thing found in Proverbs 3:5, which is not leaning on our own understanding.
We have a great Helper whom we have been given to lean on for understanding who is here to teach us all things, guide us in the ways of truth (God’s ways), and will therefore help us to walk with the peace of God in our life everyday, not care, not worry, nor anxiety. Unfortunately in many churches and in many believers’ lives He is not allowed to manifest which results in us missing out on much of what God has for our life. So to have God make straight paths for your feet in whatever you do take time to learn who you are in Christ. This blog contains affiliate links, which helps me support my family at no additional cost to you. There’s the difference between beloved garment and jeans that just take up closet space.
Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial here and for the good blogging practice of linking back to me, I really appreciate it!
Realize that includes being deceived or seduced by the enemy, not just us by ourselves getting into sin. 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you! When we lack such understanding this will cause us to continue receiving our identity in life through other things or people rather than Jesus Christ.
When you only look at life through what you think about it, or what you see in the natural, you are not seeing the whole picture. Our hearts will not be troubled nor afraid when we follow the leading of this great Helper the Holy Spirit.
I hear a lot about relationship with Jesus and that to is rightly so, but what happened to our relationship with the Holy Spirit.
If Jesus and the Father sent the Holy Spirit to be our Helper wouldn’t it stand to reason that we should get to know Him in an intimate way? Copyright 2008-2015 linux web hosting All content on this site is for entertainment purposes.

Whether that is building a godly marriage, raising godly kids, growing up spiritually, or obtaining what God has for us, the Lord wants to get us there. We are living amongst the trees of life, things that continually work to distract our view from what is really known. Something that I will address next week is what it means to sin according to God’s Word and how we can address that in our lives. Evil is lurking all around us in these last days, but thank the Lord He is there for us to help direct our path straight to where we need to go keeping us from the land minds that litter the world around us. You are going to find your worth and value in Him as you learn who you are in Christ Jesus. In doing so we are only seeing things from a human perspective when God is trying to get us to see what He sees and knows.
We have been given a Helper from God whom we need to lean on for understanding and wisdom, which will help us to look beyond what is seen in the natural. He is the One, who will take what Jesus has declared, which He received from the Father, and He will make it known to us. Through Him we will get to know the Father and Jesus even better for it is He who is living within the heart of every believer.
Simply put the final key to this puzzle is we should also look to God’s Word for insight on how God does things. Continue to develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, and look to God’s Word to walk in His ways in all you do. By participating in any part of this site, including advice, you agree to release Melinda Todd and Trailing After God from all legal responsibility and liability.
Now there’s a solution that not only allows me to use them again, but to wear them easily tucked into boots.
Just like any trip you take the quickest way to get to your destination is to find the most direct path from point A to point B.
God has a great vantage point over our life as one that is all knowing, and if we will get God involved in straightening out our path we are going to reach our destination in the things of God much quicker.
To sin means to miss the mark, and just like a sharp shooters goal is to hit the center of a target, when he does not do so he misses the mark. When we lack understanding of who we are in Christ we are going to see life through the same view as fallen man.
Every believer should take time to go through the New Testament and make note of every verse of scripture that reveals who they are in Christ Jesus.
If we are walking in close fellowship with the Holy Spirit it is certain we are on the right road to having our path being straight.

Romans 8:14 reveals that those who are led by the Spirit, these are those who are being fathered by God (sons of God). To acknowledge God in all our ways means we should learn in everything we do in this life to line up how we do things with God and His ways. Realize as He straightens out your path that does not mean it will always go the way you thought it would.
If his desire is to hit the center of the target and that is his goal, when he misses he will make adjustments until he hits the mark, or his target. But our soul is made up of our mind (what we think), our will (what we want or desire), and our emotions (how we feel). We don’t see ourselves as more than conquerors, we only see ourselves as a human with only human ability. The Holy Spirit is always going to lead us in the direction God has for our life, which results in those straight paths. So to not lean on our own understanding means we should never just reason things out in our minds only, we should subject everything in our life to the leading of the Holy Spirit as well. A crooked path is one filled with twist and turns that if we are not careful can cause us to end up in a ditch. As a matter of fact, God usually takes you through life on a route you have never been before. God will be able to keep those people in perfect peace because they have their trust in Him; they are not living in worry or anxiety about anything. If that should happen I am glad that God is there to help pull us out if we are ready to turn things back around. Scripture declares in Galatians 2:20 that for those like Paul who are born again, we have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer we who live. The less care, worry, anxiety, etc, that one has, the more they are trusting God with all their heart. Well it begins with a very important truth that will completely change how you think, change what you want, and change how you feel. Christ now lives in us, and the life we now live in the flesh we live by faith in the Son of God who loves us and gave Himself for us.

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