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A nude selfie of Australian-born rapper and model Iggy Azalea that burst onto the internet yesterday via viral Twitter post is not, in fact, Iggy Azalea.
For good measure, the boyfriend of Iggy Azalea, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young, also denied that the male face that appears in the alleged Iggy Azalea nude selfie belonged to him.
And he later complained that the phony Iggy Azalea nude selfie controversy had reached his family — and upset his mother.
Of course, other than the absence of tattoos, it is not difficult to see why the young lady in the nude selfie could be mistaken for the actual Iggy Azalea, who is not averse to being out front with her posterior, albeit clad in workout leggings. Finally, yesterday the actual couple in the not-Iggy Azalea nude selfie stepped forward, at least on Twitter. Sua amada fica triste quando voce esquece de ligar e briga quando voce nao lembra do aniversario de namoro?
Dominique e uma tatuadora que resolveu tatuar seu namorado de um jeito diferente – ela gravou seu nome no sujeito usando nada mais nada menos que uma faca e, pior, enquanto ele ainda estava dormindo. Essa foi direto ao ponto – seu ex-namorado se recusou a fazer sexo com ela, entao “Tati” esfaqueou o penis do sujeito. Outra que concentrou sua raiva “la” – ela explodiu o penis do seu namorado com fogos de artificio.
Para comecar, na epoca do incidente, Kristina tinha 28 anos enquanto seu namorado William Herchenrider, no auge dos seus 77 anos, precisava de uma bengala para andar. Ela tinha 19 anos quando foi presa por invadir o casamento do seu ex namorado armada com uma navalha e um pe de cabra. 1-Onde exatamente esta escrito que alguem estava com vergonha de beijar a namorada em publico? 3- Por que deixar de beijar a namorada em publico, ou mesmo se recusar a fazer sexo com ela, seria uma atitude machista? Ver homens aqui comentando da atitude da namorada que deletou os personagens do jogo do namorado. Eu nao sou de jogar esse tipo de jogo… mas eu fiquei indignado com o que a louca fez! Esta cor de letra cinza dificulta a leitura , veja a possibilidade de alterarem a cor das letras .
Esses casos sao de arrasar, mas eu tenho minha propria estoria com uma louca que conheci na faculdade e acabei tendo um caso e um filho. De tudo isso so o que nao faz eu fazer uma besteira e meu filho, que hoje esta com 09 anos e e meu amigo e camarada, mas tive que brigar na justica para ver o garoto.
Todos estao criticando o Bruno,mas eu n critico,a mulher era ou e pilantra, deu o golpe da barriga e chantageava ele. Teve um cara com o penis explodido e alguns dizendo que o mais f… foi aquele que teve seus personagens deletados. Concordo com a Ana e a Rosangela: Que fique claro que a violencia contra a mulher e sempre em maior quantidade e gravidade (Nada que justifique o que as doidas ai fizeram). Cade a astronauta maluca que perseguiu o ex ate com fralda pra nao ter que interromper a maluquice? A que mais senti foi daquela Maluca que esplodio o penis do namorado com fogo de arteficio. Seria tudo muito comico se nao fosse tragico, a mente doentia das pessoas expoe em risco inocentes. Pelo menos a moca so escreveu o nome, ja pensou se ela resolve escrever o nome completo!!?Imaginem o q mais ela poderia cortar para caber as letras!!! Big Sean always has dope collaborations on his album, but he pulled out all the stops on Dark Sky Paradise…. A few days after Tyga stopped by The Breakfast Club, Chris Brown decided to pay a visit to the messy radio show…. Nowadays, its difficult for artists to make the music they want to make and be able to feed their family…. After postponing their highly anticipated Between the Sheets Tour, Chris Brown and Trey Songz have released a revised itinerary. Nippy was always into something — busy playing or watching her favorite performer, Michael Jackson, on TV. Was there a moment when you were watching her perform and realized there was something exceptional there? Well, I thought she was a very special kid from Jump Street, not just because she was mine. I blurted out what was in my head the moment I heard her voice: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Her voice had strength, passion and softness, and she could use every element of her range to tell a song’s story. Back in the studio, we recorded and produced songs like Take Good Care Of My Heart, If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful, Sweetest Sweetest, and two unreleased ones called Don’t Look Any Further and Someone For Me. These were turning into duets between temptation and forbidden love, and the studio sessions gave us what feel like stolen time together. I can’t remember what his exact words were in the back and forth that we had, but for a man with limited experience of this kind of thing, he had the wisdom of a sage.
Whitney and I spoke endlessly about our shared predicament and as much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait.
I don’t think anyone punched the air harder than I when the album “Whitney” became the biggest debut album ever, selling 16 million copies worldwide after its release in 1985. In fact, she saw more of Michael than of me backstage at one of his concerts in New York, and then again in 1988 when she was onstage with Quincy Jones to help present Michael with an honorary doctorate in humanities from Fisk University. In 1985, I received a phone call from someone close to Whitney, telling me that she was releasing her new single “Saving All My Love For You.” Like Michael, she expressed herself through song. But the friend revealed Jermaine was being less than honest — because he did not want to reveal the truth out of respect to Whitney while she was alive.

Whitney Houston the reigning princess of pop has her sights set on royal marriage of sorts. The increasingly media-savvy young singer also couldn’t resist the temptation of hinting that she and Michael were an item. Houston’s presence at the event could be explained by the fact that she was also a major contributor to the United Negro College Fund. After lunch, Jackson gave Houston and the rest of the party, a personal tour of the grounds, on horseback as though-the same pundit joked-he hoped to keep at least a horse-length buffer between himself and Houston. Houston said she first recognized the problems last year when tabloids reported – falsely that she had been hospitalized for an addiction to diet pills. Her awareness grew during the media frenzy over allegations that Jackson sexually molested a young boy. But this new-found friendship is a key element in The Taming of The Houston, Hollywood’s latest drama, brought to you exclusively by the Daily Mirror. Take Madonna – upset and exhausted after giving evidence against a crazed stalker sitting opposite her in a courtroom.
This could be all about money, but no one denies that Whitney’s had her fair share of stalkers.
Her movie The Bodyguard may have encouraged a few weirdoes – but not the one who claimed to have had three-in-a-bed sex with her or the other who was discovered with enough explosives to put Houston on the moon. For her part, Madonna was soon praising Whitney for keeping her tricky marriage going with singer Bobby Brown.
But Jackson so appreciated Whitney’s tight lipped discretion, that she won his never-ending loyalty. Then Whitters said she’d like to star in the Josephine Baker story, a role for which Miss Ross would kill. But at the recent Soul Train awards, Diana hugged Whitney for a full minute – in public. Whitney Houston has confirmed performances for both Friday, September 7, 2001 and Monday, September 10, 2001 at the all-star tribute in honor of Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden. Houston said that she was aware of his troubles over the years and even heard about his painkiller addiction at one point. That concert was the last time that Houston remembers seeing him, but she does note that the pair stayed in touch over the years via the phone. I have to tell you, I spent time with Michael laughing, crying, crying, laughing, singing, talking, or not talking (she laughs). Then she finishes by saying he would want her to tell the fans how much he loved him and he dedicated five decades of his life to entertainment. My friendship with Whitney started in 1985 when I was introduced to her by my best friend Michael Jackson. At the time, I was producing the American Cinema Awards in LA and as Michael and I were driving to Disneyland in his Rolls-Royce, I said I would love to have Whitney receive the Distinguished Achievement in Music Award. I produced eight shows with her, a number of them in aid of her Whitney Houston Foundation. When I met with her last year, it was to interview her for my film Michael Jackson: Life Of An Icon. I think she really wanted to marry him but, although he had a crush on her, he was too shy.
Matt Fiddes only worked for MJ for 2 days in 2002, everything he says about Michael is either based on things he heard in tabloids, embellished using interviews from people who did know MJ, or just completely made up. I can believe MJ and Whitney kissed or whatever – but Matt Fiddes knows nothing about any of that. I just thank you so much for gathering all of these wonderful stories of Michael and Whitney, and presenting them to everyone to read about. They often start as a single photo of one person; parts of the photo are then extracted or manipulated in Photoshop and made popular by Internet communities like Reddit. So even if the photo were the two of them, there’s no scandal here, except perhaps for some slightly inappropriate exhibitionism. Para sermos bem honestos, o cara, chamado Wayne Robinson, nao era nem namorado de Dominique, era apenas um “caso de uma noite so”.
Eles vivem em Newark e, no dia D, Tatiana ficou esperando seu ex, Ricardo Morias, sair da fabrica em que trabalhava. Para quem nunca jogou um MMORPG (jogo de RPG online) pode parecer pouco, mas quem conhece esse tipo de jogos deve imaginar a dor de ter seus personagens do nivel 80 completamente equipados deletados, depois de passar dias tentando evolui-los. Viciada em livros, le desde publicacoes sobre fisica a romances de menininha do estilo "Crepusculo".
We had periods back home and we had off days built in, which gave me time to continue my collaboration with Whitney Houston on her debut album. With each session, we were in each others eyes, almost cheek to cheek around the mic, selling the lyric, feeling the song – and the intense professional chemistry crossed over.
I arrived on those days with butterflies, because the whole experience of being around Whitney was intoxicating.
I was caught between the guilt of saying it out loud and respect for his position because he was, at this time, still a devout Jehovah’s Witness. I spoke of “one day” and “maybe.” Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both even if it was the right sensible option.
Two years later, her follow-up album turned her into the first female artist to have an album debut at number one. I saw newspaper photographs of them together in this moment and I observed the irony of them side by side.
When I watched the official music video, I soon realized that it was also autobiographical with its parallels-and coded message-to what we had recently shared in the studio together.
One reporter fell for the ploy and wrote, “Whitney seems to be trying very hard to get in good with Michael Jackson.

That the superstars’ relationship was less than romantic was suggested, however, when Jackson also extended the invitations to the entire production crew of the televised awards ceremony.
Michael told me they once shared a passionate kiss, and she told me she was at one time very much in love with him. If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse.
Robinson e Dominique encheram a cara e usaram varios tipos de drogas antes de ir para a casa dele. Revoltada com o namorado que passava noites na frente do computador em vez de estar com ela, a garota resolveu tomar uma atitude.
Voce nao considera isso tao ruim quanto a mulher ser obrigada a transar so por que o cara quer? O dito rapaz deve ter passado 8h por dia durante meses (no minimo 4 meses direto) pra ter deixado tantos personagens daquele jeito. Tem uma senhora que de saco cheio com o exposo por berber muito, em uma certa noite, tocou fogo no bebum. She walked over, we shook hands, and there was one of those recognitions that sends all sorts of wires sparking and fusing on the inside. We would spend a lot of time in the studio together, recording duets and in production, and soon enough, she was calling me Jackson, not Jermaine, setting the easy atmosphere in which we worked. Clive Davis was still building the hype about his protegee, throwing parties on both coasts and clearly wanting to ride this collaboration on the crest of he brothers’ tour.
I admitted silently that I had the strongest feelings for a remarkable woman, whose heart was as beautiful as her face, and it became increasingly hard to sing love songs with all that emotion and unspoken passion between us.
I guess we had both left a deep and abiding impression on one another and her positive impact has never left me. She made sure they were photographed arm in arm at the Grammy’s and she spoke of Jackson fondly in interviews.
That suspicion was confirmed when she made sure the paparazzi photographed her with Jackson.
We wanted to be very discreet about our friendship and our love for one another because it was a true friendship you know.
His body, his movement, his songs, his writings, his words and he loved entertaining you…he loved entertaining you. Quando Wayne acordou, percebeu que estava com o nome de Dominique tatuado no ombro, uma estrela mal desenhada nas costas e varios cortes menores.
Quando a policia chegou la, eles encontraram William seriamente machucado e coberto de sangue e Kristina desacordada, coberta de sangue tambem, mas sem nenhum ferimento. 500 reais?) o cara deve ter ficado pelo menos uns 6 meses jogando no minimo umas 4-6(ou mais) horas por dia!
There was always some club to attend, like the Limelight in New York, or a promotional party in LA, where Whitney and I made our well choreographed entrances.
In March of that year, Michael was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Fisk University in recognition of his generous donations to the United Negro College Fund.
Ela disse que ele concordou em fazer as tatuagens, mas Wayne diz que nao consentiu (ou nao lembra de ter consentido). Isso irritou tanto a moca que ela esfaqueou o penis do sujeito, ameacou mata-lo e depois se suicidar.
No hospital, apos recobrar a consciencia, Kristina confessou ter ficado extremamente bebada e ter batido no seu velhinho com a propria bengala dele.
Mesmo com os convidados tendo desarmado Lisa antes que ela chegasse ao noivo, a mae dele precisou levar 14 pontos no braco.
Depois de literalmente arrancar a lingua de Mark, ela tirou o orgao decepado da boca e o jogou no chao.
She was that mix of street smart East Coast girl with an air of innocence and a vast talent. Houston attended the ceremony, which was held at the Sheraton Center in New York, and a camera caught the two stars beaming at each other.
Morias escapou e teve que “arrumar seu aparelho” no hospital, enquanto Tatiana foi sentenciada a passar 32 meses na cadeia.
Quando a moca comecou a sugerir o casamento, Alik se assustou e resolveu pular fora do relacionamento – ele ja havia sido casado e disse a Kira que preferia voltar para a sua primeira mulher. I kept reminding myself about Hazel, the family, and everything I had built and everyone I loved. But it seemed the press was more interested in the fact that Whitney spent a lot of time with a woman named Robyn Crawford. He gave the soundest advice, and I knew that doing “the right thing” was ultimately what I had to do. Para os que nao entendem o que e isso, imaginem que voces economizaram um bom tempo pra comprar um carro de R$ 300.000,00 e nao fez seguro. Kira sugeriu que eles fizessem um jantar de despedida e, no jantar, Alik bebeu tanto que dormiu. Licao do dia: a secao de solteiros do jornal nao e um bom lugar para conhecer uma namorada. They didn’t tell you that when you grew up there would be super human forces to drag you toward temptation. Foi ai que a namorada revoltada teve a oportunidade de amarrar fogos de artificio e explodir o instrumento do namorado. There will never ever be, in this life time, a man that (can’t understand what she says here).

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