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Here we have a recent gif showing Louis becoming quite angered that Niall as touched his boyfriends hair, only Louis can touch Harry’s hair.
Again we have some Zarry and Louis is not taking any of Zayns shit, that is his boyfriend and he is only allowed to touch him. Such an intense stare Harry as, obviously wanting to kill that little blond shit for kissing his boyfriend’s cheek. A source close to Preity adds, “Preity and Gene are both extremely private people and will get married sometime in April this year. The couples closest friends and family will be part of the ceremony in LA and this will be followed by a huge wedding celebration in Mumbai.
From Alia Bhatt to Amitabh Bachchan, celebs wish their moms a very Happy Mother's Day!

He says nothing to stop the Zouis action but yet hes trying to stare Louis down to tell him he does not approve. I mean its just a stare down till Louis gets uncomfortable and moves and then Harry snaps out of it. Zayn has his arm around Louis and Harry does not like it one bit so he removes his arm from Zayn’s boyfriend and waits for Zayn to do the same.
Liam causually sits on Louis and Harry glares at Liam and he realizes the death glare from both Harry and his boyfriend Zayn. The church wedding will be a private affair, with Preity and Gene's close friends and family, flying down to LA for the ceremony. Since Preity has many B-Town friends she will host a big celebration in Mumbai where we can expect some of the biggest names to attend.

Gene is a top financial consultant, a management graduate from Marshall School of Business and is currently a Senior Vice President of Finance with an US-based hydroelectric power company called NLine Energy. It will be a select group of people who will fly down for the LA wedding which will be tastefully done up keeping Preity's personal tastes in mind. The actress’s brother Manish and his family are based there and she had met Gene on one her trips there a few years ago.

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