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This Valentine’s Day couples young and old will strive to prove their love via candy, poems, songs, flowers, and helium balloons.
If your marriage is healthy, Valentine’s Day gestures will extend an already present sentiment during a festive time of year – which is great! Ok, we’re certainly NOT perfect because of transparency, but it leaves little room for doubt about whether or not we love each other.
When I travel alone and temptations abound, Selena doesn’t have to doubt whether or not my integrity is in tact.
I need not worry about who she’s talking to on Facebook or if an emotional affair is developing. The mark of mature love is when it doesn’t depend on emotion to exist. What does that even mean??
In the second part of this post, I’ll explore the concepts of dreaming together and gentleness on all occasions.
Expressing true love starts with truly experiencing it; and the only true source of love is God. With God’s grace we can love our spouses just they way they need it most, and in doing so, prove to them the depth of our love toward them.
Sharing openly with friends is a great way to encourage others and reinforce to yourself what you believe. My husband lied throughout our first year of marriage, even though I felt distant and questioned his lying he still did. I hope things have been going better for you over the last two months, but I know that recovering trust after it’s broken can be a long, difficult, painful process.
Brandyfo, I’m not even married but i have heard others share about similar circumstances.
Naturally this post will continue with parts 3 and 4 of the series, so let’s dive right in! When you join your spouse in their dreams, you participate in the deepest parts of their desire and longing. If you couple this ability to dream with deep love in your marital relationship, you’ve got a sure-fire way to show someone you love them.
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It’s funny though, do these things actually do anything to convince our spouses of our love?
We must both be honest with each other, in love, if we’re to experience full, deep love. There is no better opportunity to uphold your marriage covenant than when your spouse is being unloveable. My wife and I have been having problems for awhile due to trust but recently we vowed to not let anything get in the way of such a wonderful marriage. Jesus shows us this, and it’s truly rewarding when we put that sort of love into practice in our marriages. My understanding is that tolerating physical abuse due to loving him is a normal feeling, but one you shouldn’t have to bring yourself through.
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Note that this doesn’t mean you need to subject yourself to abuse in the name of love (nor is that Biblical).
I love my wife and even when I couldn’t stand her I could only think of all the fun and love we shared I told her this and we talked all night about how great our life was before our fighting and we opened up about a lot to each other.
I feel dooped about the lies but more hurt is from the fact that he didn’t come to me and be honest after I had the proof he lied. I just need advice because he keeps blaming everything all on me saying that I caused his behavior by being disobedient!!!! I pray that God will give you the strength and guidance to be on the path he has laid out for you. This desire and ability to dream is very unique to humans: we can anticipate, plan, and envision what could be.
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When we discussed it and got accountable to each other, the wound was cleaned and we could start healing. We cut all the weeds out of our garden and now we are even stronger than we were before we both no longer have any doubts about how we feel about each other and that to me is the most amazing feeling.. I finally left because he kept acting like he was gonna hit me and then calling me a coward when I flinched. With heart felt honesty she shares about the abuse she went through, and how she wrestled with it for years. If he chooses to continue to hide his true self, then no – it will never be possible to safely trust him again. I would even say it is an attribute of God he imprinted on us – like the human abilities to be creative and feel emotion. We’d seek to understand the intentions (and deep seated reasons for actions) of our spouses. Be gentle in how you speak to them – never using harsh or hurtful words intentionally. It's a tiny aluminum and glass box equipped with a wide-angle camera, a microphone, speakers, and a laser. Warning: Side effects may include Recently Dried Doggy Spazzes (aka The After Bath Crazies). Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.
I just felt so good about the way we, or I, managed to deal with this small, but can-become-big issue. It might be a good idea (if he hasn’t done this already) for him to find himself a counselor who can help him learn the skill of honesty. I know this sounds crazy but I love him and I don’t wanna lose my marriage but it seems more like a dictatorship and I am scared to go back but staying away is making him angry. And also, be gentle in how you assume their perspective; what are they dealing with internally?

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