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September 30, 2012 By Mike Cernovich 61 Comments It’s not a question of if a man will lose your hair. So let’s spend some time talking about whether and to what extent losing your hair will decrease your attractiveness in the eyes of women. If you are unsure whether you are losing your hair, have a friend compare your hairline to that chart. We report on a 47-year-old man who was initially treated with finasteride for androgenetic alopecia. Propecia has sexual side effects in some men, so if your body responds poorly, weigh the costs and benefits. My dermatologist straight up told me that there’s a significant minority of men for whom Propecia simply does not work. I keep my hair clipped extremely short, almost a skinhead-style,with medium sideburns, though I’m between a I and II (see chart, above). Thankfully it’s not a bad look for me, though when women see pictures of me from those days they all comment on how attractive I was, which is frustrating. Good post, particularly the aspect of focusing on what you can control as opposed to what cannot ( fat vs hair loss).
I think I can speak for most women when I say I’d rather my man had a hard cock than hair on his head. The generic finasteride is a great idea, it is much cheaper than Propecia, and is the exact same stuff, just cut up the pill. Recently started to notice that the corners of my forehead the hair is starting to recede back.
Core scalp is pretty luscious still but hairline is in the very primary stages starting to work its way back. I always rocked short hair, but the idea of it receding when i’m only in my mid 20s is not something i can really contemplate. I completely agree that body matters more than hair, and also that the best advice it to know how to do the most with what you’ve got.
But as long as you have the money to spend to do it right, there ain’t no shame (IMO) in taking that step.
The cost varies dramatically depending on how much you want done, and also the way the hairs are extracted.
The most time consuming process is the implantation, which the surgeon will do by hand, one by one. Thanks for your feedback, I’m in my tail end 20s and just shocked at how the whole receding deal is happening to my friends and me. My brother has perfect hair, always will, and everyone thinks hes ten years younger and in much better shape (he doesnt work out and is actually kind of chubby) just because of his hair. I dont know about the prp yet, I want to see if they will cut me a break for my frustrations. I tried shaving for a couple years and just did it again and honestly I remember why I stopped now. This reads too much like every other piece of advice for balding men on the internet, where they simply use pictures of men with shorter haircuts as examples of what balding men should do.
The fact the women started to compliment you, once your hair started growing back, might be because you started to feel more secure of yourself, so your POV is biased. The men you mention are all rich and famous so you can not put them in the same league as you or I and at the same time can’t put them against someone like Cruise, Pitt, Clooney, ETC. Husband shaved his head a few years ago (he had kind of longish hair), I hated it at first but now I love how it looks on him.
I never saw a loss of sex due to my hair thinning and actually some girls like the balding thing.
Back to chics, some actually LIKE balding men, and others just don’t care one way or another.
How a man does a thing might seem like a minor, trivial thing, but it is of more importance that what he does. This trend started during World War I as women no longer had time to waste on their hair and since then has never stopped growing, over the years becoming a style statement. In 2013, the bob has a more flexible and accesible feel to it, the star being the shoulder length bob with its varieties. This shoulder length cut gives off the bob vibe without taking off too much length and just so happens to look great on all face shapes. To get the long bob, ask for a blunt cut that falls just above the shoulders and has no layers.
Whether is a set of thick, blunt bangs or a more wispy style, bangs are a great way of keeping this hairstyle interesting. The pristine, disciplined look that the flapper bob once was, is now given a modern update with more texture and more tousle, inclined towards a casual, less defined style.
Start by creating a side part and by using a tail comb brush, backcomb the hair around the hairline and the parting. These shots come to us from the opening this week of Bron Bron’s new retail store called UNKNWN in the Aventura Mall (Miami). We expect it’ll be shaved on Christmas Day or at least sprayed a little bit to blend into the forehead. We can all find a piece of our high school history reflected in "Mean Girls," which celebrates its 10th anniversary today, on April 30. Anything that is II or below means your body is waging a war of attrition against your hairline.
Yet you (and girls) won’t notice his hairline at all in the picture on the right hand side. If you take the right drugs, build a good body, and dress nicely, it won’t harm your game too much.
If you have less hair on your forehead, you’ll call more attention to the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. You can get a prescription for 5 mg finasteride (generic, extremely cheap) and simply slice the pills up into 5 pieces. I’ll add that there are some essential oil blends that are well-demonstrated in clinical trials to help hair grow thicker.

I’ve been seeing this lady for about a year now who does an old-fashioned razor cut, which makes a very hip, layered look.
The black girl said she fancied me in part because of the baldness, that’s what her comment was about. Confidence, good clothes ( the ones that fit your body and are masculine ) and a good body are. My hair seems to be shorter every year, the convenience factor with sports being the primary factor.
It sometimes gets a bad rap because: 1) the technogy has improved dramatically in the last 10 years and you still hear people perpetuating stories based on results 15+ years ago, and 2) you need to go to someone good with lots of experience, who knows how to do it so it will be asthetically pleasing and age-appropriate. I left it off the list as at the time of article (2012) I hadn’t known anyone who had the surgery performed. I have a young friend, 24, who has a receding hairline who went in to task about it and the guy said he preferred to wait with younger patients, treat them first with finasteride and Rogaine, and see what it looks like when they are a little older. The process takes your own hairs from the back of your head and implants them where they are needed: either the crown or the hairline.
I agree a badass body and a chiseled, masculine face out-weighs a dense head of hair-but in my experience, HAIR MATTERS. The looks people gave me were like I murdered my hair’d version in cold blood in front of their eyes and laughed. For me doing the complete shave might have been cool when it started, but now when you go to the bar, there are 10 other dudes with complete baldy looks. Geometrical structures can be highlighted when matched with sleek locks, while the wispy bangs work best on a more wavy hair. With a flat iron, flatten the area around the hairline by pressing the hair, without running it over the curls.
Dude’s hairline is out of control and yet he refuses to just go with the Jordan shaved look. Whether that means flirting with social suicide, crushing on our own Aaron Samuels or honing a skill like ESPN, everyone played their part in navigating the waters of adolescent purgatory. Gretchen will never be queen bee like Regina George, and she doesn't have the naivete that comes naturally to Karen Smith.
One too many episodes of "Law & Order: SVU" taught us how to conduct ourselves in interrogation situations.
This resulted in a dramatic increase in his hair density, demonstrating that combined therapy with finasteride and dutasteride can improve hair density in patients already taking finasteride. Build up your relationship (strictly friends) with your hair stylist and you’ll be able to meet girls through her.
Men with shaved heads are perceived to be more masculine, dominant and, in some cases, to have greater leadership potential than those with longer locks or with thinning hair, according to a recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. A bald man (or man who is losing his hair) with broad shoulders looks powerful and attractive to women. The Jason Stathams, Dwayne Johnsons, and Vin Diesels of the world (all in great shape btw). There are a few other herbs that can be taken orally too–polygonum multiflorum is supposed to help with hair color as well as thickness. When I finally kicked the bug, I went to work on the other things that needed work–my body (gained almost 20lbs of muscle since then,) and my hair. I was disappointed to say the least but I said to hell with it and started shaving my head. As far as how hair loss affects results with women, I can only agree that the body is primary. They (mostly) don’t work, the ingested ones can have horrific side effects, and hair loss can accelerate when you stop using them. The active ingredient can (will) cause birth defects, and women should not even touch the pills.
I have a great physique but like I tell everyone, I cant walk around 80% unclothed all day so WHO THE FUCK knows! If you are diffuse or bald on top its a horrible look and shaving to skin is a complete NO NO. I used to get WAY more women because I also have a WAY better personality and more charisma. It is a club and whatnot, so couldn’t increase heat, nor could I throw water on the rocks to increase the humidity and thus make it warmer. I think the body compensation thing is the biggest crock of crap ever…all things being equal a woman will always go for a guy with better hair and a weak body. But, when we get right down to it, the Plastic we really relate to best is none other than Gretchen Wieners, the fetchest candy-cane connoisseur around. Instead, Gretchen had to work hard to maintain her place on the social ladder, from noting her peers' jealousy to wanting to "totally just stab Caesar." She didn't always get it right, and for that we are kind of all like Gretchen Wieners. I have been to Charlotte before, I know they have Rob Parker style barbershops there, someone save this man. No side effects, fortunately, though I heard of some guys bringing a class action lawsuit against the company because taking Propecia screwed up their sex lives. Saw palmetto is another plant that acts pharmacologically in a similar, but weaker manner as finasteride. Using herbs, essential oils, and solid nutrition, I would conservatively guess I’ve regained about 40-50% of the hair I had lost. But you’re always, always, always in control of what you put it your mouth and how much you move your body. Also…along with being lean and ripped-not only do you have a badass body, but your face is not puffy-it is CHISELED and MASCULINE. Since losing my hair (he has perfect hair) women look through me like Im glass, if I shave they cross the road because I look like a bulked up ex rapist just out of jail.
I got far more looks with great hair and an average body than I ever got with a ripped six-pack body and middle-age guy hair.
Not to mention really built bald guys just look like rapists and it scares more attractive girls away than it lures. I’m 24 and started losing my hair towards the front half of the top of my head, but not the hairline thank god about a month after I turned 22.

White America, from what our researchers tell us, don’t really care because most of us are fat and balding anyway. You don’t want your big man worried about the hairline when he goes to the line and sees a giant billboard of the melon. Girls won’t look at your hairline because they will be too busy looking at your arms. There are actually a fair number of natural products out there like shampoos, conditioners, and scalp toners that may work for you. Find a hairstyle that works with what you have and put that money and effort into your body instead, where you have a fighting chance.
Hes been trying to get me to try PRP and stem cells to boost it back and restore some of the tinning but I told him I want to see where this second one goes first.
I saw how more and more hair lost made other features that were once kind of charming (my nose) turn into odd deformities.
Most dont even remember me ever shaving prior, like they blacked it out even though my work badge is shaved. It depends on the shape of your head, skin tone, if you have scars to be shown or your head is prone to break out when you shave it.
The only time an average height bald guy has an attractive GF is if they met prior to him balding, hes rich as hell or is like 6-5. I better find a girlfriend fast whilst I still have about 65 to 70% of my hair left on top, and get married by no later than September or October of 2018.
If all goes well (or less than well even) Im going to try and convince him to work me a GOOD deal on those to try since this will be TWO surgeries that my awful awful head rejected. These recently graduated from school, middle-class kids worked selling strawberries and such, whatever job they could get. Plus I don’t want my kids asking his daddy why he has no hair on top, but his other friends daddies have hair on top, that would embarrass me, and make me feel down and depressed even though they mean well by it. I’m glad your doctor did another one free of charge, but I can imagine how devastating it was to have to go through that surgery twice for one potential result. When they talked about university and future and life they talked as if their lives were over. I better not go completely bald in the next few years because I’m starting to lose more hair now.
It helps that I have very few gray hairs, and that I also take very good care of my skin, and it shows. They did shit because they had to do shit, dressed like their culture dictated how they’d supposed to dress, and so on. I routinely have lots of people, especially 18-24 year old women ask me how old I am, and I always tell them to guess.
If they had little money to what they wanted to do, then that was their little freedom from their mines and their slave-morals.
Unless you guys can give me suggestions on how to pull off a lucky good look, I’m gonna buy and use that fucking Rogaine to regrow the hair that I already lost. The responses I get range mid-20s to early 30’s, and no one has ever come within 6 years of my real age.
I wish you the best if you choose to try the PRP and I’d like to hear your experience with it if you go that route. When the kids left I met an immigrant chilean man, who probably came from worse socioeconomic backgrounds. But first: make sure you get an FUE (follicular unit extraction) rather than a strip procedure.
As I talked with him, I noticed that he had a wife, a child, a dog, way more obligations and expectations and shit he has to do. I got a strip procedure my first time, and now I will forever have a large, obvious scar on the back of my scalp which sucks because I look best with a shorter hair cut.
The FUE procedures leave no detectable scars even when I hit those donor sites with a no-gaurd. Baldness is a shitty thing that I obsessed over for a long time so I had to take a chance and do something about it. This man had, despite whatever problems and shit he had to deal with, he had decide to live.
For the 1st week post op, your face will be TERRIBLY swollen with drooping eye lids from the lidocaine used to numb your scalp. Order a surgical cap and have it before the surgery, or have a job that allows you to wear a hat. I’m not computer savvy, so I will mess around with the images and try to upload them to this post some other time.
Your scalp will be covered in ugly, bloody scabs that will not got away completely for at least 10 days, 14 days at most. Also, I feel it’s important to know that lighting significantly alters the illusion of density. The very last pic is about a year after only the first surgery, and because the room was slightly dimmer, I appear to have a full thick head of hair in it.
The fibers do help big time with density, but I hate washing them out and then having see through hair, which is why I got another surgery. We may have to order AA creme to mix with minoxidil in the future because lobbyists for Pfizer (maker of rogaine) like to ban products that combine AA with minoxidil.
I was working at a hospital at the time, and went back looking ugly as fuck, and of course there were plenty of hot girls working at the hospital…. Anyway, I’m happy I got the surgeries done, and I hope this post helps out some guys that are in the same situation I was in.

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