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In a recent email I was asked by a reader how could he track his girlfriend’s cell phone without her knowing. As I said, at this stage you would have been given a download key so the software can be installed and activated on the cell phone.
Now that the program is installed, you can let her get on with using her phone as normal, however, now you will be able to track all of her data and movements by using the app functions that you will have access to from any other internet device of your choosing.
For those wanting to track and keep tabs on the phone calls and texts that their girlfriends are making, usually because of some other suspicious behavior or indiscretion with another guy, this is the ultimate pocket investigator!
I want to make this quick and easy for you and stop you wasting time on the less trustworthy brands out there that do not know how to treat a customer with respect. Does this app download onto a PC and can you programme the cell number ibto a PC and receive the cell phone info through your own Pc remotely. However the greatest hurdle I would be faced with would be due to the current administrations so-called healthcare reform. Looking back during the first obvious signs that I was struggling to walk down the street it was almost funny when some people asked me what was wrong I’d explain I needed hip replacement and more than a few assumed injury was due to too much sex.
I also became painfully aware of the reality that from the time I became a slave to my condition the full house had virtually become an empty nest, and followed by vacant empty promises. So many times I’ve asked my self if it just makes people feel better to hear their own voices say such things. Some offers came with a price, with one of those being as sincere as this particular persons sanity. Nine out of ten times of the weekends between August and March I would spend alone and it’d be a struggle just to walk to the store for food or refreshments and even then there were limits to what I was able to accomplish.
For the first year in many I was physically unable to host Thanksgiving, an annual feast and event that packs my home annually. At least during Christmas I was invited to spend with Chris Curry and his family in Indianapolis and it was nice to get away and not spend it alone for the first time in 4 years. The author Michael Allen Rose was correct when he referred to me in writing as a perfect mix of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Nonetheless, if not for these people and their understanding and patience of my condition permitting me to work from home as need be, things would be a lot worse.
As if things weren’t going badly enough in late December the server provider that hosts this website went through and upgrade and I was lost as to what I needed to do on my end. In the meantime events were being announced and I would need the site to be live to report on these events and to be able to have credentials required to attend them.
Sadly in the interim that the site was down we had lost a few legends in music, one being Lemmy who was a big part of mk ultra all the way back to its inception, and I was unable to do any sort of dedication or tribute. So here I am and a week from tomorrow go under the knife for the very first time of my 51 year career of living. Dale will be driving 5 hours in from Iowa to be my caretaker for a week and it remains to be seen who keeps their word as far as preparing meals for me to avoid that added strain of doing anything in the kitchen. Two weekends ago I had my last drink for what will be till the Cult concert on March 25 at the House of Blues.
Not going out and not dating has also allowed me extra funds for a little home improvement.
Greg Miner picked me up at 1105AM and I spent most of yesterday afternoon at Rush Medical Center and Midwest Orthopedics for Pre Op for my surgery March 15. There was a lot of paperwork and I’ll also be involved in two studies that will carry on for the next year or so. That was Friday and I got a good taste of it when I attempted to go from the office to home.
Saturday I rolled out of bed from a good sleep, warm glass of whiskey on the dresser and I pulled myself together. It was my old friend Danielle and her boyfriend and they were at the Music Box Theater and the film they went to was sold out. We had intended to see the 415 showing of Deadpool and it was 330 when we arrived to find out the only seats available were in the front row and there was no way. Still we ended up having a nice chill time and it was like someone was watching over me as after getting my first drink on the TV Cheap Trick were playing during break of the Blackhawks out of town outdoors game and our Native bartender was amazing. I was back in my neighborhood before 830 and picked up some food at Walgreens and got into bed too early.
I had Friday and Monday off work as she was supposed to have arrived very early Friday morning and stay through Monday, but was put on hold via a mental illness episode. It was lackluster mostly but a few standout moments were the tributes to BB King, The Eagles and David Bowie but by far the greatest performance had to be Hollywood Vampires performing a tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away, at the 2016 Grammy Awards. 2 weekends ago the Stoneman and I ate at Pizza Rustica 3908 N Sheridan Rd which was very busy and the food was much more satisfying that Fornellos.
I did see the 70mm version of The Hateful Eight at the Music Box theatre solo on New Years Eve day. Christmas was nice as I spent it at Chris and Julie Curry’s cozy home, but the New Year’s stretch was rather boring and forgettable. Its good to be back on here and I look forward to sharing my Bucket List adventures with my loyal readers and friends. Right now endless props to my friend and an amazing guitarist Mark Perreault for fixing this thing. One downside of the holidays is the network TV programming with too much holiday themed shows. I was having an easier time than usual walking and we stopped at Walgreens to pick up some items, went home and enjoyed some 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. There was only one thing on our agenda and that was to meet Brian to see Spectre at the Century Landmark Theatre where we had free tickets waiting for us courtesy of Michael X.
Friday would be the start of a lazy streak for yours truly as I needed to stay off my feet as much as possible.
At home I sat in front of the TV sipping drinks and in the early evening took a call from Minna in Sweden and we talked for a few hours.
Saturday as I attempted to make another trip to the store I knew I’d need to take an oxtcodone pain pill. Sunday morning I made one of my cabbage dishes and Kelly was coming over to cut and color my hair.
I was off 2 hours early and made my way home and Brian was off early as well and we planned to got to Fornello’s again. We sat till 6PM and Max sent a text that he was 30 min away and we walked over and took our seats at the bar.
The bartender proceeded to make a carafe of my cocktail and by the time I was done I was feeling it. When I woke I looked out front and my streets and sidewalk were clear and most of the accumulation had melted. I watched some movies waiting for it to be 3PM so the weather would calm down and I could hobble to the store for something to eat and drink. Sunday I was up at 7 got out of bed and at 915AM Joe called and he was 10 min away and I went outside to meet him. The steady stream of snow began Friday evening and carried into Saturday, bringing cold winds and slushy puddles to Michigan Avenue.
A deep freeze set in across the Midwest on Sunday with low temperatures forecast in the single digits and a few below zero. It would be another day till I would be able to commute to the office so Monday I worked from home. Obviously due to my lack of updating my pain has affected every aspect of my life with the exception of work. Earlier in the afternoon the attack on France had occurred and the news at the bar showed scenes throughout the evening. Typically Saturday I walked to Walgreens picked up some supplies and went back into a coma like state on pain pills.
Sunday was another coma day and at 230pm Greg Duncan came by to clean up my back porch which the big storm thhat came through trashed just days before.
Not as enjoyable was in increase in the monthly premium payment which is over $100 per month than my original quote. When I got home I changed into sweats and popped down in a chair in front of the boob tube and then it happened.
Sadly I’ve had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner and I ponder why after all of these years of me doing it for so many people why nobody has offered the same? Well, it is possible, and I’m going to let you in on how to do it, but I have to state right off the bat that doing so may be illegal in your location – you really need to check this out with a lawyer beforehand!
All of these technologies that allow you to track a cell phone have to be downloaded to the target cell phone and this can be done in a similar way to any app.

You’ll simply log into the secure online control panel that you are given access to on sign up and you can start to see all of her phone secrets unfold before your eyes. All of the data from her phone will be recorded for you to look at your leisure, even texts that she knows she has instantly deleted – will be recorded for you. It is by far the best cell phone tracking software that your money can buy for that price – plus they will honor their full refund terms if you are not entirely satisfied with their product. Is it possible to check the past recording at any time near future and keep save or copy to another file.
I didn’t mind floating cash to those who offered their help and actually needed the money. The New Years Eve stretch I spent alone for those 4 days only venturing out once to see The Hateful Eight solo and hang for one last time at Fornello where my new friend Malissa poured my cocktails generously. The powers that be with the Chicago winter upon us gave me opportunity to work from home when conditions called for it. One on one we have managed to strike up good and fun conversations, but on the other hand for instance, just 2 weeks ago at the end of a shift one of the gentlemen I work for had beer to share with all of us still in office.
In my frustration I sent an email to my good friend Dawn Casey Perreault who many of you know as the lead singer of Psycho Sister. At this point I’m not holding my breath and whoever really does take the time to go out of their way will never be forgotten. I’ve been up against just about everything with the exception for my own physical well-being, which I face now. I think Greg Miner and I have seen The Cult together more than any other band with maybe the exception of Type O Negative.
I also felt compelled to order a box of 30 Cactus and succlent plants Most recently Mister X came by and assembled a nice kitchen rack and disposed of some unneeded furniture.  l also updated my bedroom with two matching bedside stands, bought an elegant southwestern futon cover, some bathroom items and added a Roku, Wi-Fi Extender, and Amazon Prime to my RCN High Speed internet service. But the funniest thing I got was this diagram of the five sexual positions I’m permitted to do after three weeks from surgery and into six weeks of physical therapy. I explained that since I’m temporarily crippled I was unable to trim my toenails and that was embarrassing enough.
A gale warning will last through Saturday with waves reaching 10 to 20 feet in parts of Lakes Michigan. My mood was shattered and by the time I got to my stop all I wanted to do was buy a bottle of 2 Gingers and go home. It is a very true to life pseudo fictional portrayal of the inside of the music industry in the early 70′s.
We were also going to see Deadpool but when he arrived I stated how much pain I was in and we were going to skip it. Considering the variables involved it was for the best although I was looking forward to her company. Saturday I almost felt good enough to venture out to Alcala’s for a new cowboy hat but opted to stay in and maybe go Sunday.
Grego came by and picked me up at 3PM and we went to Rolling Stones Records on West Irving Park. I try to get out at least once a week as far as leisure time and usually that involved sitting at Fornello Trattoria for a couple of hours. I in hopes that the weather will permit is to go downtown for Luke’s Lobster and to see Deadpool. I cannot wait to have my life back as the only really good thing in my life is my job and the few very good friends who have been here to help me out in my time of need.
I was of work at 3 and hungry and was waiting till he arrived so we could go to Bar on Buena for a late dinner. The downside is that this is the final in the Daniel Craig volume but I rather enjoyed the story coming full circle. We woke, had coffee, went to the bank and then Jeff discovered his truck had been broken into.
Max arrived and as Malissa made my second glass of MANgria, my signature drink, the boys let me know it was beginning to snow. When I turned on the TV I saw that the surrounding burbs were getting hammered with the white stuff.
It had been raining and by 230 a lot of snow began to fall, and 330P it was still coming and the outlook would be extended till 6PM. But it also fashioned a wintry backdrop to the annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, transporting Chicagoans into a life-sized holiday snow globe. Jeff called later in the day and we made plans for him to come to Chicago to hang during Thanksgiving. Soon it will be over I signed up for healthcare yesterday and paid my first premium and it goes into effect Jan.
Around 330P we met Brian at Hansa Clipper where we drank till 6P then walked over to the Chicago Brauhaus and had dinner and more beer.
Of course social media would blow up and more and more friends became divided over differing opinions. I wouldn’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel if not for his ongoing efforts and charity. My cell phone and email burned up all evening with people emailing me about the Charlie Sheen HIV thing. You would need to pay for the service (usually around $49) and then surf to the download site using the target phone to install the spyware app. The app itself is well hidden within the phone and there will be no trace of it to the user themselves. It wasn’t funny especially since I would be unable to perform anything of the sort, from my end at least. But others were either too busy with their own lives or when it was convenient would come take out my trash and run to the store for between $20 and $50.
Luckily we really didn’t get any winter weather till January and February and even then it was sparse. A dozen or so co-workers gathered in a conference room and shared in a conversation that I was completely out of the loop in.
Suffice to say it was into two months of MK being down that it became appearance that it wasn’t going to happen. As far as I was concerned to many people out there not being able to be in the public eye, I was for the most part, out of sight out of mind.
Just like 1992 he could care less about my successes, thoughts, feelings or what I’ve been doing with my life.
Two weeks ago I finished doing a bevvy of medical tests, having vials of blood drawn, with the exception of maintaining my blood pressure with medication and cutting back on cholesterol my EKG and Electrocardiogram both came back with excellent results. I already have a full house during the Chicago Open Air Fest weekend and between rock n roll shows, sex fests, and everything else to do in the city I have long considered home, it’s going to be the best summer yet to be in 100 % shape mentally and physically. It’s almost over and somehow I have managed not to lose my spirit or feel sorry for myself. Myself I’ve not missed a Cult tour since 1989 when I went courtesy of Ed Kowalski in Columbus Ohio. Its already proven to be a much needed and well deserved addition to my home entertainment capability. So this is a big deal for me and I am excited about it if for no other reason is I get my life back. 20 minutes later that feeling subsided as an attractive Asian gal worked over my toes and then gave me a long and attentive foot and calf massage. At least 114,000 people were without power at one point, with at least half of those blackouts in Chicago.
Once inside the safe confines of home 2 hours later I changed into comfy clothes, poured a drink and sat at my computer.
Mainstreamers recognize The Hollywood Vampires because of Depp, it was actually a celebrity drinking club formed by Alice Cooper in the 1970s. All of this pain and limited mobility not to mention exuding any kind of physical activity has been a huge drain on me and my spirit. The person I counted on to fix it failed me and my attempt to hire a third party to handle the server upgrade blew me off. It may never happen again since Malissa the inventor of the mighty Mangria has left and the GM Brian parted ways with the establishment. Last weekend I met Stoneman there for what I thought would be a 12 noon digital showing of it but the schedule changed so we skipped it and spent the afternoon in Lincoln Square between Hansa Clipper, The Chicago Brauhaus where I had Deutsche Bratwurst, German pork and veal bratwurst, grilled, with potatoes and red cabbage, and another round of beer at Huettenbar. Jeff also brought with him a handle of Jamo and this was his first time having Irish Whskey and he liked how smooth it went down. We had breakfast at El Palmar and then left too early for the movie believing the new bar would be open.

For the entire week the local media came warnings of the first major snowstorm of the season. On the way home I picked up a bottle of 2 Gingers Irish whiskey, stopped into El Palmar where Max was eating, said goodnight to the guys and went home.
When I spoke with Jeff he had become very ill and had he made the journey not only would it had been a waste but I could have caught his bug and become sick too.
So it’ll be Jeff and Brian with me to see Spectre at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema Thursday afternoon. Or the sad truth that maybe I’m beginning to see the harsh reality of the circumstances. This, in itself, can be tricky if your girlfriend is very secretive and cautious with her phone. However, as always, signs that you have surfed to the download site will be kept in the internet history. There are other added functions such as being able to read all of her IMs or BBMs or other chat system messages.
I’m not saying anyone was being rude but the topics of interest were completely of another world, one that I’m not a part of. It was mid-February and I was willing to pay a few hundred dollars for someone to handle what would not be a difficult task.
I can go on with what’s left of my years not having any desire to speak with that man again.
Hell, only being not quite 10 weeks into the new year it’s already shaping up to be the best year in music in many. Its been a hard struggle and when it’s all said and done the truth is that I did it with a little help from my friends. Friday Feb 26 I had cocktails after work with Brian Stoneman at The Junction in Union Station and then we went to Lange’s Lounge in Lakeview in hope of running into an old friend. Buildings in downtown Chicago were evacuated apparently because flying debris from nearby construction sites broke windows.
My friend Brian also got home 2 hours late and Malissa two and a half hours later than usual.
I succeed and came back home played some good music and around 430p laid down in bed and put on some tunes. We played some good hard rock music and watched some art films from my collection and talked shop on the sex industry. I was in more pain than I had been during the entire weekend and had to shower, dress and walk down 3 flights of stairs when the tech arrived. One good thing on Saturday was that I had a craving for wings and for the first time ever ordered from Wingstop and enjoyed two of the best flavors ever.
We both have wanted to get the new PRONG cd and I ordered one from Amazon before I knew we’d be going to RSR. There are a lot of things i cannt wait to get back to and one of them is something I need not explain. For over 2 months my MK ULTRA site was down and last week I emailed Dawn of Psycho Sister fame and her husband Mark Perreault took to the task and figured it out free of charge. Once again I ordered the ANTONIO BURGER (half pound beef, grilled portobello, grilled red onion, pickled jalapeno, pickle,  pepper ?ack, domaine dupage bbq sauce, pretzel bun) and a double shot of Jamo. Originally I planned to sit at Fornello’s for a couple of hours enjoying Mangrias ala Malissa.
Myself being skeptical of weather reporting told him the city might not get much but the burbs will, and that is exactly where we’d be going. Jeff called informing me he was off work and I suggested that he get a good sleep and call me at 6AM EST and I’d look outside to see how bad it was.
I poured a glass, which would still be full at my bedside when I woke the next morn, sent a few emails and fell asleep. I sent a text to my good friend Joe and asked if he could take me to do laundry and to Jungle Jewel. We were done and home by 11PM and I told Joe the story of the tragedy of my 50th birthday as he never really knew the story and was too kind to ask. During our conversation she mentioned that she had considered putting all of her things into storage in order to fly here and take care of me post surgery. We drove around for a bit trying to locate the address and then went to eat at Whiskey River BBQ & Honky Tonk which was a nice experience. For myself, if I make a promise and cannot deliver there’s damn good and valid reason why. I honor and respect them and now going into my fifth year hope that I’m able to do it for 25 more. I reached out to my computer guy, gave him all of the information to access the server and took a day off to meet with him at my home and was willing to pay whatever price he named. By the middle of that weekend he not only had the site back up and tweaked an embarrassing typo from the site previous designer, he did it free of charge. There was a reason I divorced myself from his life and it doesn’t take much for me to remember why I chose that route.
I expressed my concern to a friend after the tests were ordered by the doctors and Greg Duncan assured me that with all the biking I normally do I get more of a cardio workout than most people.
He was in and out in less than 10 min and solved my issues buy telling me I needed a Wi-Fi extender which I ordered from Amazon after he left my home.
So, if you can overcome the problems of getting hold of the phone for a few minutes and being able to use it freely to surf online, then you are half way there. Friendly faces were abundant even as I made the best of attempts to trim the fat of users and abusers who tend to become hangers on, it was still a lively time as my physical health was slowly deteriorating.
In essence no matter how small the world has become it hasn’t brought us any closer as one society. To this day I truly believe that no other person on earth has been as discouraging to my personal happiness, free will and exercising of my talents than my father. The following Sunday Michael X Christian came by to hang after he picked up a few items for me from the store. The key members in the group include Cooper, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, Micky Dolenz, and Harry Nilsson as the club’s original principal members. I would be wrong and the prediction that it would be snowing from evening till 3PM the next day were correct, and then some.
So, basically, you’ll be able to know where she is by tracking her in real time on such mapping systems as Google maps. By early September I would be unable to walk stairs without great difficulty; I could not bend down to reach under the bed or under the sink or even tie my shoes.
As a matter of fact I felt like an oddball earlier today when my boss, who happens to be younger than me, replied to an observance I made and made it clear he’d never listened to Howard Stern. That was my last drink and I also started a self-imposed diet free of beef, poultry, bread and cheese going with only seafood, grains, vegetables and fruit. It was very windy and raining and after we went to my mailbox and the hardware store, Jeff was unable to tape plastic over the broken window due to the rain and had to drive back to Indianapolis with a broken window. The album honors music artists over the years and features guest vocals from many including but not limited to Paul McCartney, Robby Krieger, Orianthi, Dave Grohl, Slash, Brian Johnson, Joe Walsh, and Perry Farrell. All of the table full and 2 pretty ladies had to wait on all of these people and our girl Heather did double duty behind the bar and on the floor.
However, most phones are kept on 100% nowadays as the battery life is pretty good and the next charge is never far away. Making my bed would take 10 minutes, getting dressed 15-20 and the simple task of stepping into the tub to shower was dangerous.
After I had my Group ID #  from Blue Cross Blue Shield I made an appointment to meet with a surgeon and couldn’t get in till Jan 12 to begin my long journey to recovery.
What this will let you do, especially for the suspicious amongst you, is to know if she is where she says she is going. There’ll be no sneeking off with any secret lovers once you have this system monitoring her every move.
We went back out after eating and on our way to find the office Angel came on the radio and also Deep Purple and when I got home a few hours later Rainbow was on the radio.
This was frustrating and the pain I would endure just became something I would become getting used to as my new way of life.

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