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The first time I heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI), it was because my husband had to take this assessment at work. Learning about the personality types of people you work with (or socialize with or live with) can help with productive communication and a general better understanding of those who surround you. Take the test here and then read on to learn briefly about the 16 different personality types. Jung believed that for an individual, these functions are expressed primarily in introverted or extroverted form. None of these types are better or worse; however, Briggs and Myers theorized that individuals naturally prefer one overall combination of type differences. In the same way that writing with the left hand is hard work for a right-hander, so people tend to find using their opposite psychological preferences more difficult, even if they can become more proficient (and therefore behaviorally flexible) with practice and development. The 16 types are typically referred to by an abbreviation of four letters—the initial letters of each of their four type preferences (except in the case of intuition, which uses the abbreviation N to distinguish it from Introversion).
Another thing to keep in mind is that when professional companies use this, like the test my husband took and then introduced to me, they are generally of higher quality and more accuracy. I have always gotten ENFP, no matter what version I take (my percentages do tend to fluctuate but barely).
Did you know that the Bhagavad Gita anticipated modern personality types, and defined a distinct yoga for each of them?
The ancient Yoga sage(s) who wrote the Gita recognized that different people would need different types of Yoga to match their personality types.
People who are primarily analytical in nature might feel most comfortable with Jnana Yoga, or the Yoga of Understanding. People who are primarily people oriented might be most attracted to Karma Yoga, or the Yoga of Action, which emphasizes selfless giving and compassion. People who are highly emotional in nature might prefer Bhakti Yoga, or the Yoga of Love and Devotion, which emphasizes love, sacred chanting, mantras, and devotional kirtan music.

I was surprised by how closely the types of Yoga in the Gita correspond to modern personality theory. What are the sources of the popular career choice and population breakdown charts you included? Because the scoring is kinna generic, I think I'll make a new post that shows a nice test and advanced scoring w commentary regarding your scales. From this original idea, Myers and Briggs outlined their own theory of psychological type, and this is what the MBTI is based on.
The MBTI sorts some of these psychological differences into four opposite pairs, or dichotomies, with a resulting 16 possible psychological types. That said, I’ve taken a fancier version of the test as well as three other online ones (including the source that I shared with you above) and all of the results were the same.
White is a voracious reader, obsessive writer, passionate yoga instructor and drinker of hoppy ales. I've found the research and writing on the subject to be incredibly helpful for understanding *why* I do things the way I do, as well as understanding and being patient with others.
After learning a lot about each of the cognitive functions, I realized I really am an INFJ.
Kindly allow me to point out that the official MBTI has a great deal of psychometric validity to it, whereas the free knock-off you link to in your article has zero validity, and even misrepresents what it measures.
The ancient Yoga guys figured out thousands of years ago that there are different Yoga strokes for different Yoga folks. With this one, I get INFJ almost every time but finally came across one that gave me my percentages. It’s helped me to understand myself better and see what my strengths are along with fixing problem areas in my personality.
I get this but the problem with these test is that they do not recognize the fluidity of personality.

She considers herself to be one of the funniest people who ever lived and she’s also an identical twin.
The extroverts were always out of their offices at the front talking to everyone and the introverts were exhausted because there was no place for the extroverts to go except into the front offices. In addition to her work on elephant journal, Jennifer has over 40 articles published on the wellness website MindBodyGreen and her yoga-themed column Your Personal Yogi ran in the newspaper Toledo Free Press. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in geology, absolutely no degrees in anything related to literature, and she currently owns a wheel of cheese. Probably explains why I went into accounting even though every career aptitude test I've taken said counseling.
If you want to learn more about Jennifer, make sure to check out her writing, as she’s finally put her tendencies to over-think and over-share to good use. Thinking I would have been more satisfied with my career choice if I had gone into counseling with a research emphasis haha!
And for those who are uncertain about the whole thing and don’t trust an assessment, there are some of us who offer professional services to take an individual through a type discovery process to help them identify their type pattern without using any assessment at all. Using this method, you learn the theories behind the assessment and select for yourself what fits you, rather than leaving it up to a computer scoring system. She's also as excited as a five year old to announce the release of her second book, The Art of Parenting: Love Letters from a Mother, available on Amazon.

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