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The internet has had a pretty bad rap when it comes to safety and, in some cases, deservedly so. Dont reveal where you live in London until you are absolutely sure the person is trustworthy. To overcome you having to meet one to one why not invite them to a group event in London, for example a new2london meetup? 7) Never go back to someones house who you have just metYou may think they seem nice and can be trusted, but you cant always be sure of a persons qualities straight away. If you are not 100% sure someone is genuine before you meet a new friend in London why not call them on the phone first at least that way you are not wasting your time. But in the end, we think that kids will make all kinds of new pals just by playing this game.
If your children are reading, then make copies of this bingo board and give each child a crayon.  Bring the boards to a park play date before school begins, and let them at it.
If you've got little ones who are not yet reading, this is a great game to play alongside of them.
Get the latest advice, tips, and resources on helping your child read at every age and every stage. What makes your family stand out from the flock?Tell us for a chance to win a trip to Kennedy Space Center!

Communications can be sent to the other side of the world in an instant, information on just about anything is readily available and shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home. Trusting your instincts is important: if youre not sure about a certain situation then you dont have to get involved.
Awesome!Even better is that the internet has also changed the way people meet new friends in London. Someone who presents themselves as a perky 23-year old named Cindy could actually be a 50-year old called Steve.
A genuine person interested in friendship will be happy to wait until you feel comfortable enough to meet. If casual sex meetings arent what you are looking for, avoid people who insist on the first meeting being at their home. 10 years ago, websites like new2london were few and far between but now you have access to a whole network of potential new friends who, just like yourself, are new to London. However, the internet has also produced long-lasting friendships, business partnerships and even marriages.
Tell a friend or family member that you are meeting someone for the first time and let them know where you are going and what time you expect to be home. Generally speaking, a person who pushes for a quick meeting - often on the day you start chatting - is likely looking for sex.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people online are genuine and, especially on sites like new2London, they are looking to meet new people. Likewise, if youre having a great time and getting on well, embrace it and let it flourish. If you are having a great time and want to stay out longer, let a friend or family member know so they dont worry. Youll work out as you get to know someone if they are genuine and whether its friendship, romance or just sex theyre looking for.9) Dont reveal your personal email address or Facebook Never just hand out your email or facebook details. Always use sites like new2london that safeguard your identity when messaging new friends in London.
To be confident that the person you are getting to know is genuine, first spend time chatting on the online or by email.

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