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May 16, 2013 On Friday morning I have my full anatomic survey ultrasound where they check the health of the baby, provide a 3D ultrasound, and tell me the baby’s gender. I had my first instance where someone acknowledged my pregnancy this week, which means the outside world notices now. I’m starting to feel more faint movements in my belly, which definitely makes it all feel more real. I hope to entertain family, friends and strangers with my humorous & heartfelt take on pregnancy & motherhood. This five month old baby girl portrait was taken at my home studio, right outside of Athens, GA, in Oconee County. If you are looking for milestone portraits of your baby girl that focuses on the organic beauty of your child, contact Athens, GA baby photographer, Yvonne Niemann Photography, today to get on the calendar and for more details. Swaddle your baby in a large, thin blanket.  Being swaddled reminds them of their quality time in the womb and helps them feel safe. If it is not yet time to feed your baby, offer the pacifier or help your baby find her thumb or finger.
Keep a diary of your baby’s habits (when are they awake, asleep, eating, and crying). Fold the top corner of the blanket down a bit so that the folded corner almost reaches the middle of the blanket. Place your infant on his back, centered on the blanket with his arms at his sides and his head just above the folded edge and his shoulders just below it. Take one of the side corners of the blanket and fold it over your baby’s shoulder and across his body, making sure to tuck the corner underneath him on the opposite side. Then take the bottom corner of the blanket (below your baby’s feet) and fold it up over your baby. Finally, take the only remaining corner and pull it over your baby’s other shoulder and across his body. Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. First and foremost, I’m praying for a healthy baby that gets a flying bill of health, obvy. I mean, I definitely find myself thinking more about girl names and girl decor than I do boy stuff. It’s fun to lie in bed at night or in the morning and rest my hands on my belly willing the little peanut to move. This is one of the many items in the Yvonne Niemann Photography wardrobe that is available for all of my clients to borrow for their very own portrait sessions.
Jaundice: Jaundice happens in almost every baby, peaking in the first week as newborns learn to excrete the yellow pigment called bilirubin in their stools. Infection: Your little once can pick up an infection during birth or from people other than the parents handling the baby (think grandma and siblings). The pause and the change of position alone will slow their gulping and reduce the amount of air they take in.

If they don’t disappear on their own in five to ten minutes, try to resume feeding for a few minutes. Sometimes spitting up means the baby has eaten more than her stomach can hold; sometimes she spits up while burping or drooling. Keep track of how long it takes your baby to eat or if your baby cries the most after eating. While newborns sleep about 16 to 17 hours per day, they may only sleep 1 or 2 hours at a time. If the blanket is large enough that the bottom corner reaches up to (or over) your baby’s face, you can simply fold it back down until his face is no longer covered or bring it over one or the other shoulder and tuck it under him. Use fragrance-free soaps and wash the soap off completely before drying.  Pat them dry and use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion immediately after bathing to prevent skin drying. Use the dampened cloth first without soap to wash their face, so you don’t get soap into her eyes or mouth. Most parents today are not only looking for a distinct baby name that has a nice ring to it, they're also hoping to find a name that has story behind it. But once we *hopefully* get good news about our healthy baby; I’m dying to know if it’s a boy or a girl! But I think that’s because girls are what I know right now, so it’s easier for me to picture that stuff.
This particular dress is sized 6-12 months and is a great neutral color that keeps the focus on your adorable baby girl and her personality.
The bilirubin level generally peaks by about 5 days for term babies and about 1 week for those born prematurely. Signs of infection can include high OR low temperature (babies often become cold during infection), poor sucking during breastfeeding, a lack of appetite, poor weight gain, weak crying, and increasing irritability.
It almost never involves choking, coughing, discomfort, or danger to your child, even if it occurs while she’s sleeping.  What if your baby spits up a LOT?
You can place their body either on their left side to help digestion or on their stomach for support. If you get in the habit of holding or rocking them until they are completely asleep, it can be harder for them to go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. These baby-bundling phenoms take uncomfortably free and exposed newborns and almost effortlessly have them bundled in blissful, no-flailing-allowed slumber in the blink of an eye. If the umbilical cord is still hanging on, full-blown baths are a no-go.  Stick to sponge baths until the cord is off to prevent it from getting infected. Pay special attention to creases under the arms, behind the ears, around the neck, and, especially with a girl, in the genital area.
To keep the cord dry, sponge bathe your baby rather than giving them a full-blown tub bath. This is great for calming a crying baby in a pinch seeing as how it’s physically impossible to suck and cry simultaneously. And of course it’s incredibly fun to dress a baby girl in all those adorable little dresses.

I hear they pee straight up in your face and have a ridiculous amount of energy that makes me exhausted just thinking about it. I will say that growing up I always wanted a sister and I was always so envious of my friends that had sisters.
It’s such a life altering moment because from this point on I’ll either have two daughters or a boy and a girl, which is a completely different family dynamic. I have so many things to keep me preoccupied right now, with a toddler, selling the house and a big move ahead of us, that it’s going to be my due date before I know it.
If your baby gets hiccups often, try to feed him when he’s calm and before he’s extremely hungry. Some babies spit up more than others, but most are out of this phase by the time they are sitting. You should also secure the diaper so as not to cover the cord (nobody wants pee pee on their cord). The dainty hair accessory gives the outfit a girly touch without being overpowering and distracting. It is normal for a 6-month-old to wake up during the night but go back to sleep after a few minutes.
When the cord falls of, you may notice a few drops of blood on the diaper…this is totally normal and not a big deal. Whenever my friend comes over and hangs with Annabelle she always comments on how easy she is compared to her other friend who has a boy the same age.
Also of note (and we speak from experience here), babies have a tendency to pee as soon as they are exposed to open air.  Protect yourself by keeping their pistol covered as much as possible during the whole changing process.  Not sure how exactly you change a diaper? She says Annabelle is so dainty and calm in the way she plays and eats, whereas the little boy is rambunctious, has to kick a ball after dinner, and then runs in circles.
But aside from all that, my biggest fear would be turning away while my baby boy goes through a painful circumcision at childbirth. Having a boy would be a completely different experience and would probably make this whole journey to motherhood of two feel a lot more unique if I knew there was a different pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Gross but not horribly concerning.  The most important thing for you, as a parent, to do is to differentiate normal spitting up and true vomiting. I know I don’t have to get him circumcised, but I feel that’s the norm in our culture and I would hate to have him teased as a teenager or adult for a decision I made when he was a baby. Unlike spitting up, which most babies don’t even seem to notice, vomiting is forceful and usually causes great distress and discomfort for your child. If your baby vomits on a regular basis (one or more times a day) or if you notice blood or a bright green color in your baby’s vomit, call your pediatrician.

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