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I know his ex-wife was demanding and required a big rock and then she cheated on him less than a year into the marriage…I get that making another investment like that must bring up bad memories, but I also want to feel excited and secure knowing that he wants to marry me. Chivalry is a nice concept that descends from a time before women made their own money, but still. Man tells you after two great years together that you have to buy him a $5000 flatscreen TV. Ultimately, it’s about having this conversation with your boyfriend, and instead of trying to negotiate for a ring, attempting to understand and validate HIS feelings about why he’s not feeling it. Listen, Kelly, despite the role reversal, believe it or not, I’m sympathetic to your dilemma.
So while it’s not “wrong” for you to want a diamond to wear that symbolizes your relationship, you have to look internally to figure out why you want it. By the way if he were writing me this letter – he tells me he’s worried that he has another golddigging wife on his hands – I would offer similar advice in reverse. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. The message that would get sent that I’m not important enough to sacrifice and save for a ring would personally be too painful for me to bear. Hi Lolita, why don’t you exchange $99 bands with your future husband when you get married?  That seems fair to me, and it neither party has a duty to the other that is based on gender alone.
That could be the case, but most couples I’ve met end up splitting the cost of the wedding because the wedding is for both him and her, while the engagement ring is more hers than his.
For what it is worth, it is sad that no one acknowledges what you stated in this post, but people will only focus on what they want. I try not to take sides, but I hope that you will continue to contribute to this blog, as you or maybe it was Stacy 1 that said, you know that sometimes your passion is mistaken for venom, but I don’t see it that way.
Adrian, you basically have to know diamonds to know what a good ring is, and you need to understand their pricing. I can understand wanting a ring for SENTIMENTAL reasons (much like a mother would like to receive flowers from her children), but in my opinion gifts such as these derive their value from the sentiments between the giver and the person receiving the gift, NOT what the sellers of the gifts say they are worth, and not what people outside of the relationship say they are worth or what they mean.
I can’t stand the whole wedding industry, because they have brainwashed to many people to focus on the first day of the marriage, instead of the marriage itself.
I am currently in the same situation with my girlfriend (we’ve been together a little over a year now).
Most women I’ve encountered, and it sounds like this is the case for you as well, display it in spades.
Solipsism is due to emotional immaturity, lack of introspection, and an inability to empathize.
How can you move on after your boyfriend’s family made some hurtful comments about you during a brief breakup? Should you be in your friend’s wedding party if you don’t think her fiance is good enough for her?

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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. We’re talking about a man spending a percentage of his yearly salary on a shiny trinket – a token that you are equating with how much he loves you. You slowly explain to him that you DO love him, you DO value him, you ARE excited about him, you’re NOT leaving him – that’s why you want to get married. It’s certainly not because you need proof that your boyfriend loves you; I’d guess it’s because you need external validation. I’d tell him not to judge you for wanting a ring and attempt to understand the meaning behind your insecurity, before arriving at a fair point where you feel he’s invested in your marriage and he doesn’t have to break the bank to “prove” it to you. If I ever did get married, I would insist that we get married at the courthouse to save money, and then have a budget reception in someone’s backyard afterward. Either no one gets anything ( aka no ring), either they both get engagement gifts for eachother. Ultimately I think a couple should discuss it together and whatever works for them is the right solution, but I’ve heard a lot of men complaining about having to buy the ring and I find that to be pointless. You have been married before, have you not gotten it out of your system yet and learned that a ring doesnt guarantee shit? Diamonds are graded on a variety of factors (clarity, color, carat weight) and you could buy wholesale price sheets called Rapaport guide to get a sense of wholesale prices.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. You’re both frugal divorcees in your mid-30’s – he, in particular, has a checkered history with golddiggers – and here you are, actually wondering out loud if his reticence to buy a ring is somehow emblematic of whether you’re “worth it”? There is a whole wedding industrial complex around convincing men to spring for jewelry and women to spring for dresses they’ll only wear once. But it doesn’t start until you’ve owned why you want a ring so bad and accepted he isn’t inherently wrong or selfish for not seeing eye to eye with you. 40 years later, they’re still married (although my Dad did eventually get my Mom a real ring, albeit a modest one). What makes the case of the engagement different from a flat screen TV is that, well, it IS different. I’ve always felt a nice watch of an equal economic value as the ring (in your case 5000$) would be a nice engagement gift for a guy. For the second wedding I think that doesn’t happen and this is why I think the engagement ring should probably not be that important either. Instead of trying to persuade someone to renounce an idea it would be much more easy to convince them to accept a new idea and start a new custom of engagement gift for men in the era of equality. My ex bought me a humongous ring (which i later sold and used for a downpayment lol) and turned out to be a horrible husband.

We both have done very well in our careers though she makes a bit more than me (~20K) but her position requires a bit of travel (while mine doesn’t) and more stress so kinda makes sense. Except men should make more money, pay for all the dates, and want to spend a disproportionate amount of his money compared to what she spends. And hell, I tell men that it’s in their best interests to be chivalrous and to pick up the check during the early phases of dating. And just as it’s not wrong” for you to desire a ring in a society that places a premium on such commodities, it’s not “wrong” for a frugal divorcee to want to minimize his costs for this largely symbolic gesture when there are far better things one can invest $5000 in – like an index fund for your retirement or a 529 plan for your future baby. This is because, like a lot of women, I view a ring as part of the overall commitment of marriage.
Reuse your first marriage ring (you did keep it, right ?) or just buy your own if that’s so important. Take a $3,000 ring from the mall to a dealer and you are lucky to get quoted $300 for it (I am not joking). We’re both reasonably frugal and have no desire to spend a fortune on a second wedding. And I’m left wondering: should the man have to buy an engagement ring if his girlfriend wants it, or should he tell her his budget and if she wants something beyond his means she can pay half?
Even if that means we have to wait a little bit longer to get it, and even if it’s a K-Mart special.
Also, regardless of quality, all small diamonds below 2ct (in one piece) are not worth much and will resell for a fraction of their appraisal, and at a steep discount to Rapaport.
As a grown man, it’s fascinating to see such a near consistent inability (or unwillingness) to genuinely apply the reverse-scenario that Evan suggests. He mentioned getting ring tattoos (not something I would do) and seemed surprised that I would want an engagement ring since I’m not that into jewelry or flash. When it comes to money, there’s this huge honking blind spot that I honestly can’t explain. Plus, $5,000 range rings are garbage anyway, they are not worth anything on resale, these are low quality diamonds.
Personally, I view almost every significant purchase as an investment and would never blow several thousand dollars on a mall ring, but that’s just me. Now I just keep coming back here for the entertainment value, contribute useful nuggets of perspective when I can, and to remind myself how lucky I am. He agreed to go looking, but I felt his reluctance and I’m dreading going now or bringing it up again.
After all, you’ve had a perfectly good relationship for all this time and you’re openly planning to get married and start a family.

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