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The Purple Gang are the unsung heroes of the 1967 UK psychedelic underground and ‘Britain’s Best Kept Secret’ as well as being an unfortunate victim of the emerging media beurocracy and censorship of the late 1960’s.
Pink (Floyd) was a colour and Joe Boyd was going to produce Arnold Layne.Joe was to be our manager and we played jugband roarin’ 20’s music. There were several groups around at the time, but the two most well known were Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers and The Memphis Jugband. As a band The Purple Gang did Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers and The Memphis Jugband covers in our own particular way.
AllStars and The Velvettes for ?75 for my school dance at another gig we attended.I also knew his late mum and brothers Rod and Stan as we were from Bramhall, Stockport.
THE ONE WITHOUT ANY BRIBE INVOLVED?????So I always though it was double standards, it’s a music biz thing, we all know it goes on. The London Underground emerged and The Beatles observed the happenings, they then took it on and wore the hippy mantle and began to concentrate on albums and new sounds and so did the Stones. Brown Derby Club, Jack Straws Castle, Crawdaddy, Les Cousins, Maria Grey Training School, Winning Post and various pubs and clubs, also some folky clubs. Caving Club because they needed ambulances to take away the broken limbed loons and exhausted dancers.
Tomorrow, Stones, Dylan &The Band, The Kinks, The Lovin`Spoonful and the Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band. Lost In The Sound proudly presents Big Big Plans, a pop punk band hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Lost In The Sound proudly presents Looking For Alaska, an indie rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Read more for a band biography, contact links, and a free download of their debut EP Everything We All Wish We Could Be. Forming in the early months of 2009, Looking For Alaska is an indie rock band that planned to break the mold in the Memphis, TN music scene. Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures will be producing the video to be shot this Thursday beginning at 10 a.m.

In addition to needing doubles for the band, they are also seeking a middle-aged man with gray hair to play a sinister mastermind-type role. In the late 1960s six high school girls created a rock band simply because they felt like it. With determination and youth on their side, the girls listened to their 45's over and over and learned to play the music by ear.
Traveling up and down the West coast of Michigan, the 6 Pak played in a number of teenage dance clubs. So at retirement age, my mom and her friends are in a rock band, showing that you're never too old to follow your dreams. Many of you will remember their classic single Granny Takes A Trip, the anthem of the UFO club in Tottenham Court Road back in 1967. There was a strong songwriting ethos in all the Jugbands and there would often be guest vocalists and the standard of playing was very high. In the 1960’ s there was a jugband revival and I got to learn and hear it ‘live’ then, revival bands included Jug Trust, Panama Ltd and the Jim Kweskin Jugband who regularly appeared alongside West Coast psych bands at the Fillmore Auditorium and Family Dog events at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. Inside it was kitted out with thick foam to sleep on, the two smallest used to have to sleep between the wheel arches.
The shop owners were delighted with the single and Nigel Weymouth ended up designing our poster.
There again Transatlantic Records should have re-signed or rebuilt us as a song writing reformed band, why didn’t they????
I also did some solo folky gigs and then went to art college in Manchester where I was on the same course year as Mick Hucknell!!
Gerry Robinson is a Creative Director for a Macclesfield Medical Exhibitions Firm and Ank Langley has gone back to Stockport College as a Senior Lecturer in Graphics etc. The young band has already released an EP in early 2010 and are currently at work on a new full length that will be out later this year.
The band is composed of Eric Thomas Reavey on vocals and guitar, Kevin Shishko on drums, Derek Parker on guitar, and JP Florio on bass and vocals. Surrounded mostly by metal bands, Looking For Alaska began playing their brand of unique and accessible indie rock around the Memphis area.

While peers were participating in cheerleading, these girls were singing their hearts out to rock songs like "Mony Mony" and "Gimme Some Lovin.'" At one point, they even opened up for Louis Armstrong. Then lots of American came to London (away from the Vietnam war atmosphere?) bringing news of Haight Ashbury, LSD and Lightshows. The band’s debut EP, energetic and fun, hints at an extremely bright future for the band.
After going through several member changes, the band is finally at a state of stability and readiness to take on the world with their music. One chose the drums because she had received a pair of old drumsticks from her neighbor; another girl chose the bass guitar, well, because that's what was left. Quite often we were parked in Chelsea Regents Park and Hyde Park in London and we used to have to queue at public baths for a shower. Then Pink Floyd started at the London Free School and Joe Boyd and Hoppy started to get things moving. Since then, the band has been hard at work on a new full length that is set to come out in the next few months titledEverything You’re Hiding.
Including members Chad Turner (Vocals), Calvin Lauber (Lead Guitar), Joshua Cannon (Rhythm Guitar), Garrett Galtelli (Bass), and Chris Chamoun (Drums), the band mates and best friends have played all over TN and surrounding areas trying to make an impact on anyone willing to listen.
While they are made up of 3 college students and a high school junior, they are still hard at work currently writing more material to be released after the LP and also playing as many shows as possible. Working with the non-profit organization Smith 7, Looking For Alaska has helped raise money for poor and needy families all over Memphis. Since then the band has already recorded two new self-recorded and produced demos and is writing their future full length album. With plans to tour as much as possible, Looking For Alaska hopes to reach out to anyone finding themselves in situations where all they need is a little hope to hold on to.

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