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This week on That Girl, we are celebrating Germaine Nichols, a former plus-sized model who lost 60 pounds two years ago through swimming, yoga, kick boxing, Pilates, running and  weight lifting.
The health and fitness accomplishment I’m most proud of over the last two years is losing almost 60 pounds and doing so many things I never thought I would be able to do before. I’ll be honest and tell the truth that so many are afraid to, but I think it’s important to hear: Usually most morning I don’t feel like working out. My top two kick-ass workouts are kick boxing and boot camp, which is so crazy because years ago those words would never have come out of my mouth. My story is by no means to hold myself in high regard, but to encourage and inspire at least one person to make a change for better and for their health now and throughout the rest of their life.
Two years ago I faced some medical challenges where I had to take my health very seriously.
Sometimes its really challenging, and I can think of a million excuses why not to go to the gym or my workout classes but then I remind myself of the number one reason I choose the path to fitness everyday and that’s my health. My nap doesn’t always come directly after a workout, but sometime throughout my day I try to get a least a 30-60 minute nap to pump me up for the rest of my day. I love hiking and jogging and being outside I personally feel gives you so much energy and it completely rejuvenates you. Although in the beginning of my journey I didn’t see the light towards the end of the tunnel at all, I used that as power.

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My doctors strongly suggested that in order to improve upon my ailments, I would need to make some serious changes.
I feel that I have to remind myself to have patience with where I am, to have discipline to keep me in the right direction, and to look back and appreciate where I’ve been.
They are both challenging cardio for fat burning, as well as great circuit training for toning and definition.
I have also found a new love for the gym as well, and although it kind of pains me to say it but I’m sort of a gym rat now. One must learn to have patience with yourself because there will be many times that thing you need to overcome the most is you, and determination to stick with the goals you have set for yourself. The difficulty I felt was because I was out of shape, and in a place I never want to be in.
As time went on I became stronger which made me even more determined and dedicated–especially when I began to see results. Never in my mind did I think I could say that I’m a runner and I enjoy kick boxing and weight lifting, but now I’m proud that I have stuck to my goals and continue to stay determined no matter the circumstances.
I needed to not only lose weight, but become active and eat more of a healthy, clean and balanced diet.

I’d recommend for anyone to find one of these classes for a great challenge to their workout regimen. Honestly, I’d urge a lot of women out there to not be afraid or intimidated by the gym or even the weights.
I faced many obstacles from fatigue, injury, soreness, my own negative mindset and haters from all angles including family. I know those areas can be male dominated, but by educating yourself on a few exercises and proper form you can get in there and be a badass like any boy in the gym.
I cried the first time I was able to run an entire mile again without stopping–that was a major accomplishment to me. I didn’t let any of these things stop me because I had to put myself and my health as my number one priority. Many people have asked me what diet am I on, or what’s my secret to losing all the weight and to be completely 100% honest, there is no secret just making healthy choices and exercise 3-4 times a week. So fast forward to today, and I am proud to say that I’ve 55lbs down, but gained strength and knowledge to help me maintain my health for life.

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