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Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested Sunday in Miami on charges of criminal mischief after allegedly "going to a neighbor's house inebriated and causing a commotion," the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
This isn't the best look for Bryant, a three-year veteran of the Raiders and a Harvard graduate, who will become an unrestricted free agent March 12. Bleacher Report's Matt King mocked Bryant, comparing his mug shot to an unflattering screen capture of "Honey Boo Boo" star June "Mama" Shannon.
Earlier it had been mistakenly reported that Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant had been arrested, Bleacher Report noted. Beautiful young loving couple sitting together on the couch while man embracing his girlfriend and smiling. We should all know by now the issues the USC Song Girls have had when it comes to cheering for the right team.

It was pretty funny last year in the Rose Bowl when a USC Song Girl cheered when Vince Young scored his two point conversion. You would think that they would have taken enough flack from it last year to learn their lesson. We learned about the 2006-2007 Texas Pom Squad yesterday and today I give you proof that Longhorn cheerleaders are more than just good looks, they’re intelligent and amusing as well. Great video feature from Longhorn Network on Texas deep snapper (and ex-Green Beret) Nate Boyer. Don't miss breaking news or another story from your favorite Longhorns fan site, subscribe to our RSS(?) feed!
BurntOrngeChick says Why is it that every time the UT basketball falters (I use that loosely), it’s the fans fault?

When it comes to soccer, it seems like the players significant others are drop dead gorgeous. With Kanye's rants seemingly done for now it's Kim's turn to try and gain top trending status on social media. American Pie taught us about band camp, I wonder why no film has given us a peek into what I’m sure is the purely educational world of cheerleading camps. I know she would never admit to having bottock augmentation and evades any discussion of plastic surgery.

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