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Most men think that to win a girl over using text messages they need to text her funny things, get her laughing, and build a stronger connection with her. Ask her what she’s up to “tonight.” If it’s the weekend you can always chat about her weekend plans and what she’s going to go do. If you’re underwhelmed or were hoping for more then just remember that texting is not the place to build attraction or create a connection – you want to do this in person! And finally, YES, texting a girl really is this mindblowing simple, but there are still hundreds of mistakes you can make. By keeping things simple and focusing on the basics you’ll stay clear of major mistakes that will ruin your chances for good with her! Read previous post:How To Get a Friend With Benefits RelationshipWant a hot girl who you can hookup with in a casual “friends with benefits”relationship? Teenagers in Portugal send an average of 100 text messages per day and spend around half an hour talking on the phone, according to a study published last week and promoted by the Superior Technical Institute (IST). This is sounds pretty basic, but remember, the point of text messages is not to do anything too big!

Maybe she mentioned has a big test or an important meeting or project at work that was coming up. After you’ve warmed her up with one of the above questions, feel free to ask her if she’s free to get together.
Texting (and most of dating) is more about avoiding mistakes than it is about doing any “ninja” tricks. An overactive imagination in her head allows her to weave words into stories, especially those concerning travel, food, and culture in general. Then once you’re together again you can build a connection and move your relationship forward with her into something more sexual. Every text message should have a purpose specifically designed to get her to see you again. When asked whether they had sought to find out any information about the issue, only one in five students (19.8 percent) said that they had. So when a friend tries to pull one over you, you just look at them, eyebrow raised, and sigh.

Writing a book would be the next big step in her writing career, something she hopes would be fulfilled soon. Because no matter how much you can see through their alibis, you know you love them all the same. Sam is also a BA Journalism student from UP Diliman, and believes that writing helps us make better sense of the world we live in. Because really, who else is going to pull you out of your post-breakup funk, or cheer you up when you’re having a bad day?

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