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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After being dumped by Cordelia Chase on Valentine's Day, Xander Harris turns to witchcraft to exact his own form of vengeance.
On Valentine's Day, Cordelia finds herself ignored and rejected from her posse, mostly because she is dating Xander.
The next day, Xander finds himself reaching a new level of low as far as high school hierarchy goes. The plan doesn't work - Buffy soon arrives in a leather trench coat, continuing to seduce Xander. Xander regretfully leaves, only to find Cordelia beaten up by Harmony and a bunch of girls in the corridor, who believes that she has done a grave mistake by letting Xander go. Just as the dangerous mob advances towards them, Giles and Amy manage to reverse her spells, and everybody was soon cured from the thrall. Oz's band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, performs on-stage for the first time since "Inca Mummy Girl".
The song which Dingoes Ate My Baby played, "Pain", can also be heard performed in Buffy's house in "Dead Man's Party". Amy Madison, who first appeared in season one's "Witch", will have a bigger role to play in season six. Xander demonstrates very mild carpentry skills for the first time, when he boards up the door of Buffy's basement to keep the rabid girls away.
This episode marks the first use of the term "Big Bad" in the quote "the big bad thing in the dark". Jenny makes two attempts to apologize and make up with Giles after the events in "Innocence". Amy will once again cast the Rat Transformation Spell to turn herself into a rat to escape in "Gingerbread". The scene in which Xander and Cordelia are lying on the floor, attacked by the crazy mob, is part of a flashback scene in "Him". After Xander sees the spell had no affect on Cordelia and enters the library to find Buffy flirting with him for the first time, he seems quite content to forget about Cordy and pursue Buffy, showing that she is his first choice and foreshadowing his break-up with Cordelia in Season Three. We first saw Cordelia and Joyce meet in 'School Hard' and here we see they have been introduced as Joyce greets her by name.
Amongst the female mob pursuing Xander and Cordelia is the Sunnydale High lunch lady who will recur in "I Only Have Eyes for You" and play a much larger role in "Earshot". Despite Cordelia's previously stated desire to keep her relationship with Xander secret, she has fully revealed it by the beginning of this episode as her posse and everyone else in school knows.
While Spike is clearly still injured from his ordeal in the church, he is starting to heal as shown in the fact that he seems stronger and the burns on his face have started to heal to the point that they are much less prominent.
When Xander and Cordelia flee Sunnydale High, it is a bright afternoon (or possibly even morning). In the scene where Amy bewitches her teacher, the name of author "Samuel Clemens" on the blackboard is misspelled as "Samuel Clemmens". Although the library doors could be barricaded in earlier (and later?) episodes Xander fails to isolate himself in this way; the doors suddenly swing both ways. Valentines Day during 1998 occurred on a Saturday, but this episode takes place on a school day, and the morning after valentines day should be a Sunday. Tamara Braun, who plays one of the frenzied girls in this episode, appeared as the vampire Tara in an earlier season two episode, When She Was Bad. In the October 1, 1999 issue of Entertainment Weekly, producer Gareth Davies states this as his favorite episode. Furthermore, Nicholas Brendon also claims this as one of his favorite episodes, and found it hard not to laugh while filming the seduction scenes. The unofficial Buffy guidebook Dusted claims that "Buffy crushes the competition by doing fantasy standards better than anything else on Earth." The background score was also praised in the short review. See how Austinites are finding sustainable living solutions to modern problems on The Austin Modern Home Tour.
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Join us on Sunday, February 19, 2012, in Austin, Texas, for the Live Strong Austin Marathon and Half Marathon! The Austin Children's Shelter’s annual “New Wave Ball,” an over-the-top 80s dance party.
Xander shows Buffy the heart-shaped locket that he has bought for Cordelia as a Valentine's gift.

Meanwhile, in American Literature Class, Xander witnesses Amy Madison (who appeared prominently in season one's "The Witch" as the daughter of a psychopathic witch) bewitching Ms. She seems half-heartedly pleased, that is, until, Angel gives her his gift: a warm, freshly torn-out heart, which he found "in a quaint little shop-girl". He quickly confronts Amy about his knowledge of her magic and then proceeds to blackmail her into casting a love spell for him.
Willow expresses a desire for them to sleep together, attempting to seduce Xander based on their long history as friends. Even so, he decides not to take advantage of the situation, and politely asks Buffy to back off.
A bewildered Joyce tells Cordelia to get some Band-Aids to tend to their wounds, but as soon as she is gone, starts to flirt with Xander too. Buffy thanks Xander for not taking advantage of her while she was under the thrall, and tells him that he needs to apologize to Willow. However, the term would later be shortened to "Big Bad" in the Season 3 episode "Gingerbread".
This persona is further developed during season six, from "Bargaining, Part One" to "Wrecked" and "Seeing Red" to "Grave". Xander refers to the events as "good times", even though he clearly expresses it now as a nightmare. The title of the episode comes from the Frank Sinatra song "Bewitched", written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Unless there is a time jump to Monday morning following Cordelia breaking up with Xander, this is a goof on the writers' part. In the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sarah's character awakens to find the same message written on her mirror written in lipstick.
This is possibly tied to the women who follow Xander like sheep, and Cordelia's line to Harmony at the end of the episode, but it is more than likely just another band sticker. Joss Whedon is an avowed X-Men fan, citing Kitty Pryde as inspiration for the Buffy character, as well as writing a 24-issue run for Astonishing X-Men in 2008. Take a look at this calendar of events and you're sure to fall under Cupid's spell! Women and men everywhere are encouraged to wear red to raise awareness that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and to make a donation to support the cause. Ticket holders will be able to explore homes that celebrate modern lifestyles while meeting the lead architects and designers. The race starts and finishes in downtown Austin and you'll get a perfect tour of our beautiful city.
The event is for anyone who loves the music, fashion and fads inspired by this totally awesome decade. She is the owner and broker of West Austin Properties and has been selling real estate in the Austin area since 1979.
Spike angrily tells Angel to focus more on the Slayer, to which Drusilla tells him not to worry. Amy reminds him that love spells has to be pure, but Xander simply tells her that the love spell is only for vengeance, but pure hateful vengeance. Meanwhile, Giles and Buffy are researching more on Angelus' Valentine traits, per her request, when Xander enters. Just as they think they're safe, they are confronted by an army of Sunnydale ladies, led by an axe-wielding, grief-stricken Willow, with the "if I can't have you, nobody can" reason in mind.
Cordelia is back with her snobby posse, but this time, after they humiliate Xander again, she dumps them, and proceed to walk arm-in-arm with Xander, rekindling their relationship. This phrase will be used repeatedly throughout the series to describe the major villains, especially those involved in a season's main conflict. Obviously, Xander has grown and come to realize that not everybody gets to be chased around frantically by a wild bunch of love-crazed women. We were like 'We have to think of something that will turn Sarah into a rat for four days'". The series wasn't shown for another year, and only started to be broadcast again after a lot of complaints from bitter fans. It is also shown in "Becoming Part II" on a locker behind Buffy and again during the season 4 finale "Restless" in Xander's dream inside the ice cream van and on a locker. The tomb can be seen again throughout the series, in Killed by Death, Becoming, Part One, The Zeppo, Something Blue, Superstar, Real Me and Grave. And here I am scrambling for your approval when I'm way cooler than you are because I'm not a sheep.
From floating living roofs and electric car charge hook ups to dream worthy kitchens and baths, these homes are sure to amaze and inspire!
The party includes a “gnarly” costume contest with local celebrity judges, music, live auction and raffle.
Just then, a vampire rises from the ground, which Buffy disposes of quickly, before telling him that slaying is a little bit more dangerous than dating, which prompts Xander to remind her that she is not dating Cordelia.
After the class ends, Xander tells Willow and Buffy what he saw, to which they grow concerned, seeing how Amy's mother turned out.

She opens it curiously, only to find the contents of the box is a dozen of red roses with the word "Soon" written menacingly on a piece of card. To complete the love spell though, Xander needs something that belongs to Cordelia, so he quickly asks her for the necklace back.
Having had enough, Xander quickly scampers off back to school, where he finds himself the new James Bond of Sunnydale High.
But the Harmony gang soon catches up with them, and Xander and Cordelia manage to escape during all the mayhem. Perhaps this is what caused the spell to backfire, making all females in Sunnydale falling in love with Xander but urging them to hunt him too. David’s Healthcare, will mark National Wear Red Day with a celebration at Barton Creek Square.
Surprisingly, Buffy starts to flirt with a thoroughly confused, but at the same time, eager, Xander. Giles and Jenny return- - and while Jenny and Amy glare at each other, the two men try to capture the Buffy-rat. Back in the library, Giles enlists Amy and Jenny's help to reverse the spell, but neither of them want to do anything other than chase after Xander.
But soon Angelus comes and pulls Xander out through the open window, intending to kill him as a Valentine's Day present to Buffy however just before he can, he is blindsided. The Flea features all local handmade items and vintage wares from some of Austin's most amazing and talented vendors. Giles soon arrives to talk to Buffy, but the conversation turns awkward when Jenny runs into them after finishing a class. Jenny manages to flee for Xander, but Amy begins to see reason, and aids Giles in the rescue.
Xander initially thinks Buffy has arrived, but his savior is actually Drusilla who has also fallen under the love spell. David’s, makeovers provided by Macy’s, a red dress display, and the running of the “Red Dress Dash,” a relay race of red-donned participants looking to “dash” the myths about women and heart disease.
Jenny tells Giles that she needs to speak to him personally, but Giles uncertainly brushes her off, and brings Buffy to the library.
Xander approaches a sad Cordelia, presenting her with her Valentine's gift and telling her that it may be just teenage hormones that's driving their relationship, or it may be more than that. She tells Xander that the spell didn't work, but soon starts to seduce Xander too, much in the same manner as Buffy did. Giles seems disbelieving at first, until Jenny arrives to talk to him - but starts to fondle Xander's muscles. Meanwhile, Oz looks for Buffy-rat in the basement, as she (or rather, it) approaches a mousetrap.
Angelus is confused as to why she saved him, but Dru tells her sire that she's finally found a real man.
He warns Buffy that Angel has a long past of committing hideous and bloody acts during Valentine's Day. Cordelia is at first impressed and joyful with the gift, but quickly tells Xander that she wants to break up, because "we don't fit".
Xander then realizes that the spell has gone awry—especially when one of the Cordettes appear to be hitting on him.
A frustrated Giles leaves the library with an unwilling Jenny to look for answers, asking Xander to barricade himself. Oz tells Xander that Willow had been completely saddened when Xander rejected her earlier that day.
Drusilla then announces her intention to turn Xander into a vampire so they can be together forever. Although he refuses to go into the details, he advises her not to continue patrolling until after things cool down.
Giles angrily tells Xander to go home before he does any more damage, and asks Oz to help him look for Buffy-rat. Willow is about to cut Xander's head off, but is stopped by Cordelia and the two flee into the house and attempt to block the front door.
Drusilla knocks the back door off its hinges, allowing more women to enter while Drusilla is unable to as she has never been invited. Xander and Cordelia have to run again when Joyce arrives with a knife to kill Xander to stop anyone else from having him, and they take refuge in the basement, where Xander inadvertently reveals that the spell was for Cordelia, which seemingly thaws her icy heart.
Just then, the women punch a hole through the basement door, and they are trapped in the very place which began their relationship (see "What's My Line, Part Two").

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