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The Crafting Chicks started as a group of friends that wanted to share fun crafty ideas with each other. Becky graduated from Utah State University in Public Relations and Human Resource Management and loved working in the field until her first daughter was born.
Nikkala loves to plan parties, research future purchases, read books and magazines, figure out class schedules and untie knots! Two Chicks Conspiracy is two Renaissance women bringing together imagination, desire, and practicality to create functional art. Afterwards we said goodbye and washed our hands properly using what we learnt during healthy school week.
We hatched out the chicks in an incubator and after they’d spent a night in the brooder getting used to walking and doing other chicken things, we decided to introduce them to their new Momma.

Mokey made cute little Momma sounds at them that sounded like the chicken equivalent of purring. I also managed to steal away some of the babies for a quick photo shoot.  Some of them were completely freaked out and peeped the whole time, others just stood there and stared around in a daze.
We’ve had a lot of friends and followers join us along the way, and we are excited and amazed at the growth and support we’ve had! She married a boy from Vegas-(her USU sweetheart)-GO AGGIES!A  Jamie graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and then taught 1st grade for 3 years.
Her creative and analytical sides are in a constant battle and the results are very practical projects. We love sharing our crafts, recipes, and other fun tips and ideas to help inspire you to CREATE your life!

This is a place to explore the goings-on of our urban art farm, where we are over run daily by projects, weeds, and chicken poop. I’m trying to think of a name that has something to do with racing, since they look like little racing stripes. She has also taken classes in floral arranging, cooking, cake decorating, graphic and interior design.

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