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More than ever, I believe that the people who really belong in your life will come and stay.
I love that pregnancy is a time of heightened awareness around the importance of good nutrition, which is why it is so fun to work with this patient population. We now know that good nutrition is important — not only for the immediate health of the developing baby, but also for the baby’s future health as she grows into adulthood. With this in mind, I set out to create a blueprint for healthy eating in pregnancy that reflected current science-based information that pregnant women could use to get the best possible nutrition during this important time. As a dietitian, I like to talk to people about their “eating style” because it’s a positive way to discuss nutrition and reinforces the goal of long-term healthy living.
In pregnancy, mom’s additional need for energy is not very high, but her need for more micronutrients increases dramatically.

Tamara Hargens-Bradley is associate director of media relations in the OHSU Strategic Communications department. In my own life, people have come and gone but as I grow, learn, and develop, I realize more and more that in order to be truly successful, you can’t dwell too long on the past. Please help support my passion of bringing positivity to the world by taking a few minutes to learn about the opportunity of sharing Life, Health, and Prosperity with ViSalus and the Body by Vi Challenge. So, although it’s titled “My Pregnancy Plate, this blueprint, or tool, is a healthy way to eat before and after pregnancy, as well. Consequently, as the My Pregnancy Plate illustrates, a well-balanced pregnancy diet would include an abundant and varied amount of plant-based foods.
Thanks to our graphic designer, the My Pregnancy Plate is a feast for the eyes, which brings me to my last point: healthy eating reflects balance, variety, moderation and enjoyment!

I just finished repairing the link to the Spanish version, so please feel free to download it as needed. There are plenty of people out there who are waiting for you to move on and embrace what you were put on this Earth to do.

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