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The change will allow users to quickly start conversations with the friends they Chat with most, but still be able to send Chats to the rest of their friends without conducting time consuming individual searches.
Typically when Facebook changes its interface, a small but vocal minority denounces it and demands Facebook revert to an older version.
Facebook has come to expect this, giving users time to adjust and looking at the actual usage data before considering whether additional changes are necessary. In this case, though, press criticism, analysis of the design, and possibly the data pointed to users preferring the option to see the online status of all of their friends without having to search one-by-one.
The re-redesign should be especially helpful for users with large numbers of friends that had many hidden from view in the previous design. LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) is an interactive software training program that enhances your ability to communicate by maximizing listening skills and communication strategies.
LACE is intended for adult patients, with or without hearing loss who have difficulty understanding speech in challenging listening environments.

LACE UK Edition applies British accents and subject matter to the LACE system and is now available in the UK through a network of Certified Lace Training Centres, optimising the benefits of LACE to a UK audience.
Description Chatiw is online free chat site with no registration where you can chat with your friends and find single woman and men world wild. Now users see their closest and recently interacted with friends at the top of the Chat buddy list, and can independently scroll down the Chat bar to view the online statuses of all remaining friends. The modification also shows Facebook is listening to feedback on product changes, despite some believing it ignores its users. It famously watched hundreds of thousands of users protest the addition of the news feed to the home page, only to see it become one of the site’s most popular features.
Users now get the best parts of both the old design and recent redesign: prominent access to their closest friends alongside options to scroll through all their friends and search for particular ones. It will help users reconnect with those they don’t interact with often, and make it easier to know who could be invited to an ad hoc group chat.

It could rally users to be more vocal about future redesigns in hopes of attaining a similar outcome, but at least they know Facebook isn’t deaf to the opinions of those it serves.
Some users complained, and we wrote an article discussing the merits of being able to easily Chat with all friends, even distant acquaintances. But with so many users and a readily available medium for sharing their discontent, a fraction of the user base can make it seem like there is larger disapproval. The icon will help users determine that it may be better to send shorter, simple messages rather than links or attachments that are more difficult to consume via mobile device.
The world’s only user-based listening training software, LACE uses precisely controlled voice recordings to retrain the brain to understand speech.

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