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Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. The other night I slept on a twin bed in the guest room of the house I share with my husband and our two kids. For once, I was able to sleep in my preferred position—on my stomach in a big X, socked foot hanging off the bed to the right, sockless foot hanging off the bed to the left. I tossed this question to the hive mind at Slate and was surprised that many had similar feelings. The only thing I’d change about this setup would be to shove the beds closer together and have two nightstands on either end.
Though when I gingerly mentioned this theory to my husband and he agreed with me, I did feel a tiny bit hurt. A A A  I know a€“ Ia€™ll get her to mail me something, then Ia€™ll take the envelope down to the CSI crime lab and get a DNA sample and pretty soon Ia€™ll have a replica of a darned good person.
A A A  Of course, wholesomeness mustna€™t be confused with being dour, and Mitchella€™s life includes a healthy dose of laughter. We have a comfortable, firm king-size bed in our master bedroom, but my husband was sick and gross, so rather than hop in the sack with him, I decided to quietly slip down the hallway and sleep alone.
There was no tug of war over the covers, no pokes in the back to alert me to my snoring, no waking up to a wiggly kid (or two) in bed with us.

For example, the chances of it being brought home by the police, having been caught throwing eggs from a moving vehicle, would be low.
We all know the importance of sleep, so why then do we still choose to share our beds with the kickers, the snorers, and the human furnaces that we love? On The Dick Van Dyke Show, Laura and Rob Petrie turned in to their separate beds, and I bet they slept great. And chronic bad sleep, according to Bartolucci, has been shown to increase the likelihood of stroke and heart attacks. But when asked for a DNA sample, Mitchell is reticent: a€?I dona€™t think anybody would want me cloned,a€™ she says. I suppose that was partly because I was fortunate to have a very, very happy family upbringing.
Our second bed, also a queen, developed a rather large hump in the middle from all the edge hugging we did during the night.
It makes people more susceptible to developing not only health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure but also conditions like obesity that increase the risk of major health issues. What aroused suspicion was the fact that she was keeping very regular appointments with a psychiatrist. She doesna€™t keep a gin bottle in the toilet tank, shea€™s not addicted to Oxycontin, and she didna€™t suffer a troubled childhood.

It also contributes to or exacerbates psychiatric problems like anxiety, depression, and attention deficient hyperactivity disorder. Rather, shea€™s a very nice, very friendly doctor who loves her work, her patients, and her family. Because Ia€™m going to have to be learning about whatever else Ia€™m going to do, and Ia€™m going to be reading the medical stuff too. There is more than enough room for our whole family to sleep comfortably, yet that twin the other night—it was amazing.
Separate beds means better sleep, which in turn can produce healthier spouses and a happier marriage. The psychiatrist was Mitchella€™s medical school classmate, and the appointment was for tennis. A year later I was studying at my desk and a€“ this is something Ia€™ve not done more than twice in my life a€“ I heard somebody out laughing in the hall and I thought: a€?Thata€™s a nice laugh, whoa€™s that?a€™ And I got up and went out and looked and I was shocked.

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