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My Song is a coming of age story which follows Ellen, a young deaf girl trying to find her identity. Funded by the British Sign Language Trust (BSLBT), My Song is a thought-provoking drama exploring a hidden truth about the deaf community in Britain today. Support free content!Want to help the production of more completely FREE guitar video lessons & tutorials (Or just give the dogs a snack)? Guess what, you can now have your own personal, prerecorded video lesson (That you can watch again and again until you get it under your fingers).

I will arrange the song for you and then teach you how to play it step by step, lick by lick, with tabs. There are dreams you want to fulfill and dreams you cana€™t reach, That itself turns into a dream, turns into hope, and people are able to live on, right?
For you who are crushed, herea€™s the strength and confidence for you to be able to fight again and my song.

Tears Ia€™ve shed will say thisThank you to the miracle that we were able to meet in a dirty and ugly world, even like this.

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