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Big Bang member Taeyang has successfully wrapped up his solo world tour concert "Rise" in Malaysia on Saturday, 7 February 2015 at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, as he delivered a stunningly superb and energetic performance for his loyal Malaysian fans. After the nightmare that took place during B1A4’s concert in Malaysia, many fans were worried that Taeyang's concert will cause an uproar among the fans and authorities.
The 26-year-old singer started off his concert with the song from his "Rise" album, "Body", followed by two songs from his first solo album "Solar" which are "Superstar" and "Move".
Unlike Taeyang's previous concerts or performances, the singer did not go shirtless and kept his shirt on until the end of the concert. For his next song "I Need A Girl", Taeyang invited one lucky fan girl (who was Chinese, not Malay this time) to the stage and dedicated the song to her. Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo Rides The K-Entertainment Wave in His Solo Gig in Kuala Lumpur! He started his career on the runway before appearing on the television series and expanding his wings to silver screen. With an attendance of almost 3000 enthusiastic fans, the man of the hour, the handsomely dressed Lee Kwangsoo in dark blue outfit appeared at the centre stage and starting of his own 'showcase' serenading the fans with Hug by TVXQ. Differed from his character on TV, Lee Kwangsoo definitely knows how to treat his fans like gems and crystals.
On this first visit to Malaysia, he felt very grateful and touched with the warm welcomed that he received since the moment he stepped his foot on the Kuala Lumpur soil. He ended the fan meeting with another song, I Believe by Shin Seung Hun and last but not least, as a token of appreciation, the Malaysian fans gave the most memorable gift that Mr Asia Prince could ever receive; a fan made short clips of Kwangsoo and while the clips were played, Kwangsoo can't hide his tears as he was so touched by the fans efforts.
Lee Kwangsoo Fan Meeting in Malaysia 2014 was part of Malaysia Major events and specially brought by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia and organized by JS Concert.
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McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain arrives with his girlfriend singer Nicole Scherzinger for the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit outside Kuala Lumpur March 25, 2012. The Latinos Post presents Jessica Michibata and Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriends of Formula 1 drviers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriend of McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain, walks in the paddock after the qualifying session of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit outside Kuala Lumpur March 24, 2012.
McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button of Britain and his girlfriend, Japanese-Argentine model Jessica Michibata, walk in the paddock area safter the qualifying session of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit outside Kuala Lumpur March 24, 2012. Japanese-Argentine model Jessica Michibata, girlfriend of McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button of Britain, walks in the paddock area after the qualifying session of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit outside Kuala Lumpur March 24, 2012. Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriend of McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain, arrives at the Albert Park circuit before the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne March 18, 2012. By the time the late 2000s rolled around, fashions had changed yet again, and this is reflected in the newest stretch of the Seawall, which runs along the southeast side of False Creek next to the Olympic Village.
It’s that depth of experience that sets the newest part of the Seawall apart from its predecessors. There’s always a disconnect between the way a city is portrayed on screen and the day-to-day reality of its existence.
Of course, even if the Venice of our imaginations coincides uncannily with the Venice of real life, there is far more to it than meets the eye.
When I first came across Charles Labelle’s ongoing Buildings Entered project, I was intrigued by the questions it raised about how we relate to the spaces we inhabit. In the years following World War II and the Chinese civil war, hundreds of thousands of people moved from mainland China to Hong Kong, which was then a British colony.
This week’s photos were taken along the Brighton Beach boardwalk in New York by Keith Goldstein.
The same is true for many of the city’s other public spaces, from sidewalks to plazas and the ubiquitous “sitting-out areas” found in every neighbourhood. Not far from my apartment in jam-packed Mongkok is a place I like to call the Hill With No Name. Vancouver is working hard to shake off its reputation as a somewhat pious city that values good mountain views over vibrant streetlife. Last week, I came across one such piece of furniture in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. I’ve written a bit about the discarded furniture phenomenon in Hong Kong, where people make up for a lack of quality street furniture by putting household chairs in the street for people to use.

Mongkok might be one of the world’s most crowded places, but sometimes all you need to do to escape is to make a right turn down a quiet alleyway. One of the first things I encountered was a lean-to with a mattress, some newspaper and various other objects inside. Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were celebrating Malaysia’s national holiday at a street party in Bangsar, an upscale neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur.
One of the speakers, a young half-Chinese, half-Indian man dressed in a traditional Malay outfit (with the addition of red heart-shaped sunglasses) gave a witty and entertaining presentation about the ambiguities of national identity.
This lingered in my mind for the six days we spent wandering the streets of Kuala Lumpur, a city that few travellers spend much time in and even many Malaysians seem to dislike. But luckily, the hunky South Korean singer abided by the rules set by the concert organiser. A move fans say was done to respect Malaysia's culture as well to heed the warning given by Netizens on his Facebook page recently. However, this lanky lad rose to fame but for his 'betraying character' until he was named the 'framing master 'in the widely popular variety show, Running Man. As if the crowds cheered were not enough as he made his appearance on the stage; when he was on the microphone singing Hug, the cheering levels definitely shoot up to the maximum since this was the first time the fans witnessed him singing. This fan meeting amazingly filled with interactive games specially prepared by him in order to get closer to his fans. It's a TRUE or FALSE game which tested the fans knowledge about Lee Kwangsoo whereby the questions include his height, weight, shoe size, his favourite food & drinks etc. When he was asked what he likes the most being part of Running Man, he answered that the show not only gave him fame but also the new family (the members) and they were meant a lot to him. ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED SHOULD CONTACT SUGAR MUMMY HOOKUP AGENCY IN ASIA(whatsapp +601131398157 )Welcome to Asia's First, Reliable Dating Agency.
ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED SHOULD CONTACT SUGAR MUMMY HOOKUP AGENCY IN ASIA(whatsapp +601131227909 )Welcome to Asia's First, Reliable Dating Agency. The Labatt-only policy was scrapped and car-free summers are now a well-loved tradition in the Village. One of the problems pedestrian streets face, especially in a car-dependent North American society, is that they often feel empty and sapped of vitality. The materials used are at once rustic yet contemporary: cool materials like concrete, granite and steel juxtaposed with warm timber. Unless you own a motorboat, the fastest way to get around is to walk — it takes less than an hour to walk from one end of the city to the other, and about the same time if you go by water bus. This led me to think about one of the things that has most fascinated me since moving in Hong Kong in 2008: the informal use of urban space, or to put it another way, how people adapt the city to their own ends. Caught in a stranglehold of metal fences, filled with concrete and ugly tile walls, they seem to discourage the lingering and spontaneous interaction that is cultivated by good public space. Throughout the city, leftover bits of concrete and greenery have been claimed by citizens and transformed, through piecemeal intervention and crafty ingenuity, into lively, informal gathering spots.
I call it this because, as far as I can tell, it has been overlooked by the gods of toponymy: it’s simply a small hill that was never developed, save for an underground reservoir and the Tsung Tsin Primary School. Its architecture has seen a shift away from the back-to-nature style of the 1970s, 80s and 90s towards something bolder and more urban, like the recently-completed Woodwards redevelopment. The stretch of Robson Street in front of the gallery had been closed for construction for several weeks; when it reopened, a kind of undulating fake lawn was installed. In that city’s ancient Liwan District, where leafy, winding streets are lined by family-run wholesale businesses, just about every shop has a jumble of tables and chairs outside.
Disassembled sofas are common, along with beat-up lounge chairs and plain dining room chairs.
That’s what I discovered when I was walking from home to the Flower Market the other day.
After a successful first overseas fan meeting in Singapore last summer, he made a stopover in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday for his 'Lee Kwang Soo: Fan Meeting in Malaysia 2014' which coincide with Visit Malaysia Year 2014. During the first game session, Follow the Lee Kwangsoo Way, he invited 4 lucky fans on the stage and they were required to imitate his actions i.e 'tough', 'fashionista', 'romantic' and 'aegyo'.
The winners walked home with an autographed shirt which he signed on the spot at the back of each winner. He also promised the fans that he will tell the other Running Man casts about Malaysian fans and his amazing experience here. Merchants were unhappy and for good reason: it was summer-long corporate takeover of public space.
Near Granville Island, the path takes on a late-70s look with brick paving, timber planters and suburban landscaping, a trend that continued into the 1990s, with some variations — square-cut timber gave way to painted steel tubes as the material of choice for benches and railings, and the pine trees of the 70s were usurped by a 90s love of palms, which matched the SoCal architecture that was fashionable at the time.

Natural shorelines were preserved rather than obliterated, wild grasses are abundant and there is generally a more diverse array of spatial experiences than on the more rigid parts of the Seawall: paved plazas, boardwalks, pebble beaches, piers jutting into the water. What’s more, it never changes, at least in the physical sense, except to gain a few more layers of patina, a few more cracks in the bricks of its foundations, the water of the canals lapping a little bit higher with every passing year. Here is a place with a small and dwindling population, where visitors far outnumber locals, and it never takes long to venture into a quiet street where kids are playing soccer and some old timers are taking their first spritz of the day. There wasn’t enough housing for the newcomers, so many built homes for themselves in shantytowns that rose on the hills above Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Even my friend Olivia, who grew up nearby and who attended the school as a kid, was stumped when I asked her what the hill was called.
They’re used for meals, boisterous card games and, in the middle of the afternoon, a kind of furtive siesta. Instead of taking the usual route along Sai Yee Street, I ducked into the laneway that runs behind it and discovered a kind of parallel university of greenery, graffiti and informal living space. Like Canada, which is also prone to existential crises and frequent periods of self-doubt, Malaysia is a country that exists in a perpetual state of in-betweenness. The 'singer' Kwangsoo also serenades the audience with Because of Love by Yoo Jae Ha, and while singing, he beautifully showcasing his 'never seen before' talents playing the keyboard and organ.
The smile on his face explained everything; his happiness and grateful feeling towards the fans who knew a lot about him. I think it owes a big part of its success to artist Claude Cormier, who draped 200,000 pink baubles over the street in 2011. The evening I arrived in Venice, after taking shelter from a momentous thunderstorm, I walked along a canal in Cannaregio, past polished wood motorboats and old women watching from the windows, and thought: is this place for real? One evening, walking through Santa Croce, I stumbled across a neighbourhood block party sponsored by the local Communist Party. It takes awhile to get used to the pace, but once you do, it’s hard to go back to normal life.
At the same time, migrants made work for themselves by selling things on the street: cheap food for factory workers, fruits and vegetables, surplus stock from factories. After all, when you spend your days sitting the street, you’d better do it with style. For acting 'tough', he requested the fan to imitate a soldier fully equipped with a gun (toy gun of course) while 'fashionista', the fan were asked to walk in a runway; well, this was the best time for them to imagine themselves at Paris Fashion Week ain't it?
Les boules roses proved so popular they returned the following year, and they’re poised to make a comeback this year, too.
The baubles counteract that by tricking the mind into thinking the space is smaller and busier than it actually is. The last time I visited, on a sunny spring day, the island was filled with people: teenagers rummaging through the bush, some people smoking pot, others drinking beer, families examining the aquatic life of tidal pools. A couple of guys laid down on the grass, holding hands, and one of them wondered aloud, “What is this doing here? It’s a lovely, unmanicured island, its wildness made all the more striking by the wall of glassy condominium towers across the water.
A few tourists wandered by, looking a bit mystified, before opening their maps and wandering away.
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