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A Yinzer turned New Yorker who still bleeds black and gold and has an unsatisfying need for food and adventure - oh, and is accompanied by her sidekick. How can I make sure that my best friend won't replace me with someone new (we go to different schools and she has made a new best friend - I feel replaced). Well seeing as you go to different schools its understandable that she would make new friends.
Either way it’s disturbing and I bet all her guests LOVED their cake with a tasting of blood icing.
No one even noticed that you didn’t know how to spell Shower – that big pink smudge in the middle of the cake is barely visable! Just in case you were wondering just like me what the vagina looked like under those blackout bars above – this lady blew it up and make it the center of attention.
Stephanie is also a speaker of best online practices for small business and soloprenurs, as well as an educator to parents on social media monitoring. Just try to hang out after school and on weekends as much as you can and let her know that you feel replaced, but be sensitive about it.

I am not sure you can get more awkward than having grandma walk up to put candles in THIS cake – I am almost curious just to see HOW detailed this cake is under the blacked-out bars. Now- are we drawing straws to see who get’s the honors of cutting into this real-life sleeping baby? I feel like this is one phone call to Rob Zombie away from being featured on America’s Most Wanted.
It looks like someone peeled the skin off of this alien child.  I have no doubts that Ethan will grow up and look at these photos and say WOW! She has also been seen in the New York Times, PARENTGUIDE News, NY Metro Parent, ABC News, and been a contributing author on various websites.
Tell her you were really hurt by what she did but you want to forgive her if she promises to never do it again. I am going to be pushing this baby out of my vag in a few weeks and I want you to REALLY capture how it looks right now for my entire family and HEY they internet too –  I want to make sure you get the nipple color just right. I'm not jealous about their friendship but is it too selfish of me to want her to have only one best friend?

One, we’re with the guys from Attack Attack!, and two, Emily got out of her comfort zone just for this picture.
It was really touch and go there for a while – thought it might actually come out cat. I really hope the lady who ordered the cake gave her a photo to recreate and said – see all these little hairs – make sure you get them JUST RIGHT! It was cute really, I had to go up to the guys and ask for a picture while she was in the corner hyperventilating because she has bad social anxiety and well, is awkward.

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