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If you lost your old messages on facebook and for some reason you have to get them back for legal reason or because someone you love might be cheating on your. I have been relation for 7 years, and have recently found out my BF has been hiding 2 facebook accounts from me.
I left a well written comment on a page and would like to use it in a paper I am writing for human rights.
Since he was onto me being curious for sometime, I believe he has deleted all of his facebook messages. If you are really serious about getting back your old facebook message, please follow these steps very carefully. If you fail to follow each step as outlined in this post, you will not be able to get them back. Thanking you sincerely, snehalMorganHi I also need to get my facebook deleted messages back. Can anyone help?lisahi i need help reciving some messages i deleted from facebook 2 help my friend as he partner has been messaging my flirty messages n i deleted them when i didnt mean 2 as i wanted 2 keep them 2 show her plz help me get this messages back.

I dont think they do it intentionally because the website and the app do have many hidden features that are sometimes very hard to find. With these instructions, i will show you step by step what you can do to get your deleted facebook messages, but you just have to follow them very carefully as i give them to you.
Follow these instructions: INSTRUCTIONSIt is said that getting your old messages from Facebook is next to impossible. I saw a message once when he had left the facebook profile open and my brain was not fast enough to save it somewhere.
I just have a bad gut feeling.TobyI can recover almost any data from facebook, myspace, craigslist, emails, etc. There are laws that govern data storage for big corporations, specially a large company like facebook.
I got his password and sign in quiet often to check for the latest message and i think he is using another way of communicating with her.
Please someone help me how can i retrieve deleted facebook messages.JuliePlease!!!!i need the same help!!! Mine is extremely urgent there's a baby involved and if there is dirt in his inbox I want to know before it's too late. Follow these steps to get your old deleted messages back.Start Method #1the first step to get your messages back, is go to go the messages icon at the top of the page, note, if you are using the mobile app, it might be different, look for the messages icon, it might look like a little balloon.
I read part of a message he sent a girl we argued but I left the house and I wasn't able to see her reply once I got back and I told him I wanted his phone and fb password all messages were deleted and he made up his own story I want to know if he is being honest with me or he's huffing something!!!! Use caution using this tool because if you have deleted alot of messages in the past, you will be overwhelm by all the old messages and it will be hard to find what you are looking for.

If anyones interested drop me a line, thanks!byrdi need to recover some old facebook message back. If you have difficulty finding an old email, try using the search feature, it will cut you down in time. My email h a v a n a d y e @ GoogleteeI deleted my Facebook messages from 2013 and I didn't save it in archive.
There are alot of companies that say they will get your old messages back from a back up, but why pay them when you can do it yourself.Previous Method Next Method SummaryI hope I was able to help you, furthermore, help you save money and perhaps saved you alot of time.
AssadThoby can you contact me on a s s a d _ a n w a r @ hot mail want to recover deleted messages BrockI need assistance retrieving deleted messages from Facebook as well. Please contact me at q u i n c y o 4 6 5 6 @ aol dot com Anita can you show me how i can get back my deleted Facebook messages. They really help me understand what you are looking for so i can write more helpful tutorials like this one that can save money and time to people just like you. If you are serious, pls help.sarladear sir,one person in my friend list abhishek sonekar send me some messages wrong information about my son when i open my facebook next time messages delete he do complaints to office that i spread rumors i need that messages back to prove right to maintain my dignity. Please help before I get screwed.Christinei would like to retrieve most of the deleted inbox, i would like to check on an important message.
There are some programs that are free but if you dont know anything about computers you'll probably end up with trojans and virus.

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