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While it is addressed to the men, women are welcome to read, comment, and share, especially since their perspective would be quite valuable. Joseph and Carla in their first month of dating – so delightfully cheesy and awkward. Everything I’m writing about has been learned from many other people – older, wiser men and women who set great examples to follow.
These aren’t tips on how to get a different girl every week and try to score more points than other guys.
So many guys are desperately trying to get a girl, but don’t know what they wanna do once they have her. When I started to fall for my wife, one thing that held me back was her career – being an accomplished actress.
I remember this gem from Pastor Ferdie Cabiling: Don’t be afraid to mess up her life! Then spend the rest of your life proving to her every day that she made the right decision choosing you. Some men think we women are complicated (maybe a little), but the truth is we just want to be pursued.
What I’m saying though is for the relationship to last, the couple must be willing to prioritize each other over the careers if it comes to that.
I have come across countless number of couples,attached,engaged,married and otherwise who do not even know what they want in life. I am a family physician and can honestly say the majority of my colleagues are married with families.
Greeting sir Bonifacio, first time reader here… and thank you very much for this inspiring piece. I just hope that before a man continue to pursue a woman he really likes, he should lay down first his intentions in pursuing the relationship with her and patiently wait for the girl to reflect on the vision he has for their future. What’s really disturbing to me is that, in spite of Joseph constantly stressing the quality of selflessness, so many commenters still unconsciously fail to be truly introspective.
Also, the whole point of thinking in terms of VALUES is people will opt in when they find something they value.
I also agree that if we keep liking and getting rejected by these women, we need to check our own selection process first.
These nine tips are more than enough to help you win the trust, respect and love of your boyfriend. Copyright © 2013, A to Z All funny and entertainment pictures website to make you smile.
All women start looking for romantic gestures once in a while; and to make sure that you will get things right, you should look for thoughtful romantic gestures that have been tried by others and proven effective.
When thinking about romantic gestures, you don’t necessarily have to consider cheesy gestures, such as a serenade. They could be really small things that you would probably like to get as well; if you appreciate him bringing you breakfast in bed, he’ll probably appreciate it, too. Although you may have been thinking hard about what to do for him, sometimes the small romantic gestures have the biggest effect.
In case you two’ve been living together, it’s for sure you are not always that eager about going on business trips simply because you don’t like leaving him on his own. If we’re talking about fast food, remember that there is one thing that all men like: pizza. Let’s face it: anybody can happen to be broke at some point in their life, and when this happens to him, he doesn’t want you to pity him. In case he happens to be a programmer, web developer, coder, or anything else of the kind, you could write a message to him in codes. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything special or uncommon to let him know that you are there for him. Although you might think that this one, of all the romantic gestures men love, is old-fashioned and it is something that your mom used to do for your dad, you can be sure your boyfriend would appreciate it as well.
Most probably he is already sick and tired of all that takeout, pizza, fast food and other food that he eats during the day.
In case you’re looking for the most romantic gesture, you have to let him go from time to time.
Although all these 8 gestures are nice and reassuring, you shouldn’t let your boyfriend get used to them; you don’t want to seem needy or clingy. This list of thank you gift ideas will help you choose the most appropriate gift without going overboard. While some women might think that romantic ideas need to be expensive, there are some cheap romantic ideas as well that they could use to surprise their boyfriend. You don’t necessarily have to think about a romantic gift if you are looking for romantic ideas for couples.
No technique is going to work if your very approach is already faulty because of the mindset. Plenty of them wonder, how do I get a girl to notice me, to like me, to be with me, to be my girlfriend, to marry me?

So they put all the effort into the pursuit and have no plan of action for the relationship itself. I asked Dennis because his wife, Thammie, had a promising medical career that she decided not to continue in order to pursue a family with Dennis. So Carla and I are clear that our marriage and our family is more important than my work in ministry or her work in showbiz.
It takes an extraordinary man to support a woman who has decided to contribute her gifts to the community as a physician. I remember how my fiance decided to pursue me, beginning with the same mindset and concerns such as yours. I don’t think all women only look at the externals, so maybe adjust your scope to see where they are? That’s a helpful comment and a great reminder to use it in the upcoming blogs on this series.
Thanks Lei… Maybe a book will work one day, but at least now, in a blog it’s for free! Joe is Thank you for sharing this, Answered Prayer Need to change my mindset, she(in the future) deserved more from me. I was so consumed by your message that it sank in my heart and just months ago I found reviewing my notes because I find it timely in my life! There’s an insidious undercurrent of blame, belitting and infantizilation of women that needs to be called out here. Women are complicated not because they’re women, but because women are people, and ALL PEOPLE ARE COMPLICATED.
Maybe instead of complaining that women are indecisive and selfish and what-have-you, maybe you can ask yourself why the heck you keep gravitating to women who happen to be indecisive and selfish. You’re right that the healthiest first step is to check ourselves first before blaming other people. Show off and brand consciousness also go hand in hand and for girls they are not anything unsavory. Remember, no relationship is ideal and idealism is something for which one can only aspire.
There are a lot of things that you could do for your boyfriend that don’t scream desperate. You can be sure that there is nothing better after a hard day at work than to receive a massage from the person you love. When it comes to romantic gestures for him, here is one idea to consider: stock the fridge with homemade food for the time you will be gone (if you know your way around the kitchen). In case you are looking for romantic gestures for men, you should consider ordering him a custom made pizza.
You can be sure that this will make him feel a lot better than if you took him for lunch every day.
When thinking about sweet romantic gestures, you should prepare him a homemade cake with personalized icing. If this isn’t really your cup of tea, you could search the internet to find out what code is supposed to look like. As one of the simple romantic gestures you should simply hold his hand and interlock your fingers. Such gestures are especially important in case he is struggling with something or if he is stressed.
It must be nice to come home to his favorite meal prepared by the person he loves the most.
As much as you wish to have a night out with the girls, as much he wants the same with the boys. Let him do what guys do: watch a game, drink some beer, share stories with his friends and so on. Also, if you spend most of your time only thinking about how to make him happy, chances are you will stop being at some point.
The inexpensive thank you gifts may say a lot more than the more expensive ones if you put enough thought into them before indulging in a shopping spree. They just need some creativity and they need to know their boyfriend well enough to know what they like. Read on to find the cute notes to leave your boyfriend that you like and that he will appreciate.
Here are some questions you want to ask yourself to see what frame of mind you’re in.
These are pertinent questions, but the first one should be, what do you want all of that for? Now if that’s your mindset, you’re starting selflessly, which is great for the relationship, and great for you as well!
Otherwise, be happy with wherever you are now because anything further might cost you more than you’re willing to deal with right now. I knew that entering into a relationship with me might cause her to downscale her role there.

However, I do feel that for a long term romantic relationship to work, both parties must be willing to prioritize each other even over their careers.
I am blessed that you were able to tackle all the areas in which I am having questions with.
Please let me know if there’s other things I failed to address or other suggestions of questions you have for the following ones. Like I said at the end of the blog, I don’t think a career and a long-lasting relationship are incompatible. In fact, it can enrich the relationship because it gives both parties the opportunity to mutually sacrifice for each other. When I started looking to God, being surrounded by godly people, and desiring what God wants for me, I saw that there are still lots of men who can pursue a woman with purity and selflessness. Now I realized why my past relationships don’t last, I always make myself look good for her, look decent for her, everything that makes me more attractive to her and forgetting about what I can offer. I’m so encouraged to hear you say this because knowing our own selfishness is the first step to becoming selfless. I learned a lot from reading this especially dun sa part about the proper mindsets when entering a relationship. Efforts go a long way in realizing these aspirations and though you may never achieve that ideal status, you will surely get better at your goals. When I am not sitting on the computer and writing, I like to spend my time learning new recipes and cooking for my two beautiful kids.
You should just think about his needs and what you could do to surprise him or to show him that you care.
You just need a bit of creativity, some time to prepare your surprise and good timing for him to appreciate it.
In order to make sure that you do it right, you might want to do some research or watch some tutorials.
As an added bonus, this will ensure you that he won’t eat only fast food while you’re gone. This is something that he will never see coming and surely you will enjoy surprising him this way. You can be sure that he will understand it and it will make him smile especially because you are the one who made it.
The point is for you to let him know that you are by his side and you’re not even thinking about letting go of his hand. Even if you think it’s just a lot of hassle, you can be sure that he will remember this occasion for a long time. If you give him this much freedom, you can be sure that he will come at night and hold you in his arms like he never did before. However, showing mutual affection from time to time is completely normal and healthy in a relationship, and that is another reason to take your time and bring a smile to your guy’s face with a nice gesture.
You just have to look for ways to make your partner happy and romance will come on its own. It comes from a rock-solid conviction, that I will give what’s best and most valuable to you. Let Christ transform our mindset, break every culture and norms of this world, set our hearts in the right direction.
The mindset of selflessnes, being totally dedicated to the flourishing of the other, these are only small reflections of how Jesus loves us.
When I was praying for my God’s best, I only had 2 things in mind, I want a man who honors God and who will honor me as a woman. That kind of realization has to be divinely-inspired because on our own we will defend our selfishness.
Will definitely take note of these Even though the article was meant for boys, super applicable din siya for girls – in choosing the right partners and in checking if we are already prepared to become great partners I will share this with my brothers and cousins. So, try out these tips and see for yourself how much of idealism you have brought in your relationship.
For sure it will be worth it and, who knows, he might return the favor when you need it the most. It’s not a big deal, but you can be sure that he will think about you every time he eats pizza. If you love your boyfriend truly, you will surely shower him with these physical romantic gestures. Of course, she should be willing to compromise, but that is a part of any relationship- communicating well and being a good team.
This article should be in the front-pages of magazines and news papers that people’s eyes will be open.

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