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I noticed that it was garbage day because everyone had their trash cans out and I could see the garbage man coming down the street in a garbage truck. The garbage truck has this arm that comes out of the truck and grabs the garbage cans and puts the garbage in the truck for them.
But the lady whose garbage cans I moved came flying out of her house, “You can’t do that! I didn’t argue with her anymore, but I should have said that he drives up on her driveway a little bit because she puts her garbage cans up on the sidewalk and not near the street where his truck can get to them!

I ran back to where the garbage man was and told him that I tried to move the cans in the street, but this lady came flying out of her house and told me not to. I think some people should invest their time better than trying to make a working man’s job more difficult.
Unfortunately some people just have mental health problems where they feel the need to abuse people like that. Makes me think that they should take that “fix it” energy and use it on real problems! If that’s true, then I should hug my kids more so they don’t turn out like this lady!
I have found that wooing your garbage man with beef jerky and chocolates at Christmas time will make him do wonderful things for you… like go out of his way to back up and get your garbage as you chase him down the street in your bunny slippers because you forgot to put the can out.
They always say that the measure of a man is not how he treats his superiors, but his subordinates. It was a quiet neighborhood and the job was easy (although it did take a lot of time), so it was a good day. I could tell that my truck was parked in the way of the garbage man being able to get to the garbage cans of this one home, so I moved the garbage cans down next to the street (where everyone else’s were).

I think that’s nice for them because they have probably the most shit*y job out there. I never really thought about mental health problems where someone would feel the need to abuse, but man, you might be right. I think I’m nice to everyone too, because really these are the people that keep the world moving! I always feel like we should all try to be kind to everyone, no matter what job they have, but I guess that’s hard for people to do sometimes! I wonder if they’ve been like that all their lives or if they become that way over time. One day my son parked in front of her house and she drove her car into his truck and blocked in his truck with sticks.

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