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It seems like most back to school purchases fit into one of two categories, school supplies or clothes, and Swagbucks can help you earn money to pay for purchases in both these categories. A Swagbucks $5 gift card is 500 points and they have a great selection of different retailers that offer either school supplies or back to school clothing or both. Now is a great time to start racking up the Swag Bucks so that you can cash them in for gift cards that will help reduce your cost of sending the kids back to school, and here is a plan of how you can earn $50 in one month with Swagbucks without having to fill out a single survey if you don’t want to. To earn $50  in Swagbucks gift cards a month you need 5000 points per month, (less if you are getting Amazon cards but for easier math we are sticking to 5000 for this plan), that works out to 1250 points a week. Shop through Swagbucks shop and earn feature: Points per store vary and it does take a while for your Swag Bucks to be added to your account but they do really add up. Watch Encrave videos yes more videos but I have heard from my readers that you can earn Swag Bucks faster through the Encrave tab than you can through the Swagbucks TV tab. When Swagbucks doesn’t offer points for when shopping I pop over to MyPoints, but I always check Swagbucks first.

Well the great thing about the videos watched on your laptop is you can have them playing with the volume down in a different window while you are doing other things on the computer. I might homeschool my children but I attended public school as a child and so I can remember all the purchases that went along with going back to school. There are other things you can do to make the 5000 Swag Bucks a month total we are aiming for with this plan, but the Swag Buck earnings for them vary so much per person that I suggest you keep track of what you earn with them so you know how many videos to cross off your need to watch to make 5000 Swag Bucks a month list. Instead of shopping through emails from you favorite daily deal sites or their Apps when you see a deal you want enter the site of your choice like Groupon in the Swagbucks search area and then click on the shop and earn logo and earn Swag Bucks on your daily deal purchase. Swagbucks is too good of a program to keep to yourself and when you share it and your friends sign up you get 10% of their earnings for life right now. Each day take just a minute or two to scroll down the Swagbucks home page and see if their is a special offer you might be able to take advantage of for points.
Warning these two point earning options can be time consuming and mind numbingly boring, I suggest if you are going to try them you do them in down time when you can multitask a bit like when you are watching TV for instance.

But I’m wondering how long the videos would take — and is that the best use of your time? Okay so this going to sound like a crazy amount of videos to shoot for and it is ,but please read #11 for ways to reduce the number of videos you need to watch. We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes.
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