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In terms of censorship and editing on TV, any scene of male physical violence on females sometimes vary, including flashes, cutaways, or even trimming or cutting out the scene all together, to maintain a tasteful image. In Justice League #4 (1987), time-traveling new recruit Booster Gold defeats the four human members of the Royal Flush Gang. Dwight McCarthy from Sin City, though he's quite violently protective of them, has no problems with hitting or shooting a woman. The Mighty Thor may be a god, but he does not treat kindly to females that have went against him, lovers or not, as Hela and the Enchantress have found out.
In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey beats up a mother-daughter team of mutants who rob banks with their powers.
Classic Spider-Man, meanwhile, started out as a Wouldn't Hit a Girl type back in The '60s, which caused him some problems with Princess Python of the Circus of Crime.
Todd Ingram punches out Envy Adams after she gave him a well deserved Groin Attack for cheating on her.
Scott himself cut Roxy in half, even though he has moral reservations about this sort of practice. In Power Pack, when Katie Power is bullying the (younger) Franklin Richards, Katie's brother Alex tells Franklin to hit her back if she hits him. In an issue of Young Justice, students from an all-girls school held down Red Tornado's adopted daughter (and former heroine Arrowette, who tried to intervene) and cut off some of the girl's hair. In the French comic Alpha, after heavily insulting him, the acting director of the CIA ask Alpha if he would hit a woman.
Sure there's that, but The Joker's relationship with Harley has always been one of Domestic Abuse.
One of X-23's main abusers at the Facility was Zander Rice, who had no compunctions against ripping out her claws without anesthesia to coat them in adamantium, while the man who kidnapped her cousin Megan was a serial killer who intended to make both girls his victims. Ashton from New World is a borderline psychopath who thinks he has the right to treat people under his station like tools for his pleasure and has no problem with savagely attacking Maddie when she rejects his advances. Ultimate Spider Woman: Spider-Woman's enemies don't have any problem going after her with everything they've got, up to and including laying into her with No Holds Barred Beatdowns if they win. In the Firefly fic Forward, Mal shows he is perfectly willing to punch River in the face when she goes berserk and starts shooting up the scenery. In the Harry Potter fanfic Geoffrey Hunter and the Secret Society the main character breaks at least one rib in a witch who tries to kill him. In Action Pack Kira has no qualms about fighting women as seen by how he electrocutes Snapdragon and fights Quake.
In Ponyfall: Rainbows, Cody has little hesitation about hitting the humanised Rainbow Dash in self-defence, to the point of knocking her unconscious.

Sleepwalker has a few female enemies, and he has no compunctions about giving them the exact same treatment he does to his male enemies. TD of The Non-Bronyverse has no problems with hitting Celestia, though this does come right after she inadvertently traps him in Equestria. In My Brave Pony III Starfleet Magic Ace Ray beats up his own sister while threatening to kill her. In the Fairly Oddparents fanfiction, Never Had A Friend Like Me, Francis claims to be an "equal opportunity bully" when he's about to hit Amanda. In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Superman fights Superwoman of the Crime Syndicate, a ruthless villainess every bit as powerful as he is, and he doesn't hesitate to fight her the same way he would a male villain. Much like "The Thunder Rolls," "Independence Day" (both the video and song) won universal acclaim for its statement against domestic violence. If anything, many of them would probably be insulted if a male opponent went easy on them because of their sex. In unedited works, you tend to see this more often than its inversion simply because times have changed, and society as a whole is taking the attitude that women aren't inferior in anything. Marv is usually the type that Wouldn't Hit a Girl, but he'll do it if he has to such as punching out Wendy, Goldie's sister, in order to spare her from watching him torture Goldie's killer, Kevin, to death, or mercilessly executing a madam who has taken to exploiting underage girls (in Silent Night).
He's killed cannibalistic backwoods country girls, sniped a woman who killed her own children, a mobster's wife after she'd just given birth because she killed several people during her rise to the top and he wasn't going to let the baby be raised by a sociopath like her, and once took a woman who was leader of a sexual slavery ring (kidnapping girls and addicting them to drugs to force them into prostitution, as well as other monstrous crimes) and bashed her face against an unbreakable skyscraper window until the window popped out of its frame, then he tossed her out of the building. He eventually shed this viewpoint, best highlighted in Secret Wars in The '80s, when he simultaneously gives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and a "Reason You Suck" Speech to villainess Titania.
Future stories show he really doesn't care what gender an enemy is, gleefully slugging Shriek, Ghost Rider's foe Hag, and any female symbiotes that he encounters.
Knowing that he was reluctant to strike her, Ivy dealt Batman a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown until she had him pinned to the ground.
He is introduced as saying to always kill the women first, as the female terrorists they encounter will invariably be far more competent and dangerous than the men. In a twist on this, Wolverine tried not to fight her in their first encounter, but ultimately gave in when he realized she wouldn't give him any choice and that it was the only way to get through to her. He does not mind fighting with a woman, and he started a fistfight with Asuka in chapter 17.
Nobody hesitates or holds back against Samantha Shepard, and the Athena clones die by the shipfull.
He even tells Naruto that you can't hold back on the enemy just because their women or you end up dead.
He does it a few more times throughout the various stories, but is well aware that as a Physical God he can't harm her in the slightest.

He has no objections to hitting a girl, and will in fact beat the crap out of them should it be provoked (which it was in one occasion). Like "The Thunder Rolls," the video to "Independence Day" contains graphic depictions of a drunken husband beating up his wife (for questioning his behavior), said scenes being intertwined with clips from a Fourth of July parade where two clowns engage in comic mock fighting. In earlier works, a male character would make up the point of "you're no lady" if the female in question has previously attacked him first (mostly female antagonists), in which case he will be allowed to attack. She then urged him to kiss her - which, this being Poison Ivy we're talking about, would be immediately fatal - and taunted that there was no use resisting, because "I know you don't want to hit a woman." Batman confessed that, yes, that was true - but it wasn't going to stop him, and so he knocked Ivy unconscious with a single head-butt.
Suddenly Clint starts yelling out that there's glass in his baked potato and he's cut himself really bad.
His hesitation also had nothing to do with her being a girl, but the fact he was trying to help her, and recognized she was a victim of the things that had been done to her and not an enemy. When confronting a female kidnapper, he first engaged her in a physical fight, then after she broke away from him and threatened her victim, Mr. Critics and many others (including women's advocates) have given virtually unanimous praise to the video and the full version of the song as a powerful statement about the prevalence of male-on-female domestic violence, and it would win the Country Music Association's Video of the Year award in 1991. If the circumstance is designed so that women are only hit by other women than it is a Designated Girl Fight.
Amara doesn't believe it, but she's a bit on edge and so she peeks through the open food slot to see if he's okay. Captain America's first response when he cornered her and she tried to run was to smack her with his shield. For that she gets a metal tray tossed into her throat and while she's keeling over, Clint grabs Amara's arm and pulls it through the slot. Daken didn't hesitate to attack her in their first encounter, and Sinister had no reservations against snapping her neck. When she refuses, he goes through with it and breaks her arm, threatening to keep working her over until he does. As punishment, Clint and other escapees are put in a Virtual World that keeps replaying them trying to escape and failing. Clinton and the Triumph of Democracy (Sticking the Corners)A master's degree in the works of Benedict XVI?

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