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So in today's episode (which came late, since we didn't get one last week) we got to see Discord get all envious of Fluttershy because she's made a new friend, Tree Hugger. Fluttershy assume Celestia had send him a ticket (which turned out to be true afterall abliet late) thus she doesn't need her to be her +1 guest.Sure it's true she knew Discord longer than Treehugger but she mention that she first met her when she was invited to see the Breezie in that episode when Discord was "ill".
Pinkie Pie literally broke the 4th wall (he want ALL of the cakes!), that MGS reference, Maud "burn" Discord joke, Discord being that comedian and the melon and that demension!! While I didn't watched MLP G1 when I was little to get the whole Smooze reference but I did seen clip of it so I was kind of expecting more reference to it than the name and character alone like an updated version of the Smooze song and the method on how they got rid of it (it wasn't vocal, it took a whole fleet of Pegasus to conjeur a might windstorm to drive it back!). I also find one aspect of the lesson (it isn't the whole getting jealous) to be far more relatable for me as in you have certain friends for certain stuff like e.g. Still I guess I can get why some people would be pissed in similar situation (like the OP mention the Universal Studio) like my mate was pissed at her sister for not taken her to US and took her boyfriend instead. Will next episode feature an Azteca horse named Carlos who tries to loveably mooch bits of jewellery and knickknacks from the other ponies to buy brownies from Tree Hugger? I haven't laughed so hard while watching MLP since "Pinkie Pride." The jokes and references came so fast it made my head spin. Furthermore, Best Princess Celestia has her first appearance this season, and she was in rare form.
Discord spends most of his time working with the Princesses, so Fluttershy assumed that he'd be given a ticket of his own. Caramel Frappe:What made matters worse was how oblivious Fluttershy was towards Discord's jealousy.
Caramel Frappe:Of course he's going to be ticked you chose someone else over him for an event like this! Except that Discord and Fluttershy hang out every Tuesday, and like I said earlier, Fluttershy had a solid foundation to assume that he had been invited and would have an easy time getting an invitation if there'd been a clerical error (like the mail pony getting lost in his little plane of Oblivion). And frankly, the self-centered reaction of, "You have a new friend, you don't like me anymore!" is one FAR too many people have, even old adults who don't have the excuse of "I'm new to this friendship thing." And I'm glad for how Fluttershy handled it in the end. He's not big on secrets, I'd say, so with a weekly meeting with Fluttershy (About the only person that wants to hang out with him, apparently) he'd say that he's made friends with someone. In the end he was hurt because he likely didn't feel appreciated as a friend, never mind mutually appreciated because a person's only real friend is going to be immensely important, and highly appreciated. Basically everyone around him is utterly insensitive to the fact that he's basically unable to make friends on his own, and no one is helping him rectify that in any way, shape, or form.
It was almost more believable that when he was washing, and moping around the house he'd have a fairy godmother pop up, and rescue him. I see the need in him being a social outcast because he's easy to use in situations like this, but still, I don't like how they handled it.
While he learned that it's possible to have multiple friends, I hope he learned another valuable lesson. The episode was really reference heavy, but that seems common now for episodes featuring Discord, he seems like the Genie from Aladdin in that he has an excuse for directly referencing pop culture. Tree Hugger and the Smooze were entertaining enough, the hippies from the Rarity comic were amusing, and translating a similar character to the show was a nice one off, I don't see her taking off like Maud did in season 4, same with the Smooze, although I could see him coming back as an actual friend of Discord's that gets a cameo or mention in a future episode. Overall, I would put this as one of the better episodes of Season 5 so far, not a classic, and probably won't be my favorite of the season, but a solid episode that upholds the quality of the mid-tier episodes from previous seasons. Make New Friends but Keep Discord (spelled as Make New Friends But Keep Discord by some sources) is the seventh episode of the fifth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the ninety-eighth episode overall. Discord is upset by this news, having not received a ticket to the Gala himself, but he plays it off as he leaves the cottage.
At Sugarcube Corner, Discord learns that Pinkie Pie is going to the Gala with her sister Maud. Seeing Fluttershy and Tree Hugger at a ballroom table, Discord interrupts their conversation in an attempt to irritate Tree Hugger, but his attempt fails due to her mellow demeanor.
Discord continues trying to get Fluttershy's attention by doing a stand-up comedy routine, but it is poorly received. Discord takes this lesson to heart, returning the Smooze to normal size and apologizing to Tree Hugger for his actions. Discord: I've only got these tiny mismatched wings, and even I can fly better than Twilight Sparkle! Pinkie Pie: Hey, it's not a party until somepony spreads magic-resistant ooze uncontrollably over the ballroom!
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Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else. Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers. I enjoyed this episode from beginning to end and especially loved the references (Metal Gear Solid box in Pinkie Pie's house?
I got one mate who doesn't like The Venture Bros (don't ask me why) thus I have another friend to dicuss that series with (that is if only he is up to date with it).
She has a castle dammit and not some parent house that you place the important stuff in the locked parent bedroom! Maybe the idea was that she was just too non-confrontational to set Discord straight until the end, but if so, they didn't do a very good job of conveying it. I typically love episodes with Discord, simply because John De Lancie is an incredible voice actor and because the animators are essentially allowed to do whatever crazy thing they can think of with him around. After all, when Twilight wrote to Celestia saying that she couldn't take just one of her friends in season 1, Celestia just responded, "Why didn't you say so in the first place?" and sent enough tickets for her friends and even Spike. He made it perfectly clear he was very, VERY upset with the situation and yet Fluttershy continued having a blind eye.
Because of the exaggerated visual narrative style, there are plenty of cases in cartoons where a character will be behaving in a manner that seems obvious to us, but goes over the heads of the other characters. It's not as though their being on separate tickets meant they couldn't spend time together at the gala. She not only stood by her decision, but explained her perspective in a way Discord understood. He hasn't so its kinda safe to say he hasn't made progress.Really, I'd think that he'd tell her he met someone that wanted to be his pal. Going to a party just to get ignored because everyone else is paired up is likely to be a miserable experience, especially when there's a solid inability to make friends which is especially large with Discord as he's likely to lash out with rejection. Some people need that sort of thing, especially when no one is comfortable around them, and they're basically inept at socializing on top of that.For a friendship minded group of people, they're awful blind to the notion that people have trouble making friends, and need help with it. Twilight was Celestia's +1 apparently because Spike (Who'd love to go to the party, I'd imagine) was nowhere to be seen, and potentially not even invited. Someone a friend just met could shunt him aside in his social circle (Well, line, there's just one other person! It might be important to the meta of the series that he be socially isolated, but it's a shitty state of being for a person in real life to be so isolated.
Fluttershy inviting Discord to come along with her and Tree Hugger would have made sense, but it would have killed the impetus of the entire episode, it would be a lame episode without the conflict of Discord being really unsubtly jealous of the situation. The MGS reference was a surprise, especially how blatant it was, when I heard about it I assumed that it was just Discord hiding in a generic cardboard box and fans were reading too far into it, but no, lo and behold, he's in an MGS style cardboard box and even uses the MGS alert !
I'd put it somewhere around Feeling pinkie Keen quality wise, the plot leans on convenience to work, but the gags make up for the plots flimsiness.
Down the street, he notices Fluttershy walking with Tree Hugger and goes to introduce himself. So focused on making Fluttershy jealous, Discord is unable to keep the Smooze from causing havoc around the Gala; as it eats jewels off of Rarity and other guests' dresses, the Smooze slowly grows in size. Before long, the Smooze, now of immense size, escapes the room he was locked in and covers the Gala floor in slime. Twilight apologizes to Princess Celestia as well for the almost ruined Gala, but Celestia is in good spirits, revealing that she invited Discord to liven the Gala up. Stream cartoons My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S05E07 Episode Description : Make New Friends but Keep Discord. I don't know about you, but that strikes a cord (har har) with me simply because she knew Discord way longer than this new pony.
I was happy to see Discord and loved the jokes thrown in, but I didn't like how Fluttershy was in the wrong this episode, trying to make Discord feel bad.
Fluttershy knew that all he had to do was ask the Princesses, and they would have promptly given him a ticket. Not to mention that Discord was passive-aggressively lying to Fluttershy and the others in an attempt to get them to invite him along. If he had multiple friends it'd be kinda obvious?That said, who's going to take him to the big party, and who's going to go with him? Treat a person like a monster long enough, and they'll act like one.Even if he wasn't ignored, he'd be a third wheel, and that sucks, too.
I guess it only suits them when it's saving the world important, and not an every day thing.Geez, I mourn for his dating scene.

Discord eventually ditches the Smooze by locking it inside a room, unaware that the room holds a large collection of jewels and shiny valuables. The other guests break into a panic, and Twilight and Celestia are unable to bring the situation under control with their magic. As the Grand Galloping Gala nears, Discord is dismayed to learn that Fluttershy has already invited another friend, Tree Hugger, instead of him. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. Heck Tree Hugger was just introduced this episode and yet, Fluttershy was going to take Tree Hugger to this special occasion. I annoyed when my best mate can't meet up at the last minutes most of the time(I haven't seen him in person for a year) HOWEVER I understand that his job came first due to him living on his own and it's already bad for him to have alot less free time these days.
I was in favor of Fluttershy's response because many people resort to that sort of passive-aggressiveness, and it often doesn't register with the people it's used on. It's no secret that almost no one really trusts him, and most are uncomfortable with his presence.
Asking a person to go to a party stag can be cruel.If he had someone to go with as a friend he wouldn't have ended up using the poor slime for selfish ends. Come on, if Discord was her +1, it'd blow the minds of everyone, especially Discord himself. Maybe, but it would have either changed the lesson of the episode, or required more setup than would have been allowed in the allotted time. Fluttershy looks forward to introducing him to her new friend Tree Hugger—the mention of whom Discord becomes visibly bothered by—as well as the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala. At Carousel Boutique, Rarity makes Gala dresses for Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, who Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash have respectively invited as their plus-ones. Outside, a hapless mailpony floats through with a delivery for Discord: a ticket to the Gala that arrived late because the mailpony got lost along the way.
The sound of a trumpet announces the arrival of Discord and his guest: a green, slimy creature called the Smooze. Refusing to show his jealousy, Discord makes his own plans to go to the Gala, taking along his friend, the Smooze, a slime-like creature that grows by eating gems. Even then it's his company (he has to book time off in months advance which is hard since we meet up to watch films) that is to blame and not him.
I think this is probably one of the funniest episodes yet, and certainly one of my favorites of this season.
It's nearly cost him everything at least once.Because he's never likely mentioned it, Fluttershy has no reason to believe that anyone would invite him, go with him, or that he'd have anyone to go with, so she wants to go to one of the largest events with someone else, and leave him high, and dry.
When she mentions the Gala, Discord assumes that she is inviting him as her plus-one, but Fluttershy says she already invited Tree Hugger. Discord is thrilled that he was invited to the Gala after all and wonders who to bring as his guest. Fed up, Discord rips open a portal to another dimension, intending to banish Tree Hugger there, but Fluttershy angrily tells him to stop.
At the Gala, Discord again tries to get Fluttershy to talk to him over Tree Hugger, but finds attending to the Smooze to be distracting and stuffs it away in a closet filled with gems and gold.
I despise hippies, but as a one-off joke character, she was fairly funny - I just hope they don't bring her back, at least not frequently.
The third took the place of the second who was marrying the first who had set up an elaborate defense against the army of the third. He's been treated like a monster for so long it's hard to cope with friendship woes, and he has no one else to rely on, so of course hes going to react negatively.On top of that, his lack of friends was rubbed in his face with all the grace of sandpaper and salt with liberal focus on the eyes which blinded him with negative emotions. Discord accuses Fluttershy of abandoning him in favor of Tree Hugger, but Fluttershy argues that just because she didn't invite him to the Gala doesn't mean they aren't friends and that one can have different friends for different reasons. Celestia was awesome this episode: I have to say it was almost disconcerting to see her woop it up and get down to get up, as it were, but I enjoyed seeing a different side to her. He's going alone, or not going at all to a party revolving around pairing off in the best case scenario depending on how you view the choice. Also, all of the outfits people were wearing were extremely well-designed, as trivial as it might sound to compliment that.

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