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I’ve never thought much of Victoria Justice’s singing (as I only knew her from Zoey 101), but I have to admit the girl can sing! Teaming up with Max and Kurt Schneider, together, they sing a mash-up of Bruno Mars’ hit singles in a video that looks like it was all shot in one take. While I’m probably past my prime for Nickelodeon shows, I do have to say that their rendition is quite awesome. I don't know if I've seen this before or not but I love when my blog is linked to in articles. THE BEAUTY QUEENTanya Burr, 24, has a popular YouTube beauty vlog (video blog), which has led to her own lipstick and nail-polish range in Superdrug. THE PERSONAL SHOPPERZoe a€?Zoellaa€™ Sugg, 24, from Brighton, is best known for her perky fashion and shopping vlogs.
THE BIG SISTERLouise Pentland, 25, started vlogging in 2010 doing a€?mainly beauty stuffa€™ on her Sprinkle of Glitter channel, and has since cornered the market in teen advice. THE PRANKSTERCaspar Lee, 20, is originally from Knysna, a small town in South Africa, where he started off doing a€?weird character videos in my bedroom, as I was too scared to be myselfa€™. THE RISING STARCherry Wallis, 24, from Birmingham, started vlogging a€?properlya€™ last year and is already one to watch.
Works with Google (on a video about internet safety) and Kellogga€™s Krave cereal.Best perks a€?I tweet about Lush because I love them a€“ now they send me loads of stuff!a€™ Future plans Having shelved ambitions to become a teacher, shea€™s launching a music career. THE FUNNY GIRLLilly a€?Superwomana€™ Singh, 25, from Toronto, is widely considered the funniest female YouTuber.
Works with a€?Only brands I think are coola€™, including Bobbi Brown and BBC Asian Network.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When she isn't writing, shooting videos or interviewing people, she can be found alone at the movie theater. The former make-up counter girl (she worked for Laura Mercier and Clinique in department stores) is also being pursued by premium brands a€“ Chanel, Dior and YSL regularly send her freebies hoping theya€™ll appear in her a€?Get Ready With Mea€™ make-up tutorials or Instagram feed. Hugely popular with his mainly female fanbase, these often involve PG-rated nudity and include stunts such as chest waxing and an a€?Eggs to the facea€™ quiz, in which he and fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes (both shirtless) smash eggs on each othera€™s heads when they get an answer wrong. If MTV or Comedy Central offered me something, I wouldna€™t say no.a€™He says a€?If my viewers want to have a crush on me, thata€™s fine.
Hugely popular are her a€?Shopping Haula€™ videos, in which she rummages through that daya€™s purchases, explaining why she loves each item (a different high-street shop is featured each time). Since graduating in 2009 with a degree in psychology, Norwich-born Jim struggled to find his calling, working for an insurance company and various retailers before YouTube stardom beckoned. As his following grew, so did his confidence a€“ and Caspar is now best known for his pranks, comedy sketches and interviews with fellow YouTubers. Her first video, where she drank a mixture of Coke and milk, a€?accidentally went virala€™, racking up over a million views. Fans love her comedy sketch vlogs a€“ such as a€?Shopping with parentsa€™ and a€?Why I dona€™t go to the doctora€™sa€™ a€“ often including hilarious impressions of her Punjabi parents. A fan of street style, shea€™d love to work with Adidas.She says a€?The best thing about DigiFest is performing live and getting to meet the fans. Marcusa€™s parents were dubious about him quitting his career as a software entrepreneur for YouTube stardom.

Since ditching her job assisting an interior designer to become a full-time YouTuber, Zoe has worked with Topshop (on a a€?Win with Zoellaa€™ giveaway) and Lil-lets (interviewing Fearne Cotton about mood swings, boys and make-up). As well as dispensing advice (one of his most-watched videos is a€?Guysa€™ Advice for Girlsa€™), Jim is often roped into larky challenges with other YouTubers. Less perky than the average YouTuber, Cherrya€™s appeal is her Emo style and deadpan delivery.
Unusually for a YouTuber, she is married (to Matthew, 30, a teacher) and has a daughter, Darcy, three. The teetotal former art and design student a€“ who lives with her parents a€“ uses green-screen technology to create sketches where she plays two characters.
Thata€™s not what YouTube is about.a€™Best perks Trips to America, Canada for Digifest US and Dubai.
Being Zoea€™s kid brother gave him a leg-up to YouTube success, but ita€™s his celebrity impressions that have won his fansa€™ hearts (his Captain Jack Sparrow is seriously good). Jima€™s style has been spotted by mena€™s fashion brands and magazines a€“ GQ profiled him in March and Topman invited him to its London Fashion Week show. The media studies graduatea€™s antics caught Simon Cowella€™s eye, and gained him an invitation to the mogula€™s Los Angeles home, where they discussed Sycoa€™s digital project YouGeneration and shared a€?this weird ginger drink he was really intoa€™.

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