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This unique cartoon series introduces its audience to new, innovative as well as creative Foster’s universe where imaginary friends turn into physical body and appears to be real as soon as children imagine them.
These amusing home for imaginary friends is outlook by elderly Madame Foster creator of her imaginary friend Mr.
However, the entire story of this cartoon series revolves around 8-year old boy called Mac to whom his mother suggest that he requires to give up his imaginary friend Bloo. Hence, these cartoon series features amazing everyday escapades of Bloo and Mac along with other imaginary friends that were living in Foster’s house for imaginary friends. If you like this post, you might want to Subscribe to our RSS Feed or Sign-up our Email Newsletter for our daily blog updates. These are 14 videos result for the Sml movie bowser junior s imaginary friend, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Sml movie bowser junior s imaginary friend online.

This amusing cartoon series was initially presented as 90-minutes long television movie on 13th August, 2004 and due to its high success and response it was adapted as half-hour TV series. These imaginary friends become best-friends and stays with them as soon as children grown up. Mac’s mom once heard about Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and she thinks that it is perfect place where Bloo can live his further life.
During her traumatic childhood with an abusive father, Emma relied on an imaginary friend for strength. But from times when children outgrow these imaginary friends are shifted to special house called Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends where they can stay as far as other children adopt the same imagination that was initially think-off by the child earlier. She is now an artist struggling with mental illness living with her apparently loving husband, Brad.

On other side Bloo gets saddened by the idea that he has to stay at Foster’s home in view of the fact that he will soon adapted by other child.
On other hand, hopefully Madame Foster set up an unusual deal that if and only if Mac visits Foster’s day-to-day than only Bloo can allow staying there and will be avoided from been adopted by other children.
Desperate to save her marriage and show Brad she is in control, Emma takes drastic measures to free herself of her torment and her imaginary friend. Brad might not be such loving husband after all - and Emma's "Imaginary Friend" may hold all the shocking answers.

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