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However much we love our boyfriends or husbands, we’d be the first to admit that they aren’t necessarily experts when it comes to keeping the lines of communication open.
A man who understands that at the end of a shopping haul what we need most is sustenance is a man we are willing to hold on to forever.
Love Baaghi Or Not, Shraddha’s Outfits WILL Steal Your Heart!FashionWe've been waiting for a while for Baaghi to finally release and now that it's finally here, we're super excited to watch it!
THIS Ranveer Singh Video Is Basically What Every Girl Dreams Of!RandomIf you're a fan of Ranveer Singh, then you must be pretty used to daydreaming about maybe one day meeting him in real life… Oh, how we wish life was like this video!
I’ve often wished there was an application I could use on my laptop that would obliterate that horrible, blinking light and the need to autocorrect into a little window at a fraction of my normal speed.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Emma Pettit is an English and Political Science major who is on the volleyball team at Villanova University. Even though this text might be totally well-meaning, the incorrect grammar negates any positive effect from the compliment.

This last text message I hate because I don’t think anyone has ever had an interesting answer to this question.
Especially when it comes to the itsy-bitsy everyday things that would make us way happier than we are right now – even if we are happy already!
But more than that, after seeing all of Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff's looks at the promotions, our excitement just couldn't be contained! Another bonus is the battery indicator which allows you to see how much charge you have left. It’s for the reader who is interested in technology, but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it. You never know who might end up seeing it, and you don’t want to have one impulsive decision ruin your life.
You can waste a lot of time just picking your phone up and putting it down when responding to messages.
Texting is an art, and if you haven’t perfected it by now, you have some catching up to do.

And normally this text is sent to someone you’re interested in, in order to let them know you might also be interested or whatever.
Any truly important conversation, especially about a relationship, should be done in person. Not just replies to our messages but also a random, unprompted, super-cute text in the middle of the day. In other words, your computer or tablet will have all the functionality of your phone, without the hassle. This article is a compilation of texts that people send that I think are harmful, annoying, or just unnecessary.

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