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The Australian woman, who participated in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) earlier this week, contracted polio as a young child and still suffers greatly from the disease.
The woman, who went by the screen name Polio1955 , also posted a photo of the medications she takes to deal with the chronic pain the polio causes.
I’ve reproduced some of her best points in the slideshow below, along with images of her and others with polio. But I don’t want to pretend to be a dispassionate content provider just passing on some rehashed shock-gossip click-bait from another site. During those hours that I followed this anonymous woman’s life and disease, I cried so hard for her that it was gut-wrenching. And so when some other parent whispers to me that they’re anti-vac, I frown inwardly but say nothing. We are so lucky to be alive in this day and age that we can prevent our children from experiencing the physical and emotional pain caused by diseases that are now preventable. All I can say is that I pray that these ppl can live happily in their ignorance and never experience the consequences of this ignorance. I think it is a shame that many parents, vaccinated themselves and therefore never under the stress of deadly or permanently deforming disease in their childhood, are ready to put their children at risk for vaccines that have prooved results. What about all those moms who have become anti vaccine because their child had a reaction and now suffer life long serious complication?
About six weeks ago, Clare wrote a post about her motivation to recover from her eating disorder.
Her thoughts stuck with me over the past several weeks, and the concept of being like those I admire was always in the back of my mind.
However, as I sat down at my desk early Saturday morning, I decided that even though I can’t control everything, there are many things that I can work on right now. Some of these are serious, some are a little vain, and others very personal to my own journey, but I hope that sharing my list with you will help you to think about the kind of person you want to be. I see… a woman who is often smiling and cracking jokes, who doesn’t take things too seriously.
I see… a woman who knows how to work hard, how to inspire her colleagues and how to produce results and be productive. I see… a woman who is fit and healthy, who can go for a run or take a workout class whenever she feels like it without worrying about not having energy or having a bloated stomach from over-eating. I see… a woman who sees food as fuel and as something to appreciate and enjoy, not as an activity to cope with boredom or emotions.
I see… a woman who has great style and class, a woman who enjoys fashion for fun and confidence, and not as a way for others to judge her. I see… a woman who, when speaking with others, makes everyone feel important through listening and focusing completely on that person without distractions. I see… a woman who remembers the little things about people and who takes the time to send cards, gifts and thoughtful notes. I see… a woman who does her best, loves the little things in life, and who embraces every moment and seizes every opportunity without anxiety or worry about doing enough or being enough.
This entry was posted in life and tagged future, life lessons, thoughts on October 22, 2013 by Katie. Oh Katie, I remember the few months after graduating from college and having so many of the same feelings. Sounds like you know the direction you want to go in, and you’re working to make yourself the person you want to be though. So even just writing this post will continue you on your journey of where you want to end up <3 so awesome. It’s funny that, of all the filth and depravity online, it takes an image of a dead zebra to really rile people up.
Even more peculiar: a million babies are killed every year in this country, yet that has never sparked this level of popular outrage.
Many of the liberal blogs having a meltdown over Kendall Jones are the same ones that spent a week hailing Emily Letts, who filmed her own abortion. I suspect, however, that only a very small percentage of the anti-Kendall Jones mob falls into this category. The rest, by any reasonable estimation, are either in favor of, or largely indifferent to, the murder of babies. I can sit here all day and write poems about the beloved walrus or the hallowed dolphin, but my pro-animal stance will likely never require anything of me.
Confront these mysteries and you will either end up a suicidal nihilist or a pro-life zealot. She was not vaccinated at the time she caught polio, despite the fact that vaccinations were (newly) available in her country.
The eloquence and simplicity of her words, the evidence of her pain, the struggles she goes through decades after her mom made one careless choice is just staggering. I remember the nurse holding that giant needle up to the light, twice as long as her tiny baby arm.
I wish we could require people who do not vaccinate to donate their vaccinations to children in developing nations so they could share some of the peace of mind that we get in having one less thing to worry about as parents. This is why I hate it when people write about how vaccination is a conspiracy by the government.
Thank you Joyce for sharing this and raising more awareness about the importance of vaccinations.

She lived and struggled with it for 52 years – the last 12 of those years intersected with my life, so I remember her and polio very well.
She told me that all of the bloggers were contacted, and that there would be more balance in the future.
Neither men or women know they have it and it can be detrimental to a woman when not taken care of quickly. America is not a 3rd world country and so nothing that holds true in those areas as it pertains to health is valid here. For goodness sake, no one cares what you pump into your kids but STOP grasping at straws to make the non-vax crowd look bad. It means you will not get it young (at dates closer to the vaccinatio)so you won’t get it at an age where your immunity system is not fully developped and it means that when you get it it will be less devastating for you.
I can still understand people doubting new vaccines like the HPV, but decades old vaccines?
Just because you happen to live in a neighborhood with nice clean houses on big lots and running water doesn’t mean that everybody has this.
I am 48 and all my life have traveled without incident most of the world thanks to vaccinations and have never had anything but…HPV. Part of her reasoning was that she thought about the women that she admired most and realized their appeal had nothing to do with their looks, but entirely about their personality, their work and their talent.
I had intended to write this post weeks ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I really sat down and thought about what I wanted to say and, more importantly, who I want to be. I need to stop focusing on feeling like I’m not good enough and start focusing on how I can improve my life through my actions and mindset.
You might never get another break like this to yourself until retirement – crazy to think! I’m sure once you get used to it and get the hang of finding jobs you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with it!
It is SO hard to go from being a student to being out in the world, but I love how positive you are being, and I see all of those things in you too.
Haha yea, I don’t love having nothing to do but it will probably turn out to be a good thing!
It’s so important for us to sit down and think about what we really want out of life and to look at the important things, not the silly and superficial things.
And I agree, these things don’t happen on their own, it takes work sometimes to become who you really want to be and make strides forward in your life.
She’s a cheerleader, hunter, and, according to the internet, a vile scumbag who deserves to die a slow and painful death.
Jones goes on trips to Africa where she hunts big game, like elephants and lions. Sometimes she tranquilizes them for the sake of scientific research, or to treat injuries on the animal , and sometimes she kills them. At least, I prefer these over the pornographic garbage that clutters half of my newsfeed on a daily basis.
There are petitions circulating to have Kendall banned from both Facebook and the entire continent of Africa. Indeed, we value human life, just not human life that needs to be protected and preserved at any great cost to our comfortable lifestyle.
And the Indignity DuJour will soon be replaced by something else, as we flutter quickly from one puffed up atrocity to the other, never stopping long enough to ask any serious questions about it. OK, but now we’re back at the original question — who cares about the living organisms? Why aren’t you upset when I kill cockroaches, but you would be if I killed a bald eagle?
If our ‘antibodoes’ protected us from everything, there would be no need for medicine at all would there? They don’t want to vaccinate themselves and their kids because of ridiculous reasons, many of which have been proven false. We have a photo of her witha friend she made in the hospital who was in the iron lung next to her who did die. This actually is just a coincidence that I happened to grab this topic (Polio1955 participated this week in the AMA, that’s the timing here), but we absolutely try to provide balance, it was also a coincidence that a few anti-vaccination pieces appeared at the same time.
I had a friend who contracted HPV and had a abnormal pap smear, which resulted in surgery that removed tissue from my uterus. But also, most people who get polio come down with nothing worse than a bad case of diarrhea and a bit of a fever.
Never had the HPV vaccination and low and behold at 43 had CIN-III and had to have part of my cervix removed. Then I reflected on peopled that I admire and really envisioned who I wanted to be in my daily life, writing down a list as I went. I am sure you have moments where your behaviour is not perfectly in-line with the things on your list… but those moments are the exception!
You are amazing my friend, and I know very soon you’re going to find the beginning of this next chapter very soon.
I have really been struggling with my identity for the past year or so and it has really taken a toll and is beginning to put so much strain and unneeded stress on my daily life. Kendall defends herself by saying that the hunts serve two purposes: 1) feeding hungry villagers, and 2) conservation. The condemnation is near-universal, and the anger directed at her is unlike anything I’ve seen in a very long time.

I probably wouldn’t shoot a lion (except in self defense, should that occasion ever arise), but her actions are legal and helpful to both the townspeople she feeds and the local economy she stimulates. They also generally recognize the Holocaust or 9-11 to be tragedies far more serious than a wildfire that wipes out half of a forest’s native squirrel population. Never letting the noise die down quietly enough to have a real conversation about anything.
I’m just saddened by the example that adults like that set to children, that people with physical disabilities are something to be stared at like a freakshow.
However, I won’t vax them for Hep B at birth, HPV, the chicken pox, flu, or rotavirus.
I’m also trying to limit the time my youngest spends in the building at pickup and drop off times. We have clean water,suitable and copious food,and we bathe frequently… all things that go a long way in disease transmission and outcomes. When very young babies get it (2 years old is the age I remember, but obviously it depends on the individual baby) they are invariably okay because their nervous systems haven’t fully developed. To me, that is where you are and I hope you continue to stretch yourself -physically and mentally.
I have begun to measure myself in a very superficial manner and it’s time that I stop.
I’m hoping that next year will be my year to find all this out before I really start pushing for my career. We’re surrounded by death and evil, but we don’t complain until someone shoots a cheetah?
So we become the violent answer to the man who gets home and releases his pent up anger by kicking his dog; we get home and release our pent up righteous indignation by killing the man who kicked his dog. She says she doesn’t kill young animals or mothers with babies, and she claims that her actions help preserve the balance in the African wildlife population.
That’s really the only rhyme or reason to what is rejected and embraced in our culture. A humpback whale will never show up at my door and ask me to take care of it for the next 18 years.
I held her to my chest as I ran out of the doctor’s office afterwards, her crying lustily. You’re kids are sooooo healthy with great immune systems it should be no problem for them to be exposed to me.
Now I will suffer, and people like me will suffer, as well as those too young to be immunized. One of her greatest desires during the time she had polio was to be able to turn over in bed at night (which she was unable to do). Thank goodness they had a great doctor who removed as little as possible so they could still carry children and also not get cancer and lose their uterus altogether. Secondly, we have a superior medical community who, when NEEDED, can step in and treat these diseases with mostly good prognosis. If someone catches it on holiday, comes back and sits in a bus or train with you… you can catch it. But when older children and adults get it, they are at high risk for paralysis and a lifetime of pain. Nothing has to be forever, what you do next will not define you if you don’t want it to. Little reminders like this blog post are helping me kick this mindset to the curb – slowly but surely ?? Thanks again! I think it is going to be the best thing for me after just going for so many years with school + working the latter bunch of those years. A Siberian tiger probably won’t come to my house one day and demand that I change my entire life to accommodate it.
This is back when many, many people were whispering of a possible connection between vaccines and autism, and I sure was scared. I think there’s definitely some benefit to that perspective, but I don’t understand this apparent desire to ignore modern science all together!
Even if your daughters wait to have sex until marriage but their partner didn’t, they could still contract a disease that could ultimately lead to cervical cancer, which is scary. I took her to the car and held her in my arms and cried with her and did whatever it is I do that’s closest to praying.
Real, horrible diseases which infect the healthy as well as the sickly, babies as well as older kids. I’d clutch Violet closer to me and glare, aware that I was nuts but unable to turn off my reaction to someone who poked my kid with a long scary needle. This, and only this, is the reason why we defend the slaughter of children while weeping over the remains of a murdered leopard. After everything we went through when he was born, it’s not okay if he dies now from a 100% preventable illness.

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