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The ATX Television festival played host to a "Boy Meets World" reunion on June 7, with stars Ben Savage (Cory Matthews), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter), Maitland Ward (Rachel McGuire), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews), Lily Nicksay (young Morgan Matthews), Trina McGee (Angela Moore) and creator Michael Jacobs in attendance to reminisce about the series and drop hints about the upcoming "Girl Meets World" follow-up series. During a press conference after the reunion panel, Jacobs and Savage shared more information on what fans can expect from the sequel series, which will follow Cory and Topanga's (Danielle Fishel) daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) in her own coming-of-age story.
He continued, "My feeling is that the premise of the show is about these two girls having a friendship, going off into the world we now know -- ‘Girl Meets World’ will be unique from ‘Boy Meets World’ in that way. Savage happily discussed what prompted him to return to the role of Cory Matthews, telling reporters, "The most interesting tweets we’ve gotten are like, ‘I watched “Boy Meets World” with my dad and I’m so excited to watch “Girl Meets World” with my daughter.' And I just think it’s so wonderful to see how it crossed generations. Still, he admitted that he'd heard from many original fans who are worried that the new show could "hurt the legacy of 'Boy Meets World,'" given their childhood memories of the series. As for what Cory Matthews is like 13 years later, Savage said: "We're still figuring it out. One thing he didn't need to be cautious about was rediscovering that old rapport when he reunited with co-star Fishel.
While Cory and Topanga will be figuring things out together, don't expect the same happy ending for Shawn and Angela.
Both Savage and Jacobs think that TV is long overdue for another show like the original series, and hope that "Girl" will fulfill that need. Jacobs did caution viewers that the world has changed significantly since "Boy Meets World" went off the air, and so the storytelling in "Girl" has to adapt to the times accordingly. Rowan Blanchard and Teo Halm meet up at The Children's Place in Los Angeles over the weekend. The wait is over for fans of the nostalgic show Boy Meets World after Disney released the first sneak peek into the new spin-off series, Girl Meets World.
The popular '90s sitcom has come back in the shape of a new series featuring the iconic lovesick couple, Cory and Topanga, as grown-up parents with a daughter. The series will follow Cory and Topanga's daughter as she navigates the tribulations of middle school and being a preteen. Old characters from the original series that will also make appearances include Strong himself, and Betsy Randle as Cory's mom and William Russ as Cory's dad, who will stop by for a holiday episode.
Girl Meets World will premiere this summer on the Disney Channel with a first-season order of 21 episodes.

Look behind the scenes of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade with Demi, Dove and more stars.
Sabrina Carpenter gives us a sneak peak at the production of her music video, Can't Blame a Girl for Trying. Lucas (Peyton Meyer) talks with a childhood friend (Shak Gacha) in the school hallway in this new still from Girl Meets World.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Boy Meets World' Questions Will Finally Be Answered In 'Girl Meets World' Season 2! Girl Meets World is kicking off their highly anticipated second season with five nights of all-new episodes beginning Monday, May 11. So what's coming up for Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga's (Danielle Fishel) family this year? ETonline was the first to reveal that Angela will be coming back into Shawn's life in GMW's second season, and it looks like Shawn is finally going to get the closure that he's waited 15 years for.
Jacobs continued, "We gave it so much thought and we decided that given the history of these characters and where they are in their lives, [that] will shape where they stand.
Plus, remember Chubbie's -- the hangout where Cory, Shawn and Topanga had some of their most epic moments? The showrunner continued, "Girl Meets Word is the safest and most wonderful possible place for fans of Boy Meets World. However, it is the child of an original program, and there is no way that I’m not going to include everybody who wants to be included on this piece, because they’re the genesis of the piece.
I think the writers and the show have done a wonderful job of staying true to who we are as people.
In the trailer we see Riley (played by Rowan Blanchard) as she tries to sneak out the window with a pal when her dad, Cory (Ben Savage), comes in from outside to stop them.
Riley's friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is also introduced in the preview, who will be like Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) was to Riley's dad, Cory. As if that wasn't exciting enough, only ETonline has your exclusive first look at the brand-new season two title sequence and it's jam-packed with never-before-seen sneak peeks. ETonline caught up with executive producer Michael Jacobs for an exclusive interview to get the scoop on upcoming guest stars, unanswered questions, and why true Boy Meets World fans are going to be majorly rewarded this year.

All Your Favorites Are Coming Back: A good majority of Girl meet World's first season was setting up the introductions of Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Auggie. Shawn Hunter Gets Closure: All BMW fans will remember the heartbreaking look on Shawn's face in the final season when the love of his life, Angela Moore, decided to move away to Europe with her father. Expect More Boy Meet World Easter Eggs: While the younger viewers might not have noticed the significance of Topanga's flower child return, or the look on Shawn's face when he realized he met Minkus' son, these are the moments the Boy Meets World fans were delighted by -- and there's even more headed our way! Well the new kids are going to be getting their own special place this year when Topanga takes over a bakery. The Storylines Are Getting More Mature: One of the things that made Boy Meets World such a groundbreaking series in the 90s was the fact that they weren't afraid to tackle heavy subjects including death, homelessness, and abuse. And now it's time to see what happens when two of TV's most beloved worlds collide in one star-studded season! Now that we know (and love!) this new generation of friends, it's time to blend these two worlds. When Girl Meet World fans first met "Uncle Shawn" in the holiday episode, it was clear that our former trailer-park bad boy is still very single and very afraid of commitment. The first season of Girl touched upon topics such as technology addiction and absentee parents, but the series is about to dive into much more serious story-lines. Rather than sending your kids off to the TV room so you can get 22 minutes of peace, Girl Meets World is something that both kids and parents will enjoy watching together because you grew up with the core characters. If they’re learning in that generation, Ben continues to learn, so does Danielle -- together, they have always been better than separately. What kids know, what I personally believe enters very little into how the world works, because I look around and I’m astonished every day at what comes out of the four big screens: the television screen, the telephone screen, the movie screen and the computer screen," he said. And of course Uncle Eric Matthews -- aka Plays With Squirrels will be stopping by in premiere week.
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