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The feministas and their feminized male backers have one thing to say about the men's studies at the B.C. The definition of Irony: German police take off their helmets and marched with the protest clearing the way for them.
This one is disturbing, what can one say?How long till the feminists claim this animal is the victim?
The young woman, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was attacked because she was caught downloading music to the computer in her bedroom.THIS man here is a vicious thug. If the video does not work you can also see it here.After what I went through, simply for trying to protect my parental rights, I have no doubt in what this guy says.
In Lanark county, social program, local newspaper, all have one thing in common, targeting teens for profits. This report you would think has good ideas but the thing I found is, the blame on the parents, again.
My daughter was put on welfare underage with help from these people, 6 months away from college, a scholarship and a job. Peter, comes home from work, family gone, finds out she is at the local shelter in carleton place, he is accused of financial abuse, locked his wife in closet, no investigation, the result he has to see his kids supervised. Lynn, a local mother, her underage son was rebellious, she asked for help, got blamed by local police, lost her son to the welfare life.
Sherry, asked the local teen help anti parent organization, open doors for help,she was blamed in front of her son, made things worse for a while, was put on welfare, but son eventually came back after a few years..
Amanda, 16  years old, rebellious, pregnant, goes to welfare, mother will not sign, wants her home and in school, welfare worker coaches her to say abuse, tell her once this is done mom cannot say anything.
Mandy, 26 years old, 7 kids, multiple father, left home at 15, life on welfare, housing, this one is a multiple story in lanark county, there is many more. Now, with these stories I put up here, all true, and this is just what I investigted, how much waste of taxpayers money could of went to those who genuinely needed the help, with real problems but were turned away?
And this is just me, imagine the waste, the others we do not hear about, million upon millions wasted for personal benefit of the corrupt at the expense of our children, our families.
This is part of my investigation into the social programs, this is the results soon to be sent to every frigin member of parliament and legislature. Who is left behind, the parent, and especially in our society, the father, we are not allowed to care, cherish, love.
This is the same thing the local media does, it does not investigate in fear of offending their friends in local government and the corrupt bureaucracy, and this is happening everywhere now.
Nobody wins in this scenario, nobody, especially our children, they do not have a chance, when they are targeted for funding and personal power. Notice the ones holding the banner, the next generation, young ladies who do not subscribe to the idea of radical feminism that their fathers are born evil. Quotes from Jensen Siaw: The most painful lessons in life are those that we really need to learn. 12th: Chase went under anesthesia to remove what was initially believed to be tumors from his legs. They want activity, make a surprisingly good argument, but in the background, are targeted by social programs and local governments as a source of funding. When the police does the right thing, we see support and respect in the comments , but when we see videos of abuse, we see disgust.

One young professional is complaining that her co-workers are continually badgering her to abort her wanted unborn child, because it will interfere with her career.
Stop lying on statistics, local media should expose corruption not promote it, and all will work out just fine.My previous post deals with how many local businesses give money to this corrupt shelter, and they get 1.4 million a year from the provincial government, not to mention federally, ministry on the status of women, and they can't buy towels and food????The province of ontario is on the edge of bankruptcy, and the social programs are whining about the lack of funding? His outrageous thuggery will be used by equally viscious feminists and legislators to cast all men as brutes. They would not be lazy if local social programs would not lure them away from the guidance of parents with a welfare check at a young age. Were does it say, welfare and social programs are to easily accessible for rebellious teens, giving no incentives to listen to parents and these programs make it harder on the parent to guide the child in the right direction. They have the impossible task of trying to figure out the best way to meet the needs of our county with the always inadequate funding". If they cared they would no demonize parents to further their funding and increase the workforce inside these programs. This is what the results are when the local media does not do its job, the social programs look at our children as a source for funding, homelessness, drug abuse, lack of education, pressure on the taxpayer, a lost generation. The local newspaper, the emc and its staff, is co-operating with this, promoting them instead of exposing the truth. A research team is currently working on the idea of growing beef, with the project having Mark Post at the helm. He also has multiple abrasions and puncture wounds and had been receiving antibiotics and pain medication. So the police in the western world have not lost all respect, it is still there for them to adopt what is rightfully theirs. And especially royal legage, obviously, by helping them get more money they approve of their policy of targeting teenage girls for financial gains. Inflated salaries, travels at the expense of the social programs, perks and tax deductible loop holes.And what does the local media do? She was told to use the word abuse by the local women's shelter, after I refused to sign for her to be on welfare. Mark is a physiologist at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, and his project has been funded anonymously by an investor who figured out that lab-grown meat might be the future answer to the world’s hunger problems.
We are not sure what happened to the little guy that he ended up in this condition, but we will be sure to do all we can to help him!
Chase received a full dental cleaning while under anesthesia, as his teeth were in horrible shape!
He even let me go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and didn’t cry about it. You see, not too long ago I was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound because of injuries I had after being hit by a car.
I love this country, Canada, in my opinion, we are the ones who should be at the forefront of the protection of human rights, freedom of speech, and expression. After all, the amount of energy required to raise livestock to produce enough meat to feed the world did pick up its fair share of negative attention concerning the kind of pollution it makes, but with this lab-grown beef, it will not involve any pastures, corn feed, or accumulation of methane gas.How is this done? On many occasions I have seen these type of stories locally, let us help the teens, homelessness, drug abuse, leaving school to early, teen pregnancy, and crime, year after year, yet nothing is ever done.And nothing will come of this story either.
We have to have faith, as our grandparents did, in the evolution of traditional family life, opening this type of education to children as if it is a pass time, opens other experimentation without control to teens, like drugs, and alcohol, ending up in uncontrolled behaviour as teens search for their place in life.

We seem to have blinked there for a moment, and the result was the mess like the g20 in Toronto. I began putting two and two together, lack of a father figure, lack of moral values, loss of hope for children's future all thought in schools, television and when children are under such pressure, their rebellious nature is amplified. The more money this shelter gets the more teen girls they will put on welfare and the more families they will destroy.
Promoting corruption increases the problem.Notice at the end of this report, "Thank you for supporting the shelter and abused women and their children! I found out the hard way, with threats, threatening their little money bags was not allowed. Scientists will grow stem cells in a vat at first, waiting for them to turn into thin layers of beef muscle cells, followed by mince them together using similarly lab-grown pieces of beef fat cells – just like how a standard hamburger is created, sans stem cells, of course. Nothing will be done, money will be spent somewere else, and kids in smiths falls will only have the park or the pot smoking row at the local st-john catholic school in perth to learn how to grow. Traditional behaviour is pushed aside by self promoting organisation and those who lose is not only the family, but the stability of a nation.We got to where we are without sex ed in schools, the birds and the bees was always thought at home, by parents, and it seem to have worked better than what we have today. If we are not more careful, Quebec is just the beginning, this will spread, and when it does, there is no returning.It is either going to get better, or worse. If a teen is told his or her parents are abusive by those who see them as a product for financial benefit then, you offer them a way not to talk to mom and dad, and it alienates the teen even further.
No idea on how the meat will taste, but it is said that a trial should begin sometime from October onwards.
And that is the result of the local social programs welfare on demand, have more kids bigger check, women's shelter targeting teens, demonization of parents by them and local school, especially st johns catholic school in perth, but the main reason this is hapening is because the local paper, the emc is refusing to expose the truth, corrupt press invites corrupt policies.
This creates teen pregnancy, teen crime, drug abuse, homelessness, all because someone down the line decided that parental discipline of any kind was abusive.So, feminism and womanhood, does not meet, one and the other are totally incompatible. The reason why housing exists is to offer decent homes (subsidized housing) to those who are very poor, like the single parent with a few kids abandoned by their spouses.
I get along good with my doggy and kitty foster siblings, but what I really love most in this world is being with my human; I’m a true lap dog! I can be a bit shy at first, but I warm up quick and I know you’ll find me worth the effort. The low intellectuals have taken power, they are not there to help, but to control people, and this is what they actually believe and this is what happens when "we" the people, look the other way.BAD MISTAKEHere is my thoughts on feminism, the old hags who control the women's shelter, welfare, housing, child services are a threat to the traditional family, that is true, but they are so stupid, so low brow intellectuals, they are a perfect tool for the corrupt governments. Think about it, destroy the family, make the next generation dependant on the system, offer welfare to anyone that asks, force no one to look for work, destroy the traditional family by demonizing the protector of the family, (fathers and husbands), make women believe they are permanent victims, keep children poor and what do you have, a voting base for a self claiming left wing political party.
And that is the power who love to control people, why do it yourself and risk exposure, when you have old hags do it for you.
If you’re looking for a sweet little companion to stick by your side and brighten your days, I’m your guy!

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