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As soon as our head hit the pillow, its lights out and many of us wake up not remembering a single thing that occurred, in the 7 or so hours, during that time.
Why do some people have nightmares about man-eating butterflies (like me) while others spend their nights in bliss? If you’re interested in taking control of your dreams so you can fly a pink elephant or slide off rainbows instead of being chased by man-eating butterflies, then you may want to take up video gaming.
That level of control may also help gamers turn a bloodcurdling nightmare into a carefree dream, she found in a 2008 study. Animals have complex dreams and are able to retain and recall long sequences of events while they are asleep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers report for the first time in the Jan. While any pet owner knows that animals seem to dream, these studies show that animals brains follow the same series of sleeping states as ours do and are a lot more complex then one would think.
One West African group, the Ashanti, take dreams so seriously that they would allow a husband to take legal action against another man if that man had an erotic dream about his wife. People who become blind after birth see images in their dreams, while people who were born blind do not. Several studies worldwide have shown that 18 to 38 % of people have experienced at least one predictive dream. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is a normal phase during sleep in which, as the name suggests, our eyes are affected by rapid movements. Pay attention to the details in his car: it can be another radio station, the passenger seat can be moved, unknown hair on the seat, the smell of women’s perfume.
With all this ‘cheating’ stuff you shouldn’t underestimated yourself and know your own worth.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. BelleBeirut is an online Lebanese magazine for fashion, beauty, celebrity, health, lifestyle and sexy news. However the cells firing in your brain are very much awake, enough so to produce vivid and sometimes downright haunting dreams that take place during the rapid-eye-movement stage of our sleep. This ability could help war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Gackenbach reasoned. The word “nightmare” derives from the Anglo-Saxon word mare, meaning demon—which is related to the Sanskrit mara, meaning destroyer, and mar, meaning to crush. When you sleep, the REM stage lasts approximately 20 percent of the total dream, that is about 90 to 120 minutes. The main cheating signs here: he takes a phone every time he leaves the room (just going to the kitchen or bathroom), he puts passwords on his phone and computer, he’s sneaking away to call or text someone, he turns his phone off at home.
Both represent alternate realities, said Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada.
Researchers have tied evidence of precognitive dreams to deja vu experiences that occurred anywhere from one day to eight years later. During the REM stage, the body is paralyzed by the brain, so you can’t make any physical movements during the dream.
It are all faces of people you’ve already seen, but probably do not know or do not remember. More evenings like ‘we’ll just drink beer in pub’ or ‘ it’s a birthday of our friend, you don’t know him, I’ll be later’.

All stuff found on this site have been collected from various sources across the web and are believed to be in the "public domain". Power napping is basically a controlled micro nap designed to last no longer than a second.
To this day, not much is known about this bizarre phenomena and why Deja-Vu experiences are typically about mundane everyday things. The killer in your latest dream may as well be the mailman you bumped into years ago, but never talked to and never given a second thought ever since. If a man is cheating, he’s spending money on his mistress (paying for hotel visits, meals, buying some presents).
To accomplish this micro nap, Einstein recommended sitting in a chair with a book clamped in his left hand.
One explanation is that something more exciting is more likely to be remembered, making a deja vu experience less likely. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces so our brain has accumulated an endless supply of characters that we can use in our dreams. There are 2 types of men in this situation: 1) he seems disinterested during sex 2) he is really aggressive in bed and wants more than usual. The moment Einstein would enter his slumber, the book would fall on the ground and awaken him.

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