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I took the liberty to research Albert Haynesworth specifically to find out if he had a black mom that worked her butt off to make sure her family had food, clothes, education and a home regardless of their economic status. Apparently an Asian psychologist by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa thinks he has come up with the answer. Kanazawa’s conclusions quite honestly were more disgusting and more damaging than the statements and actions we as black women receive from some black men.
If we support each other and present our positive voices and accomplishments to America and the world, we can reduce negative and encourage positive images.
For more work by this talented writer visit the following site; “Mo Better” Inspiration by Sheila. The black man versus black woman issue stems from the degrading processes applied during the U.S.
You can plainly see the craziness of the current society in AMERIKKKA: Most black folk cebrate Black history month (February), I ask why? We have the OLDEST history in the WORLD and yet we have allowed someone else to define our history for us, They give out 1 “month” (28 Days) and our whole history is supposed to fit in this time frame! As the author of the post in discussion, I was prompted to write this article because in the weeks prior, there had been several high profile situations were black women (not girls)were publicly offended by black men (not boys) followed by the Psychology Today article,which really took it over the top for me. I truly believe people should love who they love, but as I clearly articulated in the article, a black man’s choice to be with non black women does not mean that he has to degrade black women such as Handsomeblackcow(boy)did in his post. Lei, I do understand your feelings and if you would send me your email, I would include you on my monthly newsletter distribution of Mo Better Inspiration by Sheila that has inspired hundreds of women in the areas of career, business, relationships, health and spirituality. As a black man I do believe black women should fight back but to really fight back is to stop the negative stereo types that a LOT of black women feed into.
GTINGive Ocho a break , if he isnt interested in dating black women why would he want them on his reality DATING show? Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Additionally, this type of labeling lowers the self-esteem of young black girls who often struggle with their image due to constant reminders from media that the perception of true beauty is the 3% of white women and girls they see on TV, movies, print, and online. We should not argue with someone about their preference, but we can denounce and boycott anyone who degrades black women because of their own ignorance.
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I researched Haynesworth not to stereotype, but to show how stupid he was to make a statement about his dislike for a race of women which includes his mother, who was a key figure in raising him to be an outstanding athletic. In fact, black women are so unique they come in 31 flavors, so why in the world would anyone just want vanilla? Black women need to reject the stupid reality show characters like NeNe and those ignorant low hip hop women. Over and above the content of the recent blog post, which just so happens to be race-related, this is an act of abuse and irresponsibility.
The producers were even a bit blown away by his actions and protested when he suggested the pre-selected black women be replaced with Caucasian and Hispanic women.
I am appalled a publication of this distinction would even allow an unfounded article which lacks competent proof to support the findings and makes a generalization about groups of women based on what appears as a personal opinion to be published. In researching mutation loads, I found no evidence to suggest his statement has any validity from a physical prospective, but medically lower levels of mutation may produce diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia which is prevalent in African Americans and more recently a growing number of Hispanics.
I mean we need to speak out loudly against all the negative media, research and opinions about who we are and how we look. Albert’s mom worked as a seamstress in a factory, machinist and truck driver to support the family and provide a good home for them after her divorce from his dad, which is not an unfamiliar story among single mothers  of many black athletes. They managed to talk him into placing two obviously token black women who were later booted.
This is taking me back to black people have tails and the Mandingo myth about the size of a black man’s penis.
We should use our voices to sing positive songs of praise about our sisters and their struggle. If black women start acting like ladies and not like men this would be a start in reversing this mess. Most interesting in the article is when a teacher suggested six year old Albert may need medication to suppress his behavior in class, his mom developed her own remarkable routine of getting him up every morning at 6:00 am and running him around the house to reduce his excitement, which she reported to be successful in calming Albert in class. To his credit, unlike Albert (to date), Chad did make a public statement, “As a kid growing up, I developed a strong sense of self-worth from the incredible women in my life, all of whom were black. Instead of imitating black women on shows like Basketball Wives and Housewives of Atlanta, we should contact the producers and ask them to present more positive images of black women and relationships with black men or we will boycott watching these shows which rank tops among black TV viewing audiences. Kanazawa’s rantings were purely editorial, coupled with rather primitive statistics and presented as credible.

Actually Albert, the word is black women, not girls, and we are not upset because you have a white girlfriend or even that white women are your preference. I consider this an honorable action as surely his mom must have been tired from working long hours, but placed her son first, which quite possible was the impetus for him developing his talent for the NFL.
While there is some evidence to support that African Americans, particularly younger black men have higher testosterone levels, Kanazawa provides no scientific evidence to support that black women are less attractive than non-black women because of testosterone. A black male told me the reason he does not like Housewives of Atlanta is all the other Housewives shows portray white women in positive relationships with husbands that have successful careers and businesses and the Atlanta program only show black women in successful relationships with gay black men. We are upset because you and others like you make dumb statements that degrade black women to support your preference.
The fact that Albert would make such a blatant statement about black women is a direct insult to the person who not only paved the way for his success, but gave birth to him. Also important to note, he makes a suggestion that black men are less intelligent, though more attractive than men of other races.
Black women should demand organizations like the NFL and NBA publicly denounce the derogatory statements these athletics make against black women. Unfortunately, he and other black men like him don’t understand that negative actions and statements about black women does not separate his mom. In his research, black men get all the props (par intelligence) and sisters are the lowest form of human beauty. Again, the anger was not about his preference, it was about a black man refusing to want beautiful black women included in his reality show. These organizations should provide life skill classes to help reduce the often public disregard of women by a growing number athletics for their verbal and domestic abuse.
Are we not worthy of an “Ultimate Catch” or is this an option strictly reserved for non-black women?

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